WREX, a 3D-printed robotic exoskeleton for disabled children

WREX 3D-printed arm

Made to help disabled individuals with underdeveloped muscles in their arms, the Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton (WREX) attaches to the body and makes use of a set of resistance bands and metal bars to offer synthetic strength. Formerly just accessible as an accessory for wheelchairs, 3D printing modern technology has actually made it feasible to create a light-weight variation making use of a plastic backplate, enabling users with healthy legs to stand up and walk around.

The video presentation below shows the WREX being utilized by Emma, a youngster suffering from an unusual congenital illness known as anthrogryposis. Rapid prototyping enables the WREX to scale as she grows, with each individual part being resizable and reprintable. Emma is just one of 15 kids currently using the WREX, and has …

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