The New White Xbox 360 Looks Gorgeous

The New White Xbox 360 Looks Gorgeous
From the PSX to the white DSi to those limited white original Xbox consoles, I think they look great. Which is why I think this new glossy white Xbox 360 S console looks great as well. It's available as part of a Kinect Family Bundle which includes a …
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Limited Edition White 4GB Xbox 360 With White Kinect Bundle
The new Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect bundle will be available from February 28th in US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia, Japan, Columbia and Chile. The consoles will be available across Europe on 4th May 2012. The bundle includes a special …
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Is the next Xbox codenamed Durango?
Kotaku ran a story earlier in February claiming to have heard that the next Xbox is currently being referred to as Durango – a codename for the console, similar to how Kinect was known as Project Natal in the early days. Yesterday fuel was added to the …

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