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The Zune Marketplace Will Be Dead Within 9 Days


Alas poor Zune, you are dead. Microsoft has stretched out the end of Zune over such a long time that I feel that we have called it RIP for years. Here’s what I consider the last domino: By November 22, Zune’s Marketplace will stop selling and renting content, and won’t allow users to browse TV content.

This means that the only remnants of Zune will be the hardware that is still in the market and the Zune desktop software. I presume that you can keep using both with music that you outright own, and I have asked Microsoft to confirm the fact.

If you have leftover Microsoft Points (yuck), you can convert those to local currency, and spend them in the Xbox Video and Music stores.

I bought the first generation device the day it came out, if I recall properly, and this is all a bit sad. Microsoft did some really neat things with its music project, and in the end made one of the best pieces of MP3 hardware, the Zune HD. In its heyday, the Zune music software was, and remains, the best piece of tune-playing software released in my view. Darn you, current Spotify edition.

Ultimately, Zune was caught trying to catch up to Apple’s iPod line at a time when Apple was hitting its stride with the iPhone, a device that would break the back of the standalone music player market. And then streaming services such as Spotify caught on, ending the potential for the Zune Pass, with its rental downloads and “keep” option, to become even a modest hit.

It was all too late, but still quite nice in its bright autumnal senescence. Zune is over. On we move.

For fun, here is a TechCrunch review of the Zune HD from 2009, of all things. Enjoy. Via WPCentral.

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Microsoft to kill Xbox Video support for Zune and WP7 in 2014

Microsoft might have just shared a slew of happy Xbox One news, but it also has something sad to announce: the death of Xbox Video support for Zune. To be precise: Zune’s PC client, whatever Zune players are left out there and even Windows Phone 7 devices will no longer be able to play Xbox Video …

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Microsoft cutting off Xbox Video support for Windows Phone 7 and Zune this February

In February, Microsoft will pull the plug on Xbox Video for anyone still using the Zune PC software, Zune devices, and Windows Phone 7 smartphones. This means that any content you’ve previously purchased will no longer play on the affected hardware. Microsoft says this is the result of a video catalog update that will allow the company “to more quickly and efficiently add the highest quality video content to the Xbox Video service.” You still own any content you’ve already purchase, of course. Microsoft is quick to remind users that they’ll still be able to watch on a PC or Mac at XboxVideo.com. Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 / 8.1 tablets, and Windows Phone 8 devices are also all capable of Xbox Video playback. But if you’re still…

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What should i get Zune HD or Itouch 8GB?

Question by manderzz27: What should i get Zune HD or Itouch 8GB?
I’m getting an upgrade from my Zune 4GB and i was wondering what i should get a Zune HD or an Itouch 8GB

Best answer:

Answer by spazz
definitely an itouch apple makes much better mp3s

What do you think? Answer below!

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Microsoft axing Zune Marketplace rentals and sales, recommends Xbox Video and Music

Coinciding with the impending abandonment of Microsoft Points, the ability to rent and purchase media from Zune Marketplace will also be hitting retirement come August 22nd. A recently-posted FAQ on the Xbox website details the changes, directing current users to hurry up and use their remaining points as they’ll be worthless come that EOL date. For future service Microsoft is unsurprisingly pointing users to Xbox Music and Video, noting that the latter will also be accessible on Xbox One, Windows Phone 8 and browsers “later this year.” Unlimited streaming will be accessible through the Xbox Music Pass as you’d expect, and your existing media will continue to function as normal. Better yet, OG Zune Music Pass subscribers will still be able to stream tunes and obtain their 10 free downloads per month. Consider it another inevitable nail in the Zune brand’s coffin, while it lives on through Xbox.

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Via: The Verge

Source: Xbox.com

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Microsoft phasing out Zune Marketplace rentals and purchases, but Zune Pass lives on

Xbox Music and Xbox Video are the future of Microsoft’s digital media ecosystem. But putting a greater focus on the Xbox brand means saying goodbye to some past ventures. Today, the company announced plans to phase out support for purchases and rentals on Zune Marketplace “as early as” August 22nd — coinciding with the death of Microsoft Points. Thankfully for people still hanging onto a Zune HD or one of Microsoft’s other legacy PMPs, the Zune Music Pass will live on. Customers will still be able to stream music from the Marketplace and continue downloading 10 tracks per month, a unique model that become perhaps the strongest selling point for Zune hardware. Keeping the Zune Marketplace alive in some capacity is necessary to…

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Zune 2.0: is Microsoft making the same mistakes with Surface RT?


Back in June of last year, Microsoft started teasing a “major announcement” that would soon be revealed as its first tablet: the Surface RT. There was an air of excitement, and the expectation that Microsoft might be able to tackle the iPad head-on with a slim and lightweight device that took advantage of a keyboard accessory. Fast-forward 12 months, and Microsoft is cutting the price of its Surface RT tablet by 30 percent worldwide because it’s simply not selling. It’s also taking a $ 900 million hit related to the stock it has left over. For a company that has struggled, with the exception of Xbox, to generate consumer interest in hardware products like Zune and Kin, was Surface RT always doomed? Is Microsoft’s iPad competitor quickly…

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Zune HD 16 16GB MP3 Player WiFi OLED Touchscreen Black !

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Microsoft gifts Zune Pass subscribers 1,000 Microsoft Points ahead of Xbox Music launch

Xbox Music Enter Artist EMBARGOED

Microsoft might be phasing out its Points currency for Windows 8 in favor of cash, however that hasn’t stopped the business gifting 1,000 Microsoft Points to existing Zune Pass individuals. In an e-mail to subscribers, Microsoft reveals that Zune New music Pass registrations are now Xbox Songs Pass– with no action required from end individuals.

” To celebrate the launch of Xbox Songs, we’re offering you 1,000 Microsoft Points to utilize on any of the music, video, or game material on Xbox Live,” states Microsoft. The Points are offered by means of a prepaid code, redeemable on Xbox.com. 1,000 Microsoft Points corresponds to $ 12.50, permitting Xbox Popular music users to purchase flicks, new music, or games from the shop. It’s not a huge welcome gift for the brand-new solution, however it certainly …

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Zune hardware was a mistake, admits former Microsoft exec Robbie Bach

Zune 30

Microsoft’s first Zune hardware launched in late 2006, around five years after the initial Apple iPod hit the market and less than a year before the iPhone changed the smartphone industry. Former Microsoft executive Robbie Bach, in charge of Zune at the time, says he would skip portable media players if he could launch Zune again. “The portable music market is gone and it was already leaving when we started,” admitted Bach at an entrepreneurs’ event in Seattle last week. “We just weren’t brave enough,” he says, accepting that Microsoft ended up chasing Apple without a compelling reason for consumers to purchase Zune hardware.

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