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Swatch Group Head Nicolas Hayek Jr. Is Putting Smart Watches In The “No Fly Zone”

un_apprentissage_chez_swatch_group_4 A source close to the decision said that Swatch Group head Nicolas Hayek Jr., son of the late SG CEO Nicolas Hayek, is adamant that the company would not be pursuing smart watches inside Swatch itself or within any of the many Swatch brands. The source said that Hayek Jr. felt “burned” by a 2004-2005 MSN SPOT watch partnership that fizzled and is avoiding mention of smart watches… Read More

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Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Part 3 – Desert Ruins Zone 1-2

‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ SonicsChannel on Facebook and Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/SonicsChannel http://www.twitter.com/SonicsChannel SonicsChannel Logo: htt…
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Chinese state media squashes claims of less restricted internet in Shanghai zone


A few days ago, the South China Morning Post claimed that blocks put on websites like Twitter, Facebook and The New York Times were to be lifted in Shanghai’s new free-trade zone. And the justification made sense, too: relax restrictions to make visitors happy, and potentially cash in on accelerated foreign investment as a result. Plausible, sure, but according to state-run news outlet the People’s Daily, completely untrue. As it turns out, the Chinese powers that be allegedly have no intention of allowing web traffic in the free-trade zone to circumvent the Great Firewall, which means visiting Twitter addicts will still have to turn to Weibo for their social network / microblogging fix.

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Via: The Register

Source: TechWeb (Chinese)

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BlackBerry Beta Zone app released for early adopters on BB10

BlackBerry Beta Zone app released for early adopters on BB10

Well, it looks as if Twitter isn’t the only one announcing something beta-related today. BlackBerry has (quietly) released Beta Zone for BlackBerry 10, an application geared toward folks who are game to try stuff before it’s ready for prime time. The firm’s newly outed app gives members an easy-to-access hub where they can download the latest software arriving on the platform in beta. As you’d expect, Beta Zone for BB10 won’t cost a dime to download, though you will need to have an account before being able to access any of those rough-hewn apps.

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Source: BlackBerry World

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3DS owners get tired of searching for StreetPasses, build their own Nintendo Zone relays

Unless you live in a densely populated city, you probably struggle to make the most of the 3DS’ StreetPass feature — it’s why Nintendo implemented a StreetPass Relay program earlier this month. Now, less than a week after the Mii-sharing setup launched, the gaming community has found a way to exploit it. Users on the GBATemp forums have discovered that spoofing the MAC address of a known Nintendo Zone router while broadcasting the correct SSID creates a homemade relay that pulls the latest StreetPass data from Nintendo’s servers. This trick allows gamers to remotely share StreetPass data from the comfort of their own home.

It’s not a gateway to unlimited passes, however — just like with local 3DS systems, the relay stations will only share data with an individual handheld once every eight hours, requiring die-hard “homepassers” to manually change their spoofed MAC for each additional StreetPass they want to collect. There is also some concern that Nintendo will notice this remote StreetPass setup and block the known MAC addresses (or worse, infringing handhelds) in an attempt to combat exploitation. Convoluted? Sure, but it’s still pretty impressive. If you’re feeling bold, check out the adjacent source links to get started; the community has created tutorials for Android, Linux, OSX and Windows, complete with a spreadsheet of viable MAC addresses.

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Source: Google Docs, GBATemp (1), (2)

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No Parking Zone: Garbage Truck Swallows An Entire Car


This is a video of a garbage truck eating an entire Pontiac Grand Am. Of course the car only has donut tires and you can see the gas tank has been removed, so I’m not sure just how ‘entire’ it actually is. I’ve got the feeling it didn’t have an engine either. Just a hunch. And hunches, as I’m sure you’re all aware, turn out to be 75% true. The other 25% turn out to be serious medical conditions that require a doctor’s visit. Back me up, Quasimodo! Or, should I say, hunchback me up. Not gonna lie bro, I’m still not convinced that hunch you keep covered all the time isn’t another face.

Hit the jump for the video.

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Zone of the Enders HD Collection Includes Metal Gear Rising Demo

Zone of the Enders HD Collection Consists of Metal Gear Rising Demo
In an adorable nod to the initial PS2 release of the Kohima-helmed mecha game, the HD collection features a demo of Platnium Games ' upcoming Metal Gear Rising. PS2 time gamers will remember that Konami promoted the then-unknown franchise by including …
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West Mountain Capital Corp.: PS2 Secures First Ground Treatment Agreement in China
(TSX VENTURE: WMT) (” the Business” or “WMT”) today announces that its 100 % possessed subsidiary Phase Separation Solutions Inc. (” PS2″) has actually secured its first commercial contaminated ground therapy agreement in China using its Thermal Phase Separator …
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XBOX 360 KINECT GAME ABC Wipe Out In the Zone Brand New Wipeout

Xbox 360 Kinect Disneyland Adventures Game New Unopened

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Kinect Sports: Season Two (Xbox 360, 2011) -- SEALED!
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End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 6:04:21 PST
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Rockwell Makati Condo Hotel featured on Urban Zone

Rockwell Joya studio rental in Makati across the street from Powerplant Mall for more photos please visit picasaweb.google.com currently taking reservations click calendar link for available dates www.my.calendars.net please email rockwellrental@yahoo.com for more info or to make reservation arrangements contact: Mark US number:..(714)927-7419 yahoo messenger/skype: rockwellrental call or txt smart cell: 0 929 554 9924 Rates: Note these are consecutive daily rates not nightly rates so that way there are no check in or check out schedule conflicts or restrictions by structuring it this way your accomodations will be ready and waiting for you no matter how early or late you arrive believe me it takes more than 4 hours to get a condo cleaned and ready the right way /day for 1 month stay /day for 3 week stay /day for 2 week stay /day for 1 week stay /day for less than 7 days /day for less than 4 days A 0 reservation fee is required to confirm your stay Until reservation fee is received, available dates are subject to change without notice You can use visa mastercard or debit card via safe and secure transaction with western union by using this link www.westernunion.com or call Western Union..(800) 752-6077 or..(877)984-0469 It is better to call that way you can confirm what their fees are before you make transaction which last time I checked is at ()please email me the 10 digit money transfer control number (MTCN) provided by western union with sender

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Do you need to be in a wifi zone to use android apps?

Question by : Do you need to be in a wifi zone to use android apps?
I recently got an Archos 28 tablet and hacked into the android app database. Bad, I know, but everyone does it. So I know that I need to be in a wifi connected zone to download apps, but do I need to be in a wifi zone to use them? Like, could I use them in the car in the middle of Wyoming where there’s no wifi after they’re installed? Thanks!

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Answer by Bryan
You should be able to use. Them with out wifi I use mine with out wick but there is some that u do have to use wifi

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