Xfinity Mobile now works with your unlocked iPhone

Until now, Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile service has meant buying one of its locked devices. But what if you already have a phone and want to switch? You now have that choice… if you’re firmly in Apple’s camp. Xfinity Mobile has enabled an in-store Bring Your Own Device option, but only for “select” unlocked iPhone models. Other manufacturers’ phones will have to wait until later in 2018. You can receive a gift card if you trade in a phone that doesn’t qualify, although that means settling for a locked handset (and likely getting less than your handset is worth).

There probably won’t be a surge of people signing up — historically, Americans have tended to buy locked phones on contract. However, this could certainly help if Xfinity Mobile’s bundled discounts and by-the-gig rates make sense for you. It could also help fuel the service’s reported success by making it easier for people to switch from rival networks. Xfinity is unlikely to topple the wireless giants since it’s intended mainly for the Comcast faithful, but this certainly won’t hurt.

Source: Comcast

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Now Windows 10’s ‘Continue on PC’ feature works from your iPhone

A couple of days ago Microsoft enabled a feature that lets Android users easily use the share button to push a web page from their cell phone to a Windows 10 PC. Now, it’s released an app to manage the same feature on iOS-powered devices. It’s available to users in the “Fast” ring of its Insiders preview program, who will need the latest build released for their PCs. Cross-device web browsing is one of the many features coming in the Fall Creators Update, and every new feature being beta tested means its release date keeps creeping closer.

Source: iTunes, Windows Experience Blog

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Apple Pay now works with Squarespace sites

If you have a Squarespace site that you’re using to sell your wares, your online store can now accept Apple Pay via the iPhone and the upcoming macOS Sierra. Now visitors can buy stuff without digging out their credit card.

To make sure your site accepts Apple Pay, Squarespace notes that you should make sure your site accepts Stripe payments and enable the new online checkout experience in settings.

Shopify is also allowing its customers to add Apple Pay to their retail sites. The move by both companies not only reduces payment friction from Apple devices, it also adds an additional level of security since each transaction has its own unique token.

Source: Sqaurespace

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Apogee’s new MiC 96k works with Windows for USB recording

Apogee has built a stellar reputation when it comes to audio gear. Back in 2014, the company debuted the MiC 96k: an updated version of its compact USB microphone that can handle up to 96kHz 24-bit analog-to-digital recording. That model only worked with iOS devices and Mac though, but now Apogee has a new MiC 96k that plays nice with Windows. The device carries the same name, design and features list, only now you can use it with your Surface or another Windows machine. The company focused on mobile for the first two MiCs, but now it’s making sure there’s a desktop option for everyone as well.

The best part? This new version of Apogee’s MiC costs less than its predecessor at $ 199. Sure, you’re giving up the iOS compatibility, but if you aren’t looking to employ the USB microphone with a mobile device, this new option will save you some coin. Heck, if you like to keep your options open, tacking on a $ 30 Lighting cable will ensure that you can use the MiC across Windows, Mac and your iPhone or iPad.

When it comes to USB microphones, Blue’s devices are perhaps the most popular options. Like Blue, Apogee also offers a line of audio gear for pros as well as consumers. The MiC is a solid choice for a compact recording option that you can easily store in your backpack without taking up much space. It can handle podcasting and other vocal duties as well as tracking acoustic instruments like guitars and more. This new MiC is actually the third installment of the device with the first debuting in 2011. Since then, Apogee has improved overall audio quality for the recording accessory (the first 96k model) that works with GarageBand, Ableton Live, Pro Tools and more.

Source: Apogee

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