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CBS is making shows that you won’t see on conventional TV

CBS might not have embraced internet video with open arms in the past, but it’s certainly warming up to the concept this year. CEO Les Moonves has revealed that the broadcaster is producing shows for “major streaming companies” (think Amazon, Hulu…

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Siri won’t let Beats into Dr. Dre’s party in bizarre new ad

Beats officially became part of Apple today, and the companies are celebrating with a strange new ad in which no one gets to celebrate at all. In the 30-second spot posted to Twitter, Siri overhears two Beats spokes-speakers happily discussing the news about their new corporate owners. Siri’s disembodied voice lets them know that Beats founder Dr. Dre is hosting a party tonight, leading to much rejoicing. “I gotta go get my hair and nails done,” shouts the lady Pill, who is named Tina and has a Twitter account. The man Pill asks for directions, but Siri shoots him down. “Sorry, Mikey and Tina,” Siri says, not sounding sorry at all. “Dre’s party is invitation only.” The Pills get sad. They’re out of luck. Fade to logos!

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Honda’s upgraded ASIMO robot is faster and smarter but still won’t scare Sarah Connor

Honda’s been working on its ASIMO robot for the better part of two decades, but only now is it finally beginning to look like a useful project. The latest version of the droid, similar to the one we saw two years ago, comes with a raft of physical…

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GameStop promises it won’t interfere with game development

It’s understandable if the news of retail giant GameStop getting in on game development made you nervous. The potential of a store with vested interest in exclusive content dictating what goes into a game from its inception is more than a little…

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Uber won’t gouge you as much during disasters

Folks who have nabbed a ride from Uber during major snowstorms in New York City know all too well about the car service’s price gouging during those events. Now, the outfit is capping rates during disasters and “relevant states of emergency” in the…

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The Best Amazon Fire Phone Features You Won’t Get In Any Other Phone

IMG_4614 Today, Amazon introduced the long-rumored Fire Phone. It has the killer 3D effects that everyone anticipated. But it also has a few neat features that you won’t see in any other phone out there… Read More

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Why won’t iTunes run?

Question by Jacob: Why won’t iTunes run?
I’m trying to install iTunes on Ubuntu using Wine, and I keep getting the following error: iTunes was not installed correctly. Please reinstall iTunes. Error 7 (Windows error 126). How do I solve this? I have already tried reinstalling iTunes, to no avail…

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Answer by ratter_of_the_shire
Itunes just doesn’t work fully with WINE. To get some functionality you may have to extract out the .cab files and install them one by one.

Do two searches
WINEdb itunes
linux itunes alternatives.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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This three-year-old pizza won’t kill you

It’s the zombie apocalypse, and the only items on the menu are a year-old pizza and cockroach sashimi — which would you choose? Well, if that pepperoni-smattered pie came from the US Army’s Natick Labs, you’ve hit the jackpot. A team of food…

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EA Sports’ 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil won’t be coming to Xbox One or PlayStation 4

As is the case every four years, FIFA’s biggest football competition is about to take place. To celebrate the 2014 tournament, which will be played in Brazil, EA Sports is releasing a title to give fans a chance to virtually experience the World Cup…

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ION’s Road Warrior Bluetooth speaker won’t fit in your bag, costs $399 (hands-on)

ION Audio took to CES 2014 to reveal a number of new products, and the Road Warrior was among them. In typical trade show fashion, we thought it was only appropriate to stop by the company’s booth to check out its not-so-portable Bluetooth speaker. …

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