Honda’s 2018 Gold Wing is the first motorcycle with CarPlay

Most of the automakers announcing their adoption of Apple’s CarPlay have mentioned them in reference to cars, and for good reason: It only works with screens, which are starting to become widespread on new 4-wheeled vehicles. But on Tuesday, Honda revealed that the new edition of its Gold Wing touring motorcycle would become the first bike to use Apple’s iPhone-porting service.

The new Gold Wing displays CarPlay functionality that through a dash-mounted 7-inch LCD — but it’s not touch-sensitive. Riders will have to plug their iPhone in via USB in either the trunk or a compartment in the gas tank, according to Road Show, and then link up a Bluetooth headset to activate CarPlay (an Apple requirement). Then they can navigate through features via directional buttons on the left handlebar or, more awkwardly, via a keypad on top of the gas tank. Whew.

Still, awkward UX is often the fate of first adopters. If you want to be the cool kid on the moto block who can talk to their iPhone their bike while riding, the 2018 Gold Wing starts at $ 23,500.

Source: Honda

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