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The Sad Story Behind Weird Al’s Old Record Case

“You can have it as long as you don’t sell it on eBay.” The box is currently up for auction on eBay.

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Weird Al releasing a new video every day for eight days, starting today with ‘Happy’ parody

Weird Al has a new album of parodies coming out tomorrow, but you’ll probably want to look for them on the web rather than over the radio: eight songs off of the album are getting music videos, and they’ll be premiering over eight days. The first video came out this morning and has Al singing “Tacky,” a parody of Pharrell’s unbearably catchy hit “Happy.”

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What People Who Like Weird Music Actually Like

I asked people at FuMPFest, a convention for funny music, who their favorite funny and non-funny artists are.

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Weird War Tales 7 CGC SS 7.0 Joe Kubert Signed Robot Cover Rare Alex Toth no 8

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Why japanese designs of robots are weird?

Question by Einherjar: Why japanese designs of robots are weird?
Why japanese designs of robots are weird, freaky,too round and alien looking and just not like something a sane human would make like a boxy nice square ugly terminator with gauss rifles that kills anything on its path. I mean every video of japanese making a robot they made the robot gay looking too round white and has an alien face like this:

or this:

and this im sure its japanese:

Can’t they make them looking more like this:

The “dark trooper from” star wars:

Loaders from borderlands:

or just the terminator from T2 or something else that is more human like (square and ugly with jagged edjes that can ccrack someones skull) like a CL4P-TP or Megas XLR and those ugly Glorft robots from Megas XLR

Best answer:

Answer by jett breez
haha. These robots are just prototypes and technology demonstrators that are tasked for civilian duties for the futures.

Those Robots that looks ‘cool’ are freackin robots generated out of imagination that came from a sci-fi that tasked for military purposes. They look cool because they have armours and weapons and looks deadly.

Comparing a real life civilian prototype robot to a fictional sci-fi killer robot is dumb to be honest….

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Treasured moments? Inside the weird world of 4D prenatal portraits

I’m not usually a “god” person but the first time I saw a 4D* scan of my unborn daughter I started to feel like something else was going on in the universe. Just 12 weeks after conception I could make out the two hemispheres of her brain and watch her suck her thumb. My mom said the barely post-zygotic life form definitely had my grandfather’s brow line. Anti-abortion arguments suddenly became something I was willing to consider: although this was something my partner and I had created together, it was nothing any person could create with 3D printers or tiny Legos. Some other force was guiding its construction and it was difficult to attribute that force entirely to nature, as I do with most god-related questions.

Doctors have…

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Keep Portland Weird: Darth Vader In Kilt Riding Unicycle Playing Star Wars Medley On Flaming Bagpipes


The title says it all. Whatever the title doesn’t say is best kept a secret between you and I. You do know what I’m talking about, right? That thing I told you the other day that I made you promise you wouldn’t tell anybody else? You still haven’t told anybody, right? Good, I told you that in CONFIDENCE. But now — now is the time. I want you yell, verbatim, what I told you that day. “GW’S PENIS IS TWO SIZES TOO SMALL!” Dammit, I said VERBATIM. “That my penis is two sizes too small? But it isn’t.” You know it would have been funnier if you had just done it right the first time.

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Weird: A Tree That Got All Its Bark Lightning’d Off


This is a shot of a tree that got all its bark zapped off in a lightning storm. Now it’s just standing there all butt-ass naked. Will it endure? A quick Google look for “can a tree endure without bark?” proved inconclusive, and that’s as far as my investigatory reporting is going today. All this investigatory journalism endures a person, you know? “You’re wearing a beer helmet.” Right? It’s been driving me to drink. And you know what? Now it’s your task. Select me up at four in time for delighted hour.

Thanks to PYY, who attempted to inform me it’s in fact the thunder that’s the dangerous part.

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The CAT B15 Android Smartphone Has A Weird Name But The Brawn To Back It Up


Just as some people are put on this earth to create things, others are prone to destroy everything they touch. Those people should probably spend some time with the Caterpillar-branded CAT B15, an aluminum-and-rubber-clad Android smartphone that (inadvertently) encouraged people to work on their stress issues here at MWC.

Naturally, Caterpillar isn’t actually making the phones — it’s a very far cry from the engines and bulldozers that the company is better known for. The device itself is made by a licensee called Bullitt Mobile, a U.K.-based company whose sole reason for existing seems to be churning out these sorts of rugged handsets.

In fact, It’s actually rather hard to get a firm idea of how tough this thing actually is. Sure, it’s completely dust-proof (assuming all the ports are properly closed) and the 4-inch display is swathed in second generation Gorilla Glass, but it’s all sort of abstract until you hold the thing in your hand the feel the urge to heave it somewhere. In spite of its considerable chubbiness, the B15 is actually lighter than you’d expect, though it’s still going to elicit some stares should you shove the thing into your pocket.

In a classic case of brawn vs. brains, the B15 isn’t the snappiest thing you’ll ever see with its dual-core 1GHz Qualcomm processor and but it’s still got enough horsepower to handle most daily tasks. If anything, performance is aided by the fact that the particular build of Android loaded up on the B15 is totally stock — no garish, cumbersome UI to be found here.

And perhaps best of all, the 4-inch display recognizes touch input even when it’s wet — mostly. After a booth representative shot down my attempt to hurl the thing like baseball (not a huge loss, my fastball is pretty lousy), I settled for dunking the B15 in some water a few times. For the first few instances, things worked fine, but at some point you’ll eventually have to wipe the thing down for it to start behaving properly again. Hardly a big deal, but those of you looking for an Android-powered diving buddy will have to look elsewhere (especially because it’s only waterproof until you go deeper than 1 meter).

In the event that your current smartphone is just too puny to keep up with your lifestyle, the CAT B15 will be available in March for €395 — try not to hurt yourself until then.

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This is the Modem World: Japan is not weird

Each week Joshua Fruhlinger contributes This is the Modem World, a column committed to exploring the culture of consumer innovation.

This is the Modem World Japan is not weird

There’s a dotted line in between geekdom and Japan– some of us call ourselves “otaku;” we follow Japanese innovation companies; we planning to Japanese society as a beacon of our tech-obsessed future; we dream of checking out Tokyo. But we like to slam Japanese culture, as if to state, “Well, sure, they make cool things, but they sure are messed up.”

I’m no expert on Japanese society. While my check outs to the island country number in the double digits and I’m married to a citizen, I’m not about to claim any sort of authority on matters of Japan.

However, I’m very sure they’re not as odd as we such as to state they are. And if they are, we’re just as off-kilter.


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