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webOS port renamed LuneOS, focuses on Nexus 4 and HP TouchPad

It’s been some time since we heard from the Open webOS project, but work is still ongoing. The port has changed names in the last year to go by LuneOS, and the first release under the new name is now available. This particular version is called…

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LG spills price, release details on its Ultra HD, OLED (flat or curved) and webOS TVs

As usual, LG has encouraged our speculation by slowly revealing details about many of the new TVs it’s bringing to CES and today during its press conference we’re finding out the rest, including price and release windows. First up is its impossibly …

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Leak shows LG’s radical new interface for its webOS Smart TVs

LG’s rumored webOS Smart TV is tipped to arrive at CES in the coming days, but that hasn’t stopped intrepid leaker @evleaks from giving us what could be an early preview of its next connected set. In what appears to be a significant departure from …

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LG’s webOS TV will retain ‘Cards’ navigation

We’ve known that LG is planning to resurrect webOS in a smart TV for some time, but today an anonymous source tells the Wall Street Journal that the company’s interpretation of the OS will include its famous Cards interface, which served as inspiration for the multitasking system in Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s mobile UIs. LG bought the defunct operating system, which debuted on the Palm Pre smartphone, from HP last February, and revealed a few details about its upcoming TV set earlier this month.

The webOS-powered TV will be announced at the CES trade show in January, and is set to run a 2.2GHz dual-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM, apps based on the webOS Enyo framework, and multitasking via the Cards interface. Although pricing…

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OpenMobile ACL for webOS resurrected on Kickstarter, hopes to bring Android apps to HP Touchpad

OpenMobile ACL for webOS resurrected on Kickstarter, hopes to bring Android apps to HP Touchpad

The promise of OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility Layer is inciting: seamlessly run Android apps on another operating system as if it was meant to be there. Unfortunately for fans of Palm’s last hurrah, the project’s webOS port died with the HP Touchpad. That won’t stop dedicated fans, however — Phoenix International Communications plans to resurrect webOS ACL. Taking the project to Kickstarter, the team has showed an early build of the project on an HP Touchpad, seamlessly running Android apps in cards alongside native webOS applications. Phoenix hopes that a functional ACL will reduce Touchpad owner’s reliance on dual-booting Android, giving them the freedom to enjoy webOS without sacrificing functionality. The team is promising a relatively short development time, thanks to OpenMobile’s early work, and hopes to deliver a consumer ready build in July. But first the Kickstarter campaign will need to meet its $ 35,000 goal. Interested in pitching in? Check out the Kickstarter link at the source.

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Source: Kickstarter

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WindsorNot: the 4-inch WebOS smartphone that never saw the light of day

The HP WindsorNot a 4inch WebOS smartphone that never saw the light of day

The downfall of WebOS left more than a few canceled devices in its wake, but the most illusive of the bunch tends to be the WindsorNot: a touch-only smartphone. We’ve seen hints of it here and there, but the shy little device has largely been kept under wraps — until now. The dedicated folks at WebOS Nation have managed to get their hands on a functional prototype. The 4-inch devices seems to lie somewhere between a Pre3 and HP Touchpad, aping the hardware specifications of the former while adopting the latter’s software version: WebOS 3.0. The tweaked software does feature a smartphone-sized keyboard, but WebOS Nation says some of the OS’ trappings are difficult to read, and were clearly meant to be refined for the smaller screen before release. The phone’s form, on the other hand, seems to be top notch, indicating that the project was canned before the software team had a chance to catch up. Check out the source link for a full walkthrough of the device and a brief history lesson of WebOS’ last days.

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Source: webOS Nation

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HP emerges as big winner in webOS sale, and LG doesn’t rule out a phone

hp webos

HP will certainly sell essential pieces of its webOS item and group to LG for use in wise TVs, however contrary to earlier leaked reports, the offer doesn’t consist of the entire webOS portfolio. What’s even more, LG’s strategies consist of the possibility of ultimately producing a phone or various other mobile devices that run webOS, although the company continues to be concentrated on tvs in the short-term. The outcome is an offer that appears like a clean exit from the webOS ordeal for HP, and the starts of another muddled, perplexed chapter for Palm’s os with LG at the helm.

According to HP COO Expense Veghte, LG will get the source code, paperwork, internet sites, and team behind the client side of webOS, however HP will preserve the whole cloud services division …

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HP Supposedly Working On Android Smartphones And Tablets, Despite webOS Failures


HP is exploring returning into the mobile hardware game, according to a new report from ReadWrite which the Verge says is being confirmed from their very own sources. HP famously got webOS then brought a tablet to market based upon that Palm-developed platform, the TouchPad, which wound up being a dismal failure that the business closed down extremely rapidly.

HP had also launched a smartphone, the Veer 4G based upon webOS, but that also shown ineffective at catching the attention of customers. The business is evidently still aiming to get back into the hardware game after a hiatus covering a couple of years, nonetheless, with a brand-new tablet including an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which ReadWrite pegs for an imminent statement, and is likewise thinking about Android-based smartphone for future development. Verge reports that the timeline sounds great, however scheduling could change for a tablet launch.

After HP CEO Meg Whitman took over, she revealed that the company would ultimately offer a smartphone to stay on par with the fact that for many in the establishing world, such a device is now their first and perhaps only pc. That launch isn ’ t prepared for 2013, nonetheless, Whitman later on specified.

However back in late 2011, Whitman did make declarations to the result that HP might produce webOS-powered tablets again in 2013. While these reports recommend webOS is most likely off the table, HP could possibly stay with Whitman ’ s target strategy of fielding a tablet gadget based upon a mobile OS this year, but one based on Android instead of its own item, which it has since open-sourced.

It shouldn ’ t come as a surprise that HP would dip its toes back in the mobile hardware pool even after suffering such a reversal the first time around. The fact is that mobile is where the computing industry is going, and Apple ’ s iPad is nearly singlehandedly propping upthe drooping fortunes of conventional mobile PC kind aspects like note pads. And HP missed out on incomes expectations in Q4 2012, thanks in part to a continuing “ decline in hardware. ”

A tablet isn ’ t a panacea for HP, nevertheless. The Android tablet market still has yet to discover a champ that can contrast to the iPad ’ s appeal, and there is lots of competition out there for purchaser attention. Fielding a device that thrills above and past exactly what ’ s already out there, at a rate point that turns heads is a standard requirement for Android tablet success at this point, from HP or from anyone else.

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Open webOS ported to the Nexus 7, gives us the Touchpad Go that might have been (video)

Open webOS ported to the Nexus 7, gives us the Touchpad Go we never had video

At least a few enthusiasts were gutted when HP exited webOS hardware prior to the Touchpad Go can even have the distinction of a news release. WebOS Harbors’ Simon Busch can’t resurrect HP’s miniature tablet strategies, but he can give us an inkling of what we missed with his brand-new alpha port of Open webOS for the Nexus 7. The conversion is surprisingly complete given its basis on a related Galaxy Nexus edition: along with supporting core functionality like the accelerometer and WiFi, it at last cuts the cord and works separately of a COMPUTER connection. The only clear defect is periodic lag. We ‘d still be careful with a rough construct of an OS that wasn’t ever meant for Google’s tablet; if that’s no barrier, however, the Nexus 7 port is the next-best method to relive HP’s initial vision for 2011.

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Phoenix project reincarnates WebOS as Nexus S app

Phoenix project succeeds in reincarnating WebOS as Nexus S app

After its untimely demise, WebOS showed some resilience by coming back in open source kind and appearing in different devices hither and yon. On the vanguard of that rebirth is Phoenix International Communications, a group of volunteers who’ve managed to port the orphaned OS to a Samsung Nexus S device, running as an app inside Android. Up until now, the reborn OS application is displaying distinctly zombie-like sluggishness, however it’s still an early pre-alpha develop. If all goes well, you could one day have the ability to seamlessly switch over between WebOS and Android without restarting, letting you run applications from both systems. So, if you have actually been carrying a torch for the fallen system, check the video after the break.

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