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Valuable Lil Angels!: Teensy Caribbean Pygmy Octopuses Hatch At Florida Aquarium

pygmy-octopus-hatchling-1.jpg This is a Caribbean Pygmy Octopus that recently hatched at the Mote Marine Lab and Fish tank in Florida. It’s so teensy!.?. !! If this were a Disney motion picture, it would think that pencil eraser is its mommy. This is not a Disney film though, this is reality. There are no happy endings in real life– only discomfort. “Wow, excellent first to the weekend, GW.” Oh spunk, it’s Friday ?! * sigh * Isn’t really life marvelous?

Cephalopod Expert Brian Siegel of The Fish tank at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota just recently had this Caribbean pygmy octopus (O. mercatoris) hatch. The momma octopus originated from the wild, where she should have currently mated, prior to she showed up at Mote and started laying her eggs. They hatched over night in between March 17-18. This species of octopus is nocturnal and the children– you can see exactly how little this one is compared to a pencil eraser and a penny– normally conceal so they won’t be consumed by predators. They’re complete grown at about the size of a silver dollar and consume small benthic invertebrates.

They’re only the size of a silver dollar when complete grown! Wait, exactly what’s a silver dollar? Do driver know exactly how huge silver dollars are any longer? Since when I believe silver dollar I believe PANCAKES. Then I think DENNY’S. Then I think DIARRHEA. Then a couple of minutes later on I’m thinking TOTALLY WORTH IT and start searching for my wallet and vehicle keys. Remain going for a shot beside a penny.

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The Internet’s Most Valuable Social Network Has Been There All Along

Forget Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Have you tried email?

My email connections from the past five years.


Though we may not typically think of it that way, the creators of the MIT-based program Immersion are not wrong to call email “one of the original forms of social media.” Social media has become shorthand for the ever expanding circle of more instantaneous forms of internet-based interaction — Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and so on. Email, without accompanying “like” or “favorite” buttons or a constantly refreshing stream, can feel, by comparison, slow.

At the same time, for many people, there’s something sacred about email — it's generally reserved for people we know well, real-life friends and family and colleagues — that Immersion's brightly colored graphs clearly display. Email is a world apart.

Immersion — which currently only works with Gmail accounts — asks for access to your email history and, after a few minutes, organizes it into a time-scaled graph, with a little circle for everyone you've ever emailed. (Names are attached, but you can remove them for privacy/screenshot purposes.) The above chart displays my email connections over the past five years — 4254 emails total, which seems either surprisingly high or low, I can't decide.

What's most notable, though, is Immersion's representation — and, by extension, Gmail's representation — of who is important to me, and how it differs from what similar graphs of other social media sites would show. The blue, orange, and purple circles are biggest here, meaning they comprise more emails sent and received than other connections. All three colors are professional colleagues. The green group is friends, though the biggest of them is not who I would have expected. The connections Immersion draws between these people, semi-spookily, are mostly accurate, though not totally: two of the three brown circles are my parents, and the third is a non-relative, a former editor I haven't contacted in years.

My email connections from the past year — green, red, and light blue area ll work. Royal blue and brown are friends, purple is family.


Immersion also shows that while email (at least mine, and I suspect many others’) is more intimate than other social media, it is also, somehow, made less personal by its reservedness. It's an incomplete picture; few of the people I regularly interact with on Twitter, for example, appear on the charts, and when they do their circles are tiny and isolated. Of course (like they say on Twitter), YMMV. That's what makes it cool.

The charts also lend themselves to re-imagining email as, quite literally, a network — because we're typically interacting privately, with individuals or groups, we tend to think of email as less “connected” than other social media. But here, too, there are some versions of the sharing conventions seen elsewhere on the web: blind copying is analogous to privatizing our Facebook timelines, and maybe forwarding someone's annoying email to someone else to gossip about it was just an earlier-era subtweet. Email may feel less public than other social networks — and to an extent it is — but it's still a connection service that puts you on a map with dozens of other people, some of whom you might not have realized were connected to each other, too.

Tools like Immersion provide, if nothing else, an interesting (and potentially mortifying, or troubling, or relieving) way to look at the people who've made up one area of your internet life over the past five years. It is probably best, though, not to show it to anyone else. One of my best friends, with whom I Gchat everyday, said, when I showed her my chart, “I can't believe my circle is this small.”

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Google passes Microsoft in market valuation, sits far behind Apple as second-most valuable tech company

Microsoft stock

Google’s stock price has been on a steady rise over the last three months — thanks to that growth, the search, advertising, and mobile giant surpassed Microsoft earlier this morning as the second-most valuable technology company, according to Bloomberg. It’s been a few hours since Google first surpassed Microsoft, and as of this writing both companies have market caps right around $ 248 billion. But given the huge rise in Google’s stock over the last three months while Microsoft’s has been essentially flat, Google should move past Microsoft into sole possession of second place before long (though we can’t make any guarantees where the stock market is concerned).

Over the past few years, Google and Microsoft have been increasingly…

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Apple overtakes Microsoft as most valuable company ever


Apple hit a market capitalization of over $ 620 billion this early morning, breaking the record of $ 618.9 billion set by Microsoft back in 1999. The company is now worth over $ 200 million even more than the 2nd biggest business in the world, Exxon Mobil, and practically $ 400 billion more than Microsoft, which is currently worth $ 257.6 billion.

Apple’s appraisal is a factor of its share rate, presently just over $ 660 per share, and the number of outstanding shares offered to investors. The company’s share price has been steadily increasing as of late, as reports of a new iPhone and a smaller sized model of the iPad have acquired heavy steam.

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What are some valuable traits/skills-sets for a future mechanical/robotics engineer that wants to design?

Question by EngineerNixus: What are some valuable traits/skills-sets for a future mechanical/robotics engineer that wants to design?
Be as thorough as humanly possible please..

Best answer:

Answer by AJV
Seriously, if I knew that, I could make a fortune.
I would guess adaptability and continuing will to learn would be useful

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Apple Overtakes Exxon As Most Valuable Traded Company In The World… Again


It happened once before, in August, but that was due to a stock market collapse that left both Exxon and Apple well below their usual share price. This time, however, it would seem that Apple’s Q1 earnings call yesterday has led to a fresh spike on the stock market and what do you know?

Apple is once again the most valuable publicly traded company in the world, with a market cap of $ 414.83 billion.

Yesterday’s Q1 earnings call covered the period starting September 25, 2011 and ending December 31. That means it includes numbers for the iPhone 4S launch, along with any spike in sales during the holidays. Of course, anyone who’s following along knows that the next iPad will show its face pretty soon, leading Apple into what I’m sure will be another solid year.

Still, it’s a tough feat surging past Exxon as the company sells a commodity used by almost every country in the entire world, with a current market cap of $ 414.47 billion. Apple, on the other hand, sells computers, tablets, smartphones… you know, luxury items. That said, Apple isn’t quite in a place where it can maintain this lead for much longer.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal has rounded up new analyst estimates for the Cupertino-based company, and things are looking up with share price estimates ranging from $ 550 all the way to $ 666. Current share price for Apple is at $ 446, so hitting that goal anytime soon would be almost as mind-blowing as Apple’s Q1 results. Still, if Apple were to reach estimate share prices, its reign may last for much longer than expected.

As for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq, both markets remain relatively unchanged for the day. The Dow Jones is at 12,713 points, up .30 percent on the day, while the Nasdaq is at 2,807.41 points, up .75 percent on the day.

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