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Contag v1.1 Demo

A short demonstration of Contag for Windows Phone 7. It allow you to select any of your contacts and share them with others, regardless of the type of phone they have, by showing them a QRCode to scan.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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[UMS Test 2] – Supply Depot Tetris! v1.1 – StarCraft 2

CHECK OUT Here is my second UMS test. I am going to be doing these a lot. There are so many cool maps! Map Name Supply Depot Tetris v1.1 Map Download: Husky Rating: 7/10 Reason: In it’s current stage there is still much room for improvement. However, to do this much coding in a few short days should be commended and overall the look of the game is great. Pros: It’s Tetris! Released very quickly and the bulk of the project is done. Nice score screen, ‘next piece’, controls, etc. This version definitely has a huge start on any other SC2 Tetris map out there. Cons: Still lots of bugs. Can rotate blocks when you shouldnt be able to. Game resets when you’re on a new level (unlike ‘real’ Tetris). Sometimes blocks go out of bounds. I WANT TO MENTION that every bug I’ve found he is aware of and fixing.

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