Twitter adds all 69 new emoji to its arsenal

Twitter has stepped up its emoji game in a big way. The social network is one of the first platforms to make all 69 Emoji 5.0 icons available to its users, and they include a few new flags, a woman with headscarf, persons with gray hair, the starstruck and the mind blown smiley. Before you fire up your Twitter app to check them, though, take note that there’s a chance you might end up disappointed. The new icons aren’t available on Tweetdeck, the iOS, Mac and the Android Nougat apps just yet, since they still haven’t implemented the Emoji 5.0 standard.

Twitter designer Bryan Haggerty says Apple will likely add support for the new emojis on iOS 11, while Tweetdeck will add them “soon.” For now, you’ll see empty blocks when you try to view the 5.0 icons on those platforms. If you want to use them yourself, though, all you have to do is open Twitter on a browser to emoji-bomb your followers.

Via: 9to5mac

Source: Bryan Haggerty

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Amazon accidentally outs new, cheaper Echo Dot on Twitter

Amazon Echo’s official Twitter account made a blunder that may have given hope to followers waiting for new Echo Dot stocks with bated breath. It sent out a tweet introducing an all-new and cheaper Echo Dot, according to Recode, but it deleted the post as quickly as it went out. If the company’s social media team didn’t tweet on purpose to drum up interest — post-then-delete is a common tactic used by celebs — then someone may have fired it out a bit too early. If you’ll recall, the tech titan also accidentally posted an iPhone 7 accessories landing page before Apple announced the product on stage. Either way, the post caught by @Indypodcaster says the new Echo Dot will set you back $ 50 — $ 40 less than the original one’s price. Clicking the link on what he quoted just takes you to the first Echo Dot’s listing, though, which has been sold out since July. You’ll just have to wait for the e-retailer to officially announce its new Alexa-powered speaker if you want to buy one.

Source: Recode

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