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YouTube star sued for copyright to the tune of $150,000 per song

Most YouTubers just get a takedown notice if someone reports them using copyrighted tunes with their videos. But when that user is a huge star on the video portal like make-up guru Michelle Phan, who has almost 7 million subscribers and was even…

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Tune in live for Samsung’s ‘Unpacked 5′ event tomorrow at 2PM EST!

Here on the ground in Barcelona, Samsung’s got a big banner just outside Mobile World Congress’ main hall inviting us to “Meet the next Galaxy.” And we’re pretty sure that’s confirmation of the rumored Galaxy S5, what with its supposed 2K display,…

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SmithMicro software Tune Ranger iTunes MP3 Video management

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Tune in to our live blog of T-Mobile’s CES press event at 3PM ET / 12PM PT today

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been causing quite a stir at CES this year, and the culmination of all of his antics will be the company’s big press event later today. T-Mobile is expected to announce the next phase of its Uncarrier movement, which Legere has promised will shake up the wireless industry once again. Will T-Mobile put its money where its mouth is? Follow along as we find out live today at 3PM ET / 12PM PT today.

Click here to join the live blog at 3PM ET / 12PM PT

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VW app conducts electro symphonies to the tune of your driving

Volkswagen has developed a way to turn its cars into giant metal DJs. When plugged into a Volkswagen GTI, the German vehicle manufacturer’s Play The Road iOS app uses a swathe of data from the car — including its velocity, engine revs, and location — to create a soundtrack that changes as it’s driven.

The app’s responsive sounds were created by electronic music pioneers Underworld. At low speeds, the app produces calming synth sounds. As the driver turns, it plays scales that sound like an electronic waterfall, cascading as the driver turns left to take the scales higher, and right to take them lower. At higher speeds, the synth is joined by pounding drumbeats. Go even faster, as Volkswagen’s test driver does in its 17 minute test…

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You Can Tune A Guitar But You Can’t Tune A Fish With Roadie


As everyone knows, roadies are hired to set up gear, tear down gear, drink, and tune guitars. Now roadies can do one less of those things and do more of something else. The Roadie is an automatic tuner for any stringed instrument that uses the iPhone to listen to your guitar and a motorized accessory that turns the machine head to exactly the right position. It’s going to put a lot of real roadies out of business.

Created by Bassam Jalgha of Band Industries, the Roadie was incubated at Shezhen’s Haxlr8r and is nearly ready to ship. The product can tune almost any guitar or stringed instrument perfectly and can even support alternate tunings. A useful wind/unwind feature will spool the string off the peg in a few seconds, shaving off a few moments of downtime during your excessively loud guitar solo gone wrong. A pledge of $ 69 gets you an early bird model.

These sorts of tuners are nothing new but this is the first “smart” tuner that can do more than set up a guitar in one configuration. A feature called the Instrument Doctor can tell you if strings are going bad and whether the guitar needs repair or a tune up. It charges via MicroUSB and can tune 6,000 times on one charge. It’s compatible with iOS and Android and uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone.

Jalgha expects to ship in June, just in time for summer rock season. Although I’m a tune by ear kind of guy – which usually fails – I’d use one of these in a heartbeat. At least my caterwauling git-fiddling will be slightly in tune.

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Nokia to stream its New York Lumia event, teases 41 million reasons to tune in

Nokia to stream its New York Lumia event, teases 41 million reasons they're probably pixels

For anyone that won’t be attending Nokia’s incoming New York event, you won’t have to sit in silence until the news breaks, because the entire event will be streamed from Nokia’s own Conversations site. There’s nothing going on at the link yet, but you can at least bookmark it for now and we’ll be there in person to report on all the important announcements, presumably including a photo-loving, zoom-reinventing new Windows Phone.

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Source: Nokia Conversations

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Why Every Expert Is In Love With The Siren Tune Of The Low-Cost iPhone


For virtually as long as Apple ’ s iPhone has actually been in existence, analysts have declared to see visions of a low-cost version of the device aimed at establishing and prepaid markets. It ’ s easy to see why these visions have expanded in magnitude and got a more vocal following over the years: getting in that market would, in idea, widen Apple ’ s potential appeal by hundreds of millions of brand-new consumers. However I refer to the inexpensive iPhone as a “ siren track ” for a reason– there ’ s a significant potential disadvantage if Apple attempts such a gadget and fails to excite.

The current buzz around a spending plan iPhone gadget is being created by a brand-new investor note from Morgan Stanley expert Katy Huberty (via Business Insider), who provided three reasons for why she and her company see a low-priced iPhone on the horizon. The iPad mini ’ s success in China and Brazil, Chinese customers moving to the most recent iPhone over older models, and surprise iPhone 4 demand were all considereded as indications that Apple will go spending plan in the near future.

Huberty met Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer before penning the report, however she doesn ’ t directly attribute any of her reasoning for a cheaper iPhone to him straight. Various other encounters in between analysts and Apple execs have additionally left similar impressions, and Tim Cook even presumed regarding tell Bernstein ’ s Toni Sacconaghi that eh business had specific “ smart things ” prepared to target the prepaid market, which the company wasn ’ t “ ceding any market ” despite its continued efforts to target higher end smartphone buyers.

Recently, there have been more indicators that Apple might be going low-cost with a new iPhone design, consisting of reports from the supply chain that a brand-new model will bring out a plastic body and design hints from the current iPod touch. More trustworthy sources consisting of the Wall Road Journal and Bloomberg have actually likewise chimed in (though they ’ ve thrown out the exact same idea in the past, in fact right around when Tim Cook made his original statements to Sacconaghi).

An economical iPhone is a tantalizing story because it ’ s a tantalizing product, for investors, for customers and for Apple itself. But Apple ’ s concern isn ’ t beating competitors on cost, as it has said time and time once again; it ’ s about delivering a no-compromise experience. So long as it could do that at a cost point that makes more sense for the prepaid market, it would be happy to field such a gadget. The iPad mini is another instance of Apple waiting to develop a product individuals clamored for until it could possibly get the experience up to its requirements, and waiting has proven the right technique there.

With a low-cost iPhone, striking that balance is even more vital. Apple has to deliver an item that enables it to keep its track record as a mobile platform with the best consumer experience. Doing anything else would welcome comparison to various other “ sufficient ” budget products from opponents, which would undermine all Apple ’ s efforts to brand itself as a premium maker of hardware and software. It ’ s a slippery slope, which is why in spite of allusions made by Cook 2 years ago to an approach that welcomes the pre-paid market, we ’ ve seen little, if any deviation from its standard course since then.

Analysts adore the concept of a low-cost iPhone due to the fact that it appears like ripe, juicy low-hanging fruit. But Apple is rightfully mindful because it has actually developed a brand on produce from higher up in the tree. Huawei and ZTE have revealed how it could be challenging to begin as a budget brand and claw your way up in consumer eyes, and their marketing struggles are probably a great indicator of why Apple, if it is visiting pursue the prepaid crowd, will have to doing this extremely, really carefully to prevent being lost in the deep.

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GE uses dual piezo jets to keep a Core i7 laptop cool, play a merry tune (hands-on video)

GE Global Research creates prototype fanless Core i7 laptop, dual piezo jets keep things cool handson

Cooling followers are the bane of numerous a notebook individual’s existence. The tiny things are commonly over-taxed right out of the box and, after a year or two worth of dust and detritus enters them, they whine more and more loudly. As much as we detest them, engineers despise them more, as they take up priceless space beneath the keyboard and draw priceless juice from the battery. GE has a better solution, so-called dual piezo cooling jets. They’re just 1mm thick, could eat a portion of the power of a follower and consist of no relocating parts– a minimum of, not in the conventional sense. As a demo of their prospective, GE created a prototype Center i7-powered laptop computer, cooled only by these jets. Click on with for our impressions.

makes use of dual piezo jets to keep a Core i7 laptop cool, play a merry tune (hands-on video) Submitted under: Laptop computers, ScienceComments.

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Google Maps Android API 2.0 lets developers tune apps for tablets, head indoors (video)

Google Maps Android API 20 lets developers tune apps for tablets, offer indoor maps video

As aggressive as Google has actually been about pushing updates to Google Maps for Android, large swaths of those additions have actually been unavailable to third-party app developers. They’re now on a more equal opportunity now that a version 2.0 Maps API is rolling out the door. The revamp is more accommodating of tablets and other big-screen gear with support for Android Fragments; numerous of Maps’ more sophisticated information layers, such as indoor maps, are likewise exposed to those who do not work at a Google campus. The additions are currently finding their way into applications from Trulia and a handful of others, but every other mobile designer with a cartographic bent could strike the source to upgrade their handiwork.

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