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Toyota tests ride-sharing with its adorable electric vehicles

“The sharing economy” is a buzzword that’s thrown around to talk about services like AirBnB and Lyft, and now it looks as if Toyota wants in on the trend. The automaker is putting 70 electric cars into commission in France, half of them being i-Road…

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Honda UNI-CUB vs. Toyota Winglet: the battle of human transporters at CEATEC (video)

For the first time, this year’s CEATEC in Tokyo dedicated one big hall to demo some electric vehicles, which include Nissan’s autonomous Leaf and a couple of human transporters: Honda’s Winglet and Toyota’s UNI-CUB. While neither mobilizer is totally new, we just couldn’t pass up this opportunity to …

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2010 Lexus RX 350 – Toyota of Hollywood – Hollywood, FL 33021

Toyota of Hollywood 1841 N. State Road 7 Hollywood, FL 33021 866-346-8712 More information on this vehicle:…

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Ford hybrid car sales to be higher than ever in US, but Toyota still dominates


Hybrid car sales in the US have been dominated by Toyota’s Prius family — but that could be changing as demand for Ford’s Fusion and C-Max hybrids continues to sharply rise. Bloomberg reports that the automaker’s share of US hybrid vehicle sales rose from three percent in April 2012 to 18 percent last month. Though Toyota still took in over half of April’s sales, it’s the only manufacturer ahead of Ford at this point. Ford is also on track to beat its own record for yearly hybrid sales — 35,496 vehicles — sometime this month.

Even so, it still has a ways to go to catch up with Toyota. Last year, the Japanese automaker sold over 236,000 hybrids in the US, and according to Bloomberg it expects to sell more than that in 2013. Sales…

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In Conversation with Sheldon Brown from Toyota Technical Center, USA liveblog

In Conversation with Sheldon Brown from Toyota Technical Center, USA liveblog

Toyota is no complete stranger to the hybrid realm and it has actually currently presented the fully-electric RAV4 EV SUV. Join us for this session where editor-in-chief Tim Stevens chats up Sheldon Brown, executive program manager of the item development office, Toyota Technical Center, UNITED STATE, Inc. There makes sure to be some broach hybrids and EVs– and perhaps a glimpse that what the future holds for us roadway warriors.

March 17, 2013 12:00 PM EDT

Follow all of Engadget’s Expand coverage live from San Francisco right here!

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: algae-powered building, 3D-printing vending machine and the Toyota i-Road concept

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

DNP Inhabitat's Week in Green TKTKTK

Now that green design is entering the mainstream, we’re beginning to see the design community tackle larger, more ambitious projects using eco-friendly techniques. Case in point: This week, San Francisco transformed the Bay Bridge into the world’s largest light sculpture by outfitting it with 25,000 LED lights. Because the lights are so energy-efficient, it will cost just $ 15 per night to run the installation. In Hamburg, workers are putting the finishing touches on the world’s first algae-powered building, which is set to open this month at the International Building Exhibition. A company in Tokyo recently demonstrated a new skyscraper deconstruction technique that harvests energy from the demolition process and salvages almost every piece of the building for reuse. And in Copenhagen, work has begun on a combined ski resort and waste-to-energy plant, which will convert the city’s trash into energy that powers the resort.

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Toyota i-Road EV concept leans like a motorcycle, won’t soak you or your wallet

Toyota iRoad EV concept leans like a motorcycle, minus the fuel bills and rain

Automakers like to trot out urban-only EV cars, if in some cases just in their dreams, but there’s usually gotchas: think disproportionately huge turning circles and a lack of basic defense from the aspects. Toyota’s new i-Road idea could not be predestined for manufacturing, but it a minimum of pays more than lip service to reality. The two-seat, three-wheel prototype turns with a motorcycle-style lean, cutting its turn radius to a really city-friendly 9.8 feet. It likewise has a completely secured cabin, which allows for such radical functions as heating and speakers. We do not see numerous Design S owners having second thoughts when the i-Road runs out of energy in simply 31 miles, however that’s not the point. It’s even more of an option to bikes, compact EVs and scooters that does not demand frequent fuel pump sees … or a good raincoat.

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Toyota sends out free Entune upgrade, adds three apps and voice control

Toyota sends out free Entune upgrade, adds three app and voice control

Got a Toyota with Entune? Then keep an eye on your mail box. We’re getting word that a cost-free upgrade has actually started to be sent to consumers. The refresh adds a couple of the applications we initially heard about back in January last year: iHeartRadio, and OpenTable. In addition to being able to delight in more radio, book film tickets and dining establishment tables, a brand-new voice recognition update implies you can easily do more while keeping your eyes on the road. Toyota says that it’ll be updating most designs, if you wish to know for certain, tap up the more coverage link for the breakdown.

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Toyota sends complimentary Entune upgrade, brings three applications and voice control originally appeared on Engadget on Sun, 08 Jul 2012 08:07:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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A Wild Reckless Driver Appears!: Toyota Pokemon Cars


This is a series of Pokemon character vehicles developed by Toyota and Japanese toy creator Takara Tomy as some kind of weird-ass cross deal. And speaking of cross offers: warm sauce and extra-absorbent toilet paper. It just makes sense.

Japanese toy creator Takara Tomy is running a campaign this summer with Toyota dealerships to hand out Pokémon mini toy cars as part of a deal with the brand-new Pocket Monsters characteristic movie.

Recently, actual versions of the cars were on display.

Ah yes, the old “Have parents provide their little ones to the dealership for a free of charge toy then force them to purchase a minivan” technique. That’s classic Car Sales 101 right there. Additionally, not zipping your pants so the buyer feels sorry for you. Honey, the bad bastard’s wearing novelty Christmas boxers in June, the least we can easily do is purchase a motorcycle.

Hit the jump for the others.

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Toyota Manufacturing System。ロボット、エネルギー、バイオ、宇宙産業創出へ!

米国国防総省・ペンタゴンの中国専門家と、中国首相を含む中国首脳部の各7名が、日常的に直通のホットラインで、「対アジア・対日本戦略」を話し合い、戦略を組んでいる。この通称チャイナリンク、計14名から日本は排除されている。 拡大する、中国自動車市場における、日本のトヨタ自動車排除の目的、破綻から立ち直ろうとする米国自動車業界GM、フォード、クライスラーの「支援」の目的で、トヨタ自動車のリコール問題を大々的にCM・宣伝する「政治工作」では、このチャイナリンクが「水面下で動いている」。オルタナティブ通信より引用トヨタ記念博物館にて。キーワードは、Just in Time。見える化。看板方式。改善。自働化。むだ。 Incs INC is the one of the hottest venture company in Japan that is revolutionizing the entire production system from the process of designing, prototyping,and production. It enhanced the productivity approximately 20 times with the engineering process technology. It is the fusion of Information technology and Manufacturing technology, so that you can output the tangible object directly from the information generated by 3D-CAD. Probably this is the essential technology to manufacture Robot because every shape of the components is different requiring not Ford type mass production, but the micro unit cell production system. For example, CYBERDYNE is the Japanese venture company which developed and manufactures innovative Robot suits called HAL. The robot suits help elderly person who needs physical support. AI embeded in the suits detects
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