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America’s biggest police departments are getting spy gear through private charities

Many Americans have recently expressed concerns with the increasing use of military gear by police departments in this country, especially in the wake of the police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri (protests that were themselves sparked by a lethal police shooting). While it is very easy to focus on militarization after seeing jarring pictures of police pointing automatic rifles at demonstrators, a separate but no less questionable practice has been quietly taking root at some of America’s biggest police departments in the past decade. As ProPublica reports, the police departments of New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Oakland have all turned to private police foundations in recent years to acquire new crime fighting and…

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Nano-sized ‘missiles’ help to kill cancer through the power of green tea

Many will tell you that green tea is good for your health, but researchers at Singapore’s A*STAR might just make it a literal life-saver. They’ve developed nanoscale drug delivery “missiles” that use a key ingredient from green tea, epigallocatechin…

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Watching Food Pass Through A Transparent Mantis

see-through-mantis-eating.jpg ZORAK?! This is a video of a semi-transparent glass mantis gnawing on a blue bottle fly. You can see the pieces of the fly traveling through the mantis’s body as it’s digested. Eventually, those pieces will become doodoo. And that dookie will fertilize the earth, eventually leading to more plants and more flies and more mantises. Sing it with me! ♫ It’s the ciiiiiiiiiircle of life, it’s the something something sooooooomething ♫ Man, I suck at remembering song lyrics. Like, real bad. I always wind up having to hum the Happy Birthday song. Hum hum hum hum DEAAAR DAAAAVID hum hum hum hum hum hum. Keep going for a video of the head-chewing in action.

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How One Company Is Building An Internet Connection Through The Arctic Thanks To Climate Change

Arctic Fibre has a $ 620 million plan: to connect London and Tokyo without touching land.

Arctic Fibre

The Gulf of Boothia is a tall, narrow section of the Northwest Passage—the long-sought sea route through the Arctic Ocean—that resembles a Chinese dragon diving down into the Canadian north. For most of Canada's history, and thousands of years before, it was bound in Arctic pack ice: impassable. Over the past fifteen years, that has changed. Ice clearances in the gulf can now last for eight weeks or longer, from August to October.

To the scientific community, that's another drop in the ocean of evidence for climate change. To one Canadian telecom startup, however, it's a chance for an unprecedented, hugely complex business venture: to connect London and Tokyo directly via fiber optic cable.

Arctic Fibre

Later this month, Toronto-based Arctic Fibre will announce major investment from several New York private equity funds. Soon after, the company will begin elaborate marine surveys, now feasible because of the iceless weeks in late summer. They're the final step before laying fiber optic cable along the Arctic Ocean floor. And if climate and commerce permit, by the end of 2016, Arctic Fibre will have built a single, nearly 10,000 mile-long undersea network connection between Somerset, in England's southwest, and Ibaraki Prefecture, on the east coast of Honshu. At a cost of $ 620 million, they will have threaded internet through the Arctic Circle.

It's the latest, and maybe the most ambitious project in the global push to establish fiber optic redundancy, the need for which became glaring six years ago when several cuts of undersea cable in the Mediterranean Sea slowed or even stopped internet traffic across much of Asia. Last month BuzzFeed wrote about the effort to create new, overland internet routes between Europe and Asia:

In the wake of the 2008 disruption, companies on both ends of the Mediterranean route began clamoring for redundancy, or the creation of alternative network links from Europe to Asia. And over the past half-decade, a series of enormous European and Asian telecom consortia have done just that, building four new overland fiber-optic pathways to link Europe to the financial hubs of the Persian Gulf and the booming economies of South Asia…ISPs, banks, and other major companies will readily pay a premium to diversify the source of their internet service and ensure that they aren't vulnerable to future outages.

The new overland cables share one basic problem: They all run through the Middle East or the Caucuses, enormously volatile regions in which conditions are ripe for future service disruptions. The main cable of the Arctic Fibre, on the other hand, except for landings in Europe, Japan, at Cambridge Bay in the Canadian north, will hardly come ashore at all.

That's an enormously enticing prospect for commercial concerns in East Asia and Europe. Says Doug Cunningam, Arctic Fibre's CEO, “I've sat in offices in London, and I've picked up lots of carrier interest in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and the Chinese will come around as well.”

Still, laying cable across thousands of miles of rugged and topographically varied sea floor poses its own unique challenges. Sea ridges and cliffs can chafe cable to the breaking point; underwater currents can snap cable sideways; cascading rocks on the steep slopes of the Japan Trench could cause dangerous rockslides. For Arctic Fibre to work, the company needs to know where to use double-armored cable, where to give the cable slack, where to pull it taut, and where to bolt it to the seafloor.

That's where the marine mapping comes in. The first set of surveying ships will sail west from Prudhoe Bay on the northern coast of Alaska, south through the Chukshi Sea and Bering Strait (across which Sarah Palin famously glanced Russia), and then southwest to Shemya, at the western tip of the Aleutian Islands. They'll use advanced side-scan sonar, digital cameras, electromagnetic probes, and drills that snatch subsea cores, all in order to measure and characterize the seafloor on which they'll lay cables.

Says Cunningham, “We're going to know within a meter where we're putting this fiber”.

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Prototype NASA robot will burrow through sheets of alien ice

When it came to life on Mars, NASA might have struck out, but it’s got a good feeling about Europa. The agency is working on a probe designed to scan its vast oceans for signs of alien life, but there’s a problem, namely the 30 feet of ice that…

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You can now listen to headphones through your hoodie

So you just bought a flashy pair of headphones, and you’re worried that your hoodie might prevent you from flaunting your new gear. Are you stuck? Not if you pick up Betabrand’s upcoming Audio Engineer jacket. Its hood is made of the same…

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You’ll soon be able to order Starbucks Frappuccinos through its app

Starbucks knows its customers are young, hip, and conjoined at the palm with their smartphones. Recode reports that the company is working on giving its clientele exactly what they’ve been clamoring for: the ability to pre-order their drinks. But first, Starbucks needs to perfect the system. Later this year, customers at one “undisclosed geographic test market” will be able to start making pickup orders, and testing is already underway at Starbucks’ Seattle headquarters. The coffee company is presently analyzing the rate at which its caffeinated products change temperatures, in order to ensure that drinks are in optimal condition when patrons come to collect them.

Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman stresses that this is not an…

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Now Bring Android L to Your Android Smartphone Through Nova Launcher

Now Bring Android L to Your Android Smartphone Through Nova Launcher
Android L is all that Android fans and fanatics have been talking about ever since Google unveiled it at the Google I/O developer conference. While only a few devices can preview the OS currently, others can get a taste of it, thanks to the latest Nova …
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Can Google Inc. Fix Its Android Mistakes?
For all of Google's (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) (NASDAQ: GOOG ) success with Android, it's had its flaws and failures. Google has had trouble keeping OEMs like Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF ) under its thumb as they tweak the user interface. Additionally …
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Android L significantly improves battery life on Nexus 5
Android L significantly improves battery life on Nexus 5 Android has evolved to a great extent in the past few years, however, one place its lacking as compared to other operating systems is the battery life. The OS has been repeatedly criticized for …
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Watch these drones fly through breathtaking fireworks displays

If you’re browsing YouTube for some highlights from the fireworks shows around the US yesterday, make sure you don’t settle for a shaky smartphone video. Some brave videographers have started flying their drones directly through fireworks for some incredible (and likely illegal) video of the colorful explosions. In the best videos, operators spin the drone around the center of the fireworks explosions. The technique transforms the shows from simple rays of light splashed across the dark sky into fantastic three-dimensional experiences. The video above was shot last night in the small city of Yachats, Orgeon during July 4th celebrations, while the other is from earlier this year in West Palm Beach, Florida. Both were shot using a DJi…

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The Lomo’Instant Blows Through Crowdfunding Goal To Bring Artistic Instant Photography To The Masses

5c7c4a5f6bc0a4e47a72bec4280c5372_large Lomography makes weird cameras that take weird pictures – on purpose. The New York-based company is famous for their work at rebuilding old fixed-focus camera styles that produced photographs that were a cross between a Soviet-era crime scene snapshot and Henri Cartier-Bresson’s street photography. Now the company is looking to launch the Lomo’Instant, an instant camera that… Read More

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