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TC Makers: A Walk Through The Amazing Townhouse That Grado Labs Calls Home

Grado Labs appears to be a much bigger company than it is. Founded 60 years ago by Joseph Grado, the company made millions of phonograph cartridges in its long history and, during the rise of portable music, hit pay dirt by making some of the best-sounding headphones in the business. Where is this company located? In some massive office park in the depths of New Jersey? In a manufacturing town on… Read More

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Reported LG G2 Mini (LG-D620) Strolls Through Bluetooth SIG

Reported LG G2 Mini (LG-D620) Strolls Through Bluetooth SIG
It amuses me how big I thought the Droid X was when it launched and now phones the same size are called “mini”. My how times have changed… droidify. They could at least splurge for 720P. I remember how bad the bionic looked in 2011. This really sucks …
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Toast Wood Cover Now Available for the Nexus 5
In steps droid-life with the first toast cover article. Now I've sold my old phones but I really really want one of these covers. They have it for my Note 2 and Nexus 5 I sold. Team Toast. We would love to cover the Note 3, but the leatherette back …
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Chromecast is Now Open to Developers, SDK Released
If you haven't already, it's time to pony up the $ 35 for a Chromecast. Today, Google released the Chromecast SDK to developers, giving them the power to build a cast button into their apps. Up until now, only select partners have been able to build in …
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AllCast creator demos Android screen mirroring through Chromecast

AllCast developer Koushik Dutta has hinted that he could do more with Chromecast than just queue up media, and he now has a demo video to prove it. The clip (below) shows Dutta using Google’s peripheral to mirror an Android phone’s screen on a TV,…

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Motorola’s $70-off Moto X deal extended through February 22nd

Motorola is extending a promotion on the unlocked version of its Moto X that was originally set to expire at midnight tonight. The $ 70-off deal, which brings the 16GB entry-level model down to $ 329, will now run through February 22nd. Motorola announced the extension on Twitter, saying it was in honor of Valentine’s Day. The discount was offered at the end of last month as a make-up for a $ 100 off promotion that was live for just an hour, causing many buyers to scramble. That discount also came just weeks after the company permanently trimmed the price of the phone by $ 180.

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Classic: The Old ‘Wake Up To Your Bed Getting Blasted 50 Meters Through The Roof’ Prank

bed-through-roof-wakeup-prank.gif This is a wake-up trick from the Japanese special Dokkiri Award (Japanese TELEVISION is the very best) of comedian Toshiaki Kasuga being launched through the roof of a cabin at the base of Mt. Fuji one early morning. Apparently the program handled to get Toshiaki drunk the night previously, then strapped him to the bed in the cabin for the trick the next early morning. Guy, I have actually gotten drunk and strapped to a bed previously– it was remarkable. I’m joking, you see this mark? She took my spleen. Keep opting for the video.

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Reporter for iOS tracks your life through mini surveys and pretty graphs

Nicolas Felton is something of a data nut. (Hopefully he won’t take umbrage with that characterization.) The man has been reporting various metrics of his personal life since 2005 in the annual Feltron Report. Eventually he created Daytum so that…

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Recommended Reading: Spike Jonze predicts the future of UI, confronting tragedy through video games and more

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology in print and on the web. Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books dealing with the subject of technology that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the …

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New Site BackerJack Combs Through Crowdfunded Projects So You Don’t Have To

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.32.39 AM

Crowdfunding is popular with all the kids these days, so why shouldn’t it have its own blog? Analyst Ross Rubin has done just that by creating BackerJack, a website dedicated to curating cool crowdfunded projects. Rubin, who is an Engadget and TechCrunch columnist, works at Reticle Research covering tech and mobile but his real love is sending in two hundred dollars to random people on the Internet and hoping they send him back a smartwatch.

The site is still in its infancy but he has already gone through a number of cool projects and is happy to take suggestions for other projects to write up. Given his extensive experience in tech and reporting, he knows of what he speaks.

I took a moment to ask Ross a few questions about his new site and whether he thought at all about the implications of giving his site a name that sounds surprisingly similar to a breed of mutated hornets in a children’s book.


TC: Why did you start the site?

Ross Rubin: As an analyst, I’ve long had an interest in how innovative products come to market. There are many sites that do a great job of covering crowdfunded projects in terms of how they fit into whatever else they cover, but I didn’t see a real home for coverage of crowdfunded products with attention to the unique issues they all share. That’s what I’m shooting for with BackerJack.

TC: Why crowfunding?

RR: It’s not about crowdfunding per se. We’ve seen crowdfunding applied to many different things — charities, social causes, artistic expression and increasingly business equity. But BackerJack is focused on the intersection of crowdfunding and product development. Right now we’re focused on current campaigns, but the site’s mission stretches from concept through purchase and into usage.

TC: The name sounds like Tracker Jacker. Are you Katniss?

RR: Never saw the movie, but I bet it would be good with a big box of Cracker Jack, a delicious blend of caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts that is a registered trademark of Frito-Lay.

TC: What is your favorite crowdfunded project?

RR: It’s a pretty long tail after Mytro, but I’m typing this on a Brydge iPad keyboard that was crowdfunded by Oona. Sam Gordon was the guy who got me hooked on crowdfunding. In terms of pure ambition, it might be Scanadu. It’s chasing science fiction.

TC: How many projects have you funded?

RR: It’s been well over 200. But nothing at the level where I’m flying to China to have a beer with the team.

TC: Are you going to crowdfund your crowdfunding blog through crowdfunding?

RR: I thought about it, but it was challenging coming up with rewards for a free site. Maybe we could have given away a coffee table book about coffee tables. But I can see features and extensions to BackerJack we might add that would actually be amenable to crowdfunding. Stay tuned to the Twitter feed at @backerjacker!

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X-Ray Specs Allow Doctors To See Through Skin

x-ray-see-through-skin-glasses.jpg These are the glasses designed by Evena Medical that allow doctors and nurses to see through a patient’s skin and spot veins. That way when they need to stick a needle in you they don’t miss. Because every time a nurse misses a vein, they’re really just stabbing you.

The Evena Eyes-On uses a spectral approach where it pulses four different kinds of light that are then combined into a single composite image revealing the veins under the skin. The glasses are designed to work wirelessly to enable the doctor or nurse to work freely with them and not be restricted while they’re working. The image is then shown very clearly on a connected tablet which is also able to show the patients vital signs, these are also projected into the users field of vision much like Google Glass. This lets the image be overlaid onto the patients body instead of having to switch between looking at the patient and the tablet.

Hey — seeing through skin, that’s cool. But didn’t we, uh, didn’t we skip the step where we can see through shirts and bras? Because I want to go back to that step if we did. It’s very important to me. Did I say to me? I meant to science. Keep going for a video demo including some needle and veinage that made me queasy because I don’t do needles. Knives and swords, no problem.

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TC Makers: A Walk Through The Pinball Hall Of Fame


Before Pac-Man, before Pong, before Space Invaders there was pinball. And it was good.

While we were in Las Vegas this week for CES 2014 we had the distinct pleasure of stopping by the Pinball Hall of Fame, an amazing space dedicated to all things electromechanical. I spoke with Tim Arnold, Director of Things And Stuff (or, alternately, Stuff And Things) who has made it his life’s mission to maintain some amazing amusements.

Arnold has a collection amassed over many years. He was – and still is – a trained Bally’s pinball technician and he has hundreds of machines in storage that he has amassed in fire sales back at the tail end of the pinball craze. He rebuilds many of the machines from scratch, using good parts from bad machines to make one uber machine that anyone can play in his nondescript museum.

  1. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-1

  2. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-baseball

  3. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-boxing

  4. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-bumpers

  5. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-car

  6. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-coin

  7. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-detail

  8. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-goalie

  9. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-guy-head

  10. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-handle

  11. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-high

  12. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-horse

  13. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-inner

  14. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-lander

  15. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-lane

  16. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-lovemachine

  17. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-racers

  18. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-skull

  19. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-squirrel

  20. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-vintage

  21. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame-workshop

  22. Pinball-Hall-Of-Fame

Arnold has it all: Gottliebs, Ballys, Midways, and more. He has standup arcade games, as well, including amazing electromechanical games like Bally Road Runner, one of the first arcade games to use transistor controlled electronics. He also has a mini workshop in back where he repairs the old machines, keeping them in working condition even 60 years after they rolled off the factory floor.

There’s a lot of history – and a lot of fun – to be found in the Pinball Hall of Fame. Arnold is a tinkerer and a dedicated maker. He recommended that young makers learn to build things, not just mash things together. By being good with your hands, he said, you ensure your job and your skills are always in demand.

Visiting a place like the Pinball Hall of Fame makes you feel in touch with the long arc of history that led from the first bells and gears of the original pinball parlors to the ultra-realistic game machines of today. It’s mind-boggling to think that we moved from the pinball machine – essentially a glorified gas pump – to the arcade machine to the home console in a less than 20 years. Plus the games are really, really fun.

TechCrunch Makers is a video series featuring people who make cool stuff. If you’d like to be featured, email us!.

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