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PocketStation, the PS1’s memory card with a screen, teased for November return

You might remember the PocketStation, but most of you probably don’t — it was a Japan-only peripheral that launched over there way back in 1999. Another thing rising from the dead today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has just released highly-confusing teaser video promising a big PocketStation …

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Google Hangouts update teased in leaked screenshots, SMS integration incoming

Wondering what new features we’ll see once Google official unveils the Nexus 5? Android Police has a hint: an overhauled, more comprehensive Hangouts app. A pair of leaked screenshots seem to deliver on a promise Google made back in May, and show evidence of an SMS integrated hangout app. An image …

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Moto X 32GB Developer Edition teased, ‘coming soon’ with unlockable bootloader

DNP Moto X 32GB Developer Edition surfaces, 'coming soon' with custom looks and unlockable bootloader

Motorola is getting in on the Developer Edition trend too. The Moto X’sways to buy” page has been updated to include a version of the flagship handset with an unlockable bootloader and 32GB of storage, as noticed by Droid Life. What’s more, the dev edition will sport a custom look with a gloss black face, white crosshatch battery cover and “DEVELOPER EDITION” engraved on the lower back portion. You might be able to achieve similar results yourself with the Moto Maker, though. It’s also worth noting that the Moto X was available with the aforementioned unlocked bootloader on Sprint, U.S. Cellular and T-Mobile, but perhaps this could open up the unlocked love for Verizon and AT&T. We’ve reached out to Motorola for pricing and availability info and will update this post if we hear back.

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Via: Droid Life

Source: Motorola

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Alleged metallic Nokia EOS body teased again, this time with a dozen of them


That baffling metallic Nokia EOS chassis we saw the other day? It’s back, but this time the same leakster from Sina Weibo managed to get a shot of at least 12 of them, meaning the device has likely reached some sort of production stage. In another photo, we can see the same button arrangement — presumably volume, power and camera — that’s already present on the current Lumia range. The strange thing is we’ve yet to see a cover plate that will match this seemingly smaller camera opening, but the square shape does make us wonder whether this will fit Pelican Imaging’s 16-lens array camera. After all, Nokia did announce its investment in this plenoptic camera technology. Hopefully Elop will personally explain what’s going on at his event on July 11th — maybe with both this and the plastic EOS in his hands.

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Via: Engadget China

Source: Sina Weibo (login required)

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Nokia’s next Lumia teased on TV with a metal body and big camera lens


Nokia announced its latest Lumia 928 handset on Friday, but the company has more planned for an event in London next week. On Sunday, Nokia teased part of this announcement during a commercial break on British TV. The short promo shows the rear of a device with a hump around the large camera lens and an accompanying flash arrangement. “More than your eyes can see,” reads the accompany text between various images of the device.

Nokia’s teaser looks a lot like the leaked photos of its aluminum “Catwalk” device, which The Verge understands are genuine images of an upcoming Nokia flagship. The hump and placement of the flash is identical and the teaser appears to show a device with a metal exterior. However, Nokia is also preparing a 4…

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Notion Ink Adam II teased at India’s National Technology Awards, reportedly priced at $218

Notion Ink Adam II teased at India's National Technology Awards, reportedly priced at $  218

Remember the Notion Ink Adam? We’ll forgive you if you don’t — the device fell a bit short of expectations, and news of its successor has been scarce. Save for a few teasing tweets, Notion Ink has kept the project pretty close to its chest. That changed this weekend, however, when the tablet’s price and specifications were announced at India’s National Technology Awards. According to a press release (after the break) and a pamphlet reportedly given to attendees, the Adam II will sell for 12,000 Indian Rupees (about $ 217) later this year, packing in a 1.5 Ghz Dual-Core ARM Cortex CPU, twin 2MP cameras, 1GB RAM and up to 10 hours of battery life.

The tablet also boasts a secondary screen, albeit a small one: a monochrome ticker that displays Android notifications on the Adam’s book-like spine. HDMI, headphone and a micro USB ports crowd the device’s adjacent edges, which wrap around a 10.1-inch 1280 x 800 IPS display — a concession that was apparently made to increase longevity. Specific and international availability was sadly left out of the announcements, but its nice to finally see this project gain some steam.

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Ender’s Game trailer teased on Google+, promises full preview on May 7th

Ender's Game trailer teased on Google, promises full preview on May 7th

Film promotion has changed over the years. Sure, there are still posters, trailers, TV spots, and radio and print ads, but now there’s also Google+ — at least for Ender’s Game. The upcoming film, based on Orson Scott Card’s award winning sci-fi novel, is using the social network to tease fans — flaunting a brief peek at the film’s trailer and advertising a Google+ Hangout with the film’s creators. Leading actors Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield kicked off the hype machine by introducing a teaser trailer for the film, promising the full preview as a Google / YouTube exclusive next week. The entire clip (introduction included) falls under a minute, just long enough for die-hard fans to cry “the book is better.” You can take your continuity complaints to the film’s director, producer and star on May 7th.

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Source: Google+, YouTube

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Lenovo P780 teased by Kobe Bryant, boasts a 5-inch display with 4,000mAh battery (video)

Lenovo's P780 teased by Kobe Bryant, packs a 5inch display with 4,000mAh battery

Lenovo sure likes to tease, and apparently so does Kobe Bryant. In a recent “behind the scenes” video of Lenovo’s upcoming P780 ad campaign, the NBA star is seen bouncing a basketball around for a while before he eventually starts talking. “Are you prepared for a new style smartphone? Say hello to the Lenovo…”

At that point, the video — embedded after the break — awkwardly fades into a still showing Kobe holding the P780, and that’s all there. Luckily, more details of this WCDMA device have been trickling out of Sina Weibo since then. Most notably, a few official Lenovo accounts mentioned a 5-inch display (our money’s on 720p resolution) and a generous 4,000mAh battery, thus making the P780 a natural progression from the 4.5-inch P770 that came with a 3,500mAh cell. MyDrivers’ source also tipped a 9.9mm thickness, along with the presence of “super sensitive touch” technology — as featured on Nokia’s Lumia 820 and Lumia 920, plus Huawei’s Ascend Mate and Ascend P2 — that supports glove and non-capacitive stylus input.

Having gotten up close and personal with a working P780 (photos after the break), Sina Weibo user Lisancha added that said phone features dual-SIM with dual-standby, a quad-core MediaTek chipset (likely the Cortex-A7-based MT6589) and a launch date set for the second-half of May. We’re assuming that like many other Lenovo phones, this one may only be made available in China; but we’ll be keeping an eye out for its official launch, anyway.

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Via: GizChina, MyDrivers

Source: Lisancha (Sina Weibo), Lenovo (Youku)

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Kodak-branded S1 Micro Four Thirds camera teased for Q3 launch

Kodakbranded S1 Micro Four Thirds camera teased for Q3 launch

Kodak may have had a miserable time of it recently, however there’s still hope for those who desire a digital camera bearing its hallowed name. JK Imaging, which bought the Kodak brand name for its very own array of shooters, is revealing the S1– a Micro Four Thirds camera that’s destined to introduce in Q3 of this year. We don’t know much about the equipment at this point, other than that it’ll have built-in WiFi and that it’s hinted to hold a Sony-made CMOS. Let’s simply hope JK Imaging ends up a worthy partner.

[ Image Credit: COMPUTER Online ]

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ZTE’s 5-inch 1080p Grand S leaked, teased and confirmed for CES debut

ZTE Grand S product shot leaked ahead of CES debut

Previously today a kind anonymous tipster shared the above item shot of a ZTE Z753, which is presumably the Chinese supplier’s contribution to the ever-growing list of five-inch 1080p devices– consisting of those from HTC, Sharp, Oppo and ultimately Nubia, Huawei, Lenovo plus Sony. Easily, ZTE’s additionally been aggravating its upcoming Grand S crown jewel on Sina Weibo ahead of its CES debut, and we have actually had the ability to verify that this is indeed the aforementioned Z753– not that we do not currently know the Grand S’ main selling points thanks to a quick description on CES’ internet site: “the world’s thinnest for 5 inch FHD smartphones.” There isn’t really much info about the digestive tracts at this point, however we do understand that the phone will feature a unibody design, in addition to a slight bump around the off-center camera on the back. Until we make it to CES following month, you could see more in the official sketches after the break, courtesy of ZTE’s Sina Weibo account.

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