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Daimler nabs two taxi apps, but wants no part of an Uber-like uproar

While Daimler, Mercedes-Benz parent company, announced that it had acquired two ride-hailing apps today, it was clear that it wanted no part of disrupting the taxi industry. The oufit grabbed mytaxi and RideScout to boost its efforts to serve folks…

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Seoul plans to ban Uber and launch its own taxi app

Uber’s days in South Korea may be numbered. The city of Seoul has announced plans to ban the taxi-hailing app, citing concerns that the company threatens the livelihood of the city’s taxi drivers. As a replacement, the city government plans to roll out its own GPS-based app by the end of the year, offering Seoul’s citizens a similar experience without the predatory reputation that has dogged Uber in the past. An Uber representative said the company was disappointed with the decision. “Comments like these show Seoul is in danger of remaining trapped in the past,” the company said in a statement.

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Delta And JetBlue Now Let You Use Your Gadgets During Taxi, Takeoff And Landing


It’s been a long time since flying was fun (unless you are reading this on the upper deck of a 747, of course). This week, however, things got a bit more bearable thanks to the FAA’s decision that airlines can now allow their passengers to keep their gadgets on – in airplane mode – during taxi, takeoff and landing. The first two airlines to actually put this into practice are Delta and JetBlue.

Both say that they have worked closely with the FAA to evaluate the impact of gate-to-gate personal electronics use and have completed testing to ensure that the use of personal electronic devices during all phases of flights is safe on its planes.

Other airlines will surely follow soon, but the fact that every airline has to go through testing and get FAA approval will lead to quite a bit of confusion. We’ll hear about irate passengers on United, American or Southwest who refuse to power down their electronics after the boarding door has closed. It’s also worth noting that for Delta, this new rule only applies to mainline flights. Passengers on Delta Connections flights, which are operated by a number of regional airlines, will still have to follow the old rules until at least the end of the year.

Under the FAA’s guidance, virtually all small, lightweight gadgets are classified as “personal electronic devices.” Laptops and anything larger than a tablet, however, still need to be stowed during taxi, takeoff and landing just like before. The same goes for gadgets that were previously banned from in-flight use, including e-cigarettes, televisions, and remote-control toys.

All of this doesn’t mean that in-flight Wi-Fi will now be available until the flight passes 10,000 feet, however. Gogo, which powers the vast majority of in-flight Wi-Fi in the U.S., is evaluating the possibility of allowing connections from gate-to-gate, but in its current form, the service simply doesn’t work under 10,000 feet.

The Air Line Pilots Association, by the way, says it supports the FAA’s decision and was involved in the FAA’s rulemaking process. The organization, however, notes that it believes that electronics should be stowed for takeoff and landing and that “relying on passengers to selectively turn off their devices in areas of extremely poor weather is not a practical solution.” Under the new FAA guidance, passengers will still have to turn their electronics off when low visibility requires the use of some landing systems.

In case you are confused about when and where exactly you can now play Dots on the plane, here is a chart from our friends at Delta:

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NYC’s Taxi of Tomorrow hits a roadblock, judge rules city overreached its authority

Mayor Bloomberg, New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) and Nissan have been working to bring the NV200 “Taxi of Tomorrow” to the Big Apple since 2011, but it looks like its planned October 28th launch won’t go without a hitch. In a lawsuit brought by Evgeny Freidman and the Greater New York …

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Uber losing its edge in taxi app wars as competitor Hailo reportedly raises big bucks

hailo cab

San Francisco startup Uber has had two advantages in the great battle of the taxi apps: money and notoriety. That may be about to change. Rival startup Hailo has raised $ 30 million from high profile investors, reports All Things D, which would bring its total funding up to $ 50 million, narrowly surpassing Uber’s reported $ 49.5 million.

The new money sets the stage for a high stakes showdown. Riders in Boston and Chicago, where both Uber and Hailo already operate, are likely to see huge discounts and heavy marketing (ice cream, anyone?). But the battle will be fiercest in New York City, where regulators just cleared the way for e-hailing apps to start booking rides in mid-February. Several apps are likely to hit the market at that time,…

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NYC officials may delay widespread smartphone taxi hailing, propose limited pilot instead

taxis nyc

After suggestions that New York City would adapt its rules to allow customers to hail taxis using smartphone apps like Uber, it looks like some members of the local Taxi & Limousine Commission are getting cold feet. According to The New York Times, a vote tomorrow addressing the matter will likely concern a possible pilot program — not a change to the rules that govern taxi use in the city. The commission was expected to make a decision on whether or not to change the rules to permit hailing apps, but it appears that members thought they could only muster support for a less-divisive pilot program at this time.

The city has lagged behind others in the United States, like San Francisco, Boston, and, most recently, Washington D.C., as…

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Inhabitat’s Week In Green: the Sunportal, six gingerbread wonders of the world and a DeLorean taxi cab

Each week our pals at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us– it’s the Week in Green.

DNP Inhabitat's Week In Green TKTKTK

At Inhabitat, we have actually constantly got an ear to the ground paying attention for the most current advancements on the planet of green innovation, however the globe’s finest designs are commonly found in Mom Nature. From bullet trains to Velcro, this week we considered the different methods developers have actually found design motivation in nature to fix human issues. We also considered some of the ways researchers and entrepreneurs are discovering new ways to harness the power of nature. One such instance is the Sunportal, a new modern technology that makes use of pipelines to deliver daylight anywhere in a structure. German business owner Gregor Schapers set up a solar range system in El Sauz, Mexico that is being utilized to produce tortillas. And after a year sailing the seas, a wave-powered robot completed its trip across the Pacific Ocean this week, setting a new globe record at the same time.

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I’ll Be There Yesterday: Conceptual DeLorean Taxi


This is a conceptual time traveling DeLorean taxi. It’s not real though (context clue: conceptual), it’s just a marketing piece made by Mike Lubrano for Nooka, a “New York based fashion brand with a futuristic philosophy.” What exactly IS their futuristic philosophy? Sadly, probably not “RUN AND HIDE, THE ROBOTS ARE COMING!” like it should be. I did peruse their website though and they do sell a bunch of stuff that looks like a 1980’s vision of the future. Me? I’m more into a 2012 vision of the future. “Which is?” I’m glad you asked! *holding up picture* “That’s a picture of a burning planet with the caption ‘Earth, population: 0.'” Just keepin’ it real!

Hit the jump for renderings from different angles.

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Sound Taxi turns London street noise into live music

sound taxi

Headphone designer AiAiAi and designer Yuri Suzuki have actually collaborated to create the Sound Taxi– a speaker-equipped black cab that converts London street noise into popular music. Any sort of surrounding horn blares, sirens, or background chatter are picked up by a microphone connected to the vehicle’s roof, and fed into software application developed by sound designer Mark McKeague. This program then analyzes each sample and uses Ableton Live to convert it into music. The resulting tones are then played with the Noise Taxi’s huge Indian horns, filling the streets with real-time samples based on its prompt surroundings.

The Sound Taxi invested the last couple of days travelling around London and collecting samples, prior to ending its run on Friday afternoon. Its collected …

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Boeing, SpaceX reportedly win NASA ‘space taxi’ funding race

Boeing, SpaceX reportedly wins NASA space taxi funding race

NASA has actually reportedly selected Boeing and SpaceX as the two companies to get main funding for the “Commercial Team Program.” The news was supposedly leaked to NBC News’ Jay Barbree, however all parties involved have refused to comment until NASA makes the official announcement later today. While Boeing and SpaceX are most likely to take home the bulk of $ 1 billion in financing, Sierra Nevada has been chosen as the “standby” political candidate– with a decree to step in if either primary partner fails. If true, then it means that Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has been cut out of the race completely– although dissatisfaction is easier to take if you’re a billionaire … we have actually heard.

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