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Conan thinks Apple could have taken its U2 album remover one step farther

It’s been a rough week and a half for U2. Despite the fact that the band made a deal with Apple worth a reported $ 100 million to give its latest album Songs of Innocence away to Apple customers for free, some became incensed with the fact that the tech company was adding it to their purchased list, and — by proxy — their music libraries. A few days later, Apple offered up a tool that wipes it from both your account and computer, for good. Some would say that’s good enough, but not late-night TV host Conan O’Brien. He imagines a way to completely remove all traces of the band from your brain with something called “eRase U2.” We won’t spoil what you get when the procedure’s over.

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Hardware Case Study: Why Lockitron Has Taken So Long To Ship

Lockitron_Schlage_close There has been renewed excitement at Lockitron HQ in the last few weeks as we pass shipping to our 3,000th backer. Following an incredibly oversubscribed crowdfunding campaign at the end of 2012 — during which we raised over $ 2.3 million (and garnered 15,000 backers) — we had to adapt our manufacturing plans and shift to volume production from our originally planned run of 1,000 units. Read More

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Windows RT 8.1 update taken offline due to installation issues

Microsoft is having trouble updating machines to Windows RT 8.1. The company has taken the update offline, preventing people from upgrading their RT devices. In a statement published on Microsoft’s support forms, the company says it is “investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users updating their Windows RT devices to Windows RT 8.1. As a result, we have temporarily removed the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store.” Microsoft hasn’t specified what the issue is, but a number of reports suggest that a problem that has causeed some machines to have their boot data damaged during the update is to blame. Affected machines are unusable until repaired using a recovery drive. There’s no word how long the update will be…

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Is This The Greatest Photograph About Twitter’s IPO That Will Ever Be Taken?

Yes…yes it is. Courtesy of the very astute Jared Keller .

Reuters / Via

Reuters posted this photograph in an article about Twitter leaning toward NYSE for IPO, and Jared Keller correctly points out that everything about it is perfect.

Reuters posted this photograph in an article about Twitter leaning toward NYSE for IPO, and Jared Keller correctly points out that everything about it is perfect.


HBO / Eastbound and Down

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How has Android taken over as the Smartphone OS of choice?

Question by Red Sox 27149: How has Android taken over as the Smartphone OS of choice?
Android offers you more for your money, there are more varieties than iOS. People like variety. With an iPhone you cannot remove the battery unless you are a Mechanic.

Best answer:

Answer by Keiynon
Well there are things mostly expect from both devices. Like which lasts longer, which is good with apps, which ever you like mostly.

Good Luck..

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Vine Has Been Taken Over By Teens

The Teens Have Spoken. And they like Vine.

Vine doesn’t break down user numbers, much less demographics. And if you visit Vine today, it's hard to tell what's changed since it came out in January. The people I follow post a little less, and they're a little better at it. But otherwise it's pretty much the same deal.

But if you visit Vinepeek, a site that pulls in random Vines as they're posted, you'll find that a lot has changed. It's completely and utterly dominated by teens — teens at school, teens teasing each other, teens screaming, teens smoking weed, teens teening. It's horrifying.

FWD's staff monitored Vinepeek for an accumulated 20 minutes, taking note of the apparent ages of the users. We watched 152 vines, which broke down as follows:

- 103 teens
- 24 non-teens
- 25 unidentifiable ages

In our (admittedly small) sample, teens accounted for over 80% of Vines. Some factors may have skewed our number: time of day (about 4:30 p.m. EST); day of the week (Wednesday); or some hidden quirk in Vinepeek’s mechanics.

But this is most definitely a huge shift from the early days of Vine. The day Vinepeek came out, I described the experience like this:

In the span of a few minutes, I saw a poorly attended church concert (above), a dance party from somewhere in East Asia, a jump-edited children's karate class, and a skit a man created about the terrible feeling of opening a refrigerator, hungry, and finding nothing you want to eat. In another, a father asked his young son what was on his mind. After pausing for a couple seconds the son blurted out, “I love you.” Another user, three videos later, had filmed the toilet while he took a piss.

Today, FWD Deputy editor Charlie Warzel counted four instances of teen twerking and three vocalizations of “fuck school.” The teens have seized Vine. It's like Snapchat in public.

This won't affect most adult Vine users, who will still only see videos from people they follow. Likewise, the fact that Instagram skews young doesn't affect my Instagram experience at all. Plus, tech companies covet young people, so this is probably a good thing for Vine.

But it's jarring nonetheless. If you've been wondering what Vine, Twitter's strange six-second video app, is for, now you know: teens taking videos of themselves between class.

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What is the government plan when all jobs are taken over by robots? What will the humans do?

Question by Blue: What is the government plan when all jobs are taken over by robots? What will the humans do?
Well people say US is a service country now. A factory could be ran by robots. Almost any job can be replaced with robots. I am a programmer, studying Artificial intelligence and Stuff. Working on a website which will one day run it self. If someone abuse reports, the system decides. This site when done can be ran by just one person,Me, updating and adding more code. What will the government do when the US gets to a point where all jobs are done by robots? What will the humans do?

Best answer:

Answer by Jim Em
Well, it does seem we’ll need to figure out a way to keep the people in money and happy. Otherwise the robots will be killed off to save the country.

Sounds like Science Fiction? Not really.

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Minecraft creator launches browser-based Drop, makes us wish we’d taken touch-typing lessons

Minecraft creator launches browserbased Drop game, makes us wish we'd taken touchtyping lessons

Must try harder.

Update: Bonus points if you press the space bar as you play!

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Via: Joystiq

Source: Drop, @Notch (Twitter)

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UN demands release of peacekeepers taken hostage by Syrian rebels

The UN is requiring the instant release of a team of its peacekeepers hijacked by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights. The militants state they’re using …

Incoming search terms:

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This Is Most Likely The First Instagram Ever Taken In North Korea

Kim Jong Un will be Instagramming brunch in no time!


The photo is of a sign welcoming nuclear test scientists, which have sprung up around Pyongyang, North Korea. Jean H. Lee, the photographer and Korea bureau chief for the Associated Press, sent the first tweet out of North Korea today. Wireless internet is now available to foreigners, but not locals, courtesy of North Korean mobile services provider Koryolink.

Jean H. Lee's first tweet from North Korea:

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