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The new SportsCenter app makes sure you don’t miss live events

Just in time for the start of a new NFL season, ESPN has updated its SportsCenter application on iOS and Android. The main highlight here is the addition of an On-Air feature, which allows users to get access to broadcasts of live events, like games…

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Sure enough, you can play ‘Doom’ on an ATM

The quest to play Doom on just about everything won’t be over any time soon, it seems. A team of Australians has torn open and modified an ATM to play id Software’s classic first-person shooter using some of the bank machine’s built-in controls. This…

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Google makes sure its founders will survive a Terminator assault

The Connor family may be doing a great job preventing Skynet from becoming self-aware and declaring war on humanity, but Google apparently isn’t taking any chances. The internet giant has quietly uploaded a “killer-robots.txt” Easter egg file that…

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Google makes sure its founders will survive a Terminator assault

The Connor family may be doing a great job preventing Skynet from becoming self-aware and declaring war on humanity, but Google apparently isn’t taking any chances. The internet giant has quietly uploaded a “killer-robots.txt” Easter egg file that…

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You Sure?: Loch Ness Monster Spotted In Apple Maps App

loch-ness-monster-1.jpg Note: Closeups of the beast after the jump. This is an image from the satellite made use of for Apple’s Maps app of exactly what some crazy people are calling the Loch Ness Beast. The photo would make her about 100-feet in length. Is it really her? That’s for you to decide. Jk jk, that’s for me to decide. * eying image * Nope, not her– Nessie’s flippers are way smaller. Maybe this is her older bro. Listen, you really wish to find the Loch Ness Beast? Here’s exactly what we do: set up a floating shrine to Nessie in the middle of the loch, and tie a virgin volunteer (who will be bodypainted to appear like the beast) to the temple. “And then?” And afterwards drain the loch. Keep opting for a couple more shots.

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You Sure?: Super Eco-Fuel Booster Is Not Energy Shots

gas-additive-energy-shots.jpg Pleased Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’m still medicated from sickness so I’m going to relax today. I hate composing under the impact because why work when I ought to be on the couch trying to identify faces in the textured ceiling. I’ll return tomorrow like a comet, at which time we’ll all consume the Kool-Aid and ride that f *** er to a new solar system to colonize. I get to be supreme ruler though. These are the Super Eco-Fuel Shot gasoline ingredients that apparently look enough like energy shots to necessitate a sign discussing they’re not. I have actually never ever tried gas ingredients in the past, but I did get some actual gas in my mouth once. “Blowing Optimus Prime?” REALLY FUNNY. It does not taste almost as great as it smells. “You didn’t address my concern.” AND I ‘M NOT GOING TO. “It was Grimlock wasn’t it?” He was in his t-rex kind! Thanks to Lukas, who concurs all the finest beverages come in bottles marked with a head and crossbones.

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The Caktus Hug Sensor Makes Sure You’re Drinking Enough Water


Summer’s all but over, but it’s no less important to stay hydrated. According to the CDC 43 percent of Americans drink fewer than four glasses of water a day, and while the actual amount you should drink varies from person to person, four glasses probably doesn’t cut it.

That’s where Caktus, a neat Finnish hardware startup that presented at TechLaunch’s second New Jersey demo day, comes into play. Their mission? To fix that dearth of drinking with an app and a curious sensor that straps onto your water bottle.

The sensor (called, adorably enough, the Hug) is a foam-lined gizmo that wraps itself around a water bottle and quietly tracks its motion. It’s not just a pint-sized koozie though — the Hug quietly monitors the bottle’s movements so it can provide its user with a rough idea how much fluid they’ve imbibed so far. Think of it as a giant Jawbone Up that straps onto your water receptacle and you’re on the right track.

As always though, the hardware is only part of the equation. A companion app (iOS only for now) uses an algorithm to suss out which of those motions actually correspond to the user lifting the bottle to drink and which are just noise caused by random movements. The app also tracks ambient temperature and keeps tabs on what sorts of exercise you’re doing (you still have to punch that in yourself) so it can update your hydration goal in real time.

To hear founder Panu Keski-Pukkila tell it, the Hug (and the rest of Caktus) was born out of pure necessity. An avid extreme athlete, he grew used to his girlfriend reminding him to drink more water while he was out carving up slopes in the Alps. When she moved to New York, though, that useful feedback mechanism disappeared and Keski-Pukkila set out to create something that could fill that particular hydro-centric void.

And you know what? As downright kooky as the whole thing sounds, the combo of the Hug sensor and the app actually worked really well. In a brief demo, the sensor was accurately able to determine that roughly two ounces of water were squeezed out of the bottle, and the partner app updated almost immediately. With the Hug, you’re not quantifying yourself so much as you’re quantifying the stuff that goes in your body. That said, the team is taking a proactive approach when it comes to all those fitness-tracking gizmos floating around out there. They’ve already managed to bake in Fitbit support so users won’t have to punch in how many glasses of water they’ve downed in a day.

For now the device is still strictly in its prototype phase, but the team is eagerly working to get the Hug, its partner app, and a dev-friendly API ready for prime time by early next year. So far they’ve locked up $ 25k in seed funding from the TechLaunch accelerator, and they plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign in early 2014 to lock up the cash necessary to start producing these things en masse.

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Before buying shows, Netflix checks piracy sites to make sure people are watching

One of Netflix’s goals has always been to combat piracy of TV shows and movies — if you can get all the shows and movies you want for only a few dollars a month, the company hopes you’ll stop downloading them illegally. But as the service rolls out in the Netherlands, Reed Hastings’ team has gone so far as to actually check piracy statistics in determining what shows to buy. VP of Content Acquisition Kelly Merryman told Tweakers that “with the purchase of series, we look at what does well on piracy sites.” That led to Netflix buying Prison Break, for instance, a commonly torrented show in the Netherlands.

Merryman told Tweakers about some of Netflix’s other considerations as well, including shows like The Voice that the company…

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Sure, But What About The Bowl?: Edible Spoons


Triangle Tree
is releasing spicy, sweet and plain Edible Spoons, a line of pet treat looking spoons that can be consumed after your meal, avoiding the earth-unfriendly disposal of plastic spoons like I just do not put them in the dishwasher and recycle them. Haha, what do you imply you’re not expected to do that? I dunno, the spicy one may be all right with Indian or Thai however I’m having a tough time thinking of the sweet or plain ones complimenting my Penis Shaped Sugar Bombs in the morning. PROTIP: things that aren’t nutritious that are made to be edible usually taste like spunk. That said, I’ll keep judgement on these things until my puppy in fact tries one. Isn’t that right, Chloe? Man, she adores licking those sandals.

Struck the jump for a couple more product shots due to the fact that I made the mistake of modifying them to post and do not wish to feel like those mins were a waste.

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Accessory Manufacturers Aren’t Sure (Or Aren’t Saying) If Apple’s Adapter Will Allow Sound And Video presentation Dock Outcome


One of the most significant concerns I ’ ve had about the Apple ’ s brand-new Super port is the perceived (or genuine) obsolescence of an entire constellation of iPod 30-pin compatible units. Now that anxiety appears verified. As we discovered today, the Lightning to 30-pin adapter included an important caveat: “ Video presentation and iPod Out not supported. ” This suggests thousands if not millions of gadgets will come to be e-waste.

However are we sure these adapters won ’ t work?

I reached out to a significant iPod dock business this morning and got a reply that must disconcert anyone with a dock in their house. The company rep, who will certainly continue to be nameless, wrote back:

We will certainly be assessing compatibility of our current items with the
brand-new Apple adapter once it comes to be offered. Please feel cost-free to determine back in with us at that time.

This business makes a few of the best-known docks in the market and I truly doubt they aren ’ t conscious of these compatibility concerns at this late date. Yet this response is troubling: if these people don ’ t understand exactly what ’ s up with Lightning, who does?

Commenters elsewhere are taking note that “ iPod out ” is not the same as audio out, but nevertheless this does leave some accessories out in the cold. That makers still need to hang around to confirm compatibility is the real problem here: with any luck they ’ d know already.

We probably won ’ t understand much about Lightning architecture until devices are in individuals ’ hands and probably Apple isn ’ t at fault here – they ’ re pushing their innovation forward as any type of sane company would. But just what we have right here is a Schrödinger ’ s cat of port innovation and I ’ m leaning towards the cat being dead.

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