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Occipital’s Structure Sensor clamps onto your iPad for 3D scanning on-the-go

Occipital's Structure Sensor clamps onto your iPad for 3D scanning on the go

With the explosion of desktop 3D printers, there seems little doubt that the next big land grab is the world of 3D scanning. Microsoft’s Kinect has taken us a few steps closer to mainstreaming the technology, and MakerBot’s soon-to-launch Digitizer is no doubt likely to capture the imagination of much of that community. Kickstarter, naturally, is also littered with smaller companies looking for a piece of that action. Among them, Occipital’s Structure Sensor certainly has potential.

The company’s looking at a lofty $ 100,000 goal to bring its mobile scanner to market by year’s end. The device clips on to a tablet via a bracket, letting you scan objects, create 3D maps of indoor spaces and the like. All said, it’s a pretty nice looking bit of hardware. Of course, we can’t really vouch for ease of use or effectiveness. If you’re willing to take the risk, however, a $ 349 pledge entitles you to the hardware, an iPad bracket and a Lightning cable.

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Moto X reportedly comes with Magic Glass, laminated aluminum structure

DNP Moto X

There’s been a deluge of Moto X reports, and it shows no signs of stopping. We’ve seen the device’s press shots, camera UI and benchmark results, and most recently, we’ve even watched the T-Mobile version waltz past the FCC. Now, we’re treated to purported press images and unannounced features from Taylor Wimberly, formerly of Android and Me. According to Wimberly, a sheet of specially treated Gorilla Glass covers the phone’s entire face and wraps around its sides, forming a nearly seamless gap with the rear shell. Apparently, it’s special enough that Motorola will call it “Magic Glass.” As another nod to the phone’s toughness, he also claims a laminated aluminum structure makes its frame even stronger, despite being thin and lightweight. Check out the images to decide the report’s veracity for yourself, but don’t sweat it too much — we’ll be able to confirm it in a few days when the phone launches on August 1st.

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Via: Droid Life

Source: Taylor Wimberly (Google+), 2, 3

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: Tesla Design X, Wendy the structure and a robotic named Baxter

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

DNP Inhabitat's Week in Green TKTKTK

It’s cold outside, but the cars at this week’s North American International Auto Show were positively sizzling — and Inhabitat sent several writers to report on the latest green cars to be unveiled at the show. Among the standouts at this year’s auto show were Acura, which unveiled its sleek new NSX hybrid sports car, and Tesla, which showcased its all-electric Model X. Also on display in Detroit was Cadillac’s 2014 ELR extended range EV with its gorgeous new interior. Want to see all the hottest rides from NAIAS 2013? Check out our roundup of the top seven hybrids and EVs from this year’s show.

While we were mostly preoccupied with the shiny new cars in Detroit, there were also plenty of exciting green architecture developments this week. Ronald Lu & Partners just announced that ZCB, the first net-zero energy building in Hong Kong is now open to the public. Meanwhile in China, the 2013 Harbin Ice Festival just kicked off in Zhaolin Park near the Songhua River — and it features some absolutely stunning castles made entirely from ice. And Wendy, the spiky blue pavilion from NYC-based architecture firm HWKN, made its debut in Abu Dhabi, and an Inhabitat reporter was on the scene to tour it.

Last week was a good one for renewable energy news. Japan announced that it will soon build the world’s largest offshore wind farm near Fukushima to compensate for scaling back its use of nuclear power since the 2011 meltdown. Electronics giant Panasonic unveiled the next-generation Ene-Farm, which is the world’s most efficient home fuel cell. Researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory developed a device that detects weak or defective silicon wafers, which could save the solar industry billions of dollars. And the California Public Utilities Commission announced that California installed an impressive 1 GW of solar power by the end of 2012 — the most of any state in the country.

Inhabitat also reported on a wide variety of green products last week, starting with the iRock, an ingenious rocking chair that recharges your iPad using kinetic energy. Industrial designer Max Gunawan unveiled the Lumio, a hardbound book that opens up to become a gorgeous low-energy lamp. A group of University of Toronto grads launched the NanoLight, which they claim is the world’s most efficient LED light bulb. Rethink Robotics, a Boston-based robotics firm created a $ 22,000 humanoid robot named Baxter, which the company thinks can help revive American manufacturing. And finally, in case you missed it, Inhabitat recently launched a photo contest with LightCollector — enter now for your chance to win $ 1,000!

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Astronomers have found the largest structure in the universe

Quasar (Nasa)

An international team of astronomers led by the University of Central Lancashire in the UK has discovered “the largest known structure in the universe.” The team says that the recently observed large quasar group — comprised of dozens of highly energetic star-like objects — has a typical size of 500 Megaparsecs, but the size of the cluster is closer to 1200 Mpc at its widest point. To put that into perspective, the distance between our own Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda is about 0.75 Mpc.

The discovery has larger implications for the study of cosmology too. Albert Einstein’s Cosmological Principle states that the universe looks the same regardless of the observation point when viewed at a large enough scale. Einstein’s principle…

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Abu Dhabi’s ‘The Mastaba’ art structure will be nearly 500 feet tall, consist of 410,000 oil barrels

The Mastaba

Abu Dhabi will soon play host to the world & rsquo; s biggest man-made sculpture, built entirely from oil barrels. The 492-foot-tall structure – dubbed The Mastaba and separately financed with $ 340 million – will be developed 100 miles from Abu Dhabi in the Al Gharbia region making use of 410,000 multi-colored barrels. A range of reds and yellows will be made use of in an effort to resemble Islamic mosaics, with the sides of the framework appearing “virtually complete of gold” as the sun rises.

The artist behind The Mastaba, Christo, very first developed the concept over 30 years ago, however has actually delayed the building due to previous problems in the Middle East. Regardless of using oil barrels in a region popular for the commodity, Christo states that the project isn & rsquo; t.

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Google: The Ultimate Guide To Structure And Advertising Your Company With Google (Adwords, YouTube, Google +, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Google + Citizen, Google Shopping)

Google: The Ultimate Overview To Structure And Advertising Your Company With Google (Adwords, YouTube, Google +, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Google + Resident, Google Shopping)

Google: The Ultimate Guide To Building And Marketing Your Business With Google (Adwords, YouTube, Google+, Google Analytics, Google Apps, Google+ Local, Google Shopping)

Google is an intrinsic part of our day-to-day online lives. It is the globe’s largest and busiest search engine by an immeasurable margin, is widely utilized for online e-mail storage space, as a map and navigation device, is a quickly growing social networking website and is the first option of the masses when looking for images and video clip content. There is no doubt that we have a substantial reliance on Google for our whole online experience. There is also no question that Google is an extremely effective company that has improved our online globe, made substantial amounts of cash through it’s successful advertising approach and is positively necessary for any company that wishes to generate income online. Merely how can you however, as a little business, make the many of the large collection of devices that Google needs to deliver?

This book uncovers the power of Google and how you can easily make this search titan work for you and your company. Find out more about the full suite of Google devices, just how you can utilize them to introduce and grow your company and have an effective online strategy by understanding exactly just what you can get from Google.

• Set Up For Success With Google’s Efficiency Tools: Chrome, Toolbar, iGoogle, Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Chat in Gmail And Talk

• Gather Net Intelligence: Keyword Device, Google Suggest, Related Searches, AdPlanner, Insights for Search And Finance

• Establish Your Online Presence: Blogger, Sites, Billfold, Sitemaps, And Picasa

• Understand The Power Of SEO, Google’s Purpose Statement And The Keys To Findibility

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• Grow Your Company With Paid Advertising with AdWords

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• Track, Measure And Improve Your Website With Analytics, Webmaster Tools And OptimizerAbout the AuthorGabriela Taylor

is an around the globe enlightened Global Online Marketing Strategist and Professional who’s dealt with some of the globe’s biggest brands in Telecom, Retail, Way of life and Marketing. An acknowledged expert and expert in

Social Networking, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimization she is fluent in 7 languages, has lived and worked in numerous nations throughout the world and has experience of implementing effective web-presence techniques for both startup and huge set up organizations. She is completely licensed in Google AdWords and Analytics. She is the originator of Global N’ Digital, a consultancy firm specializing in Online Marketing services and Cross-Cultural company practices globally and has actually also published a number of industry related books. Cost:

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Daily Crunch: Structure


Here are some of yesterday’s stories on TechCrunch Gadgets:

The Narwhal Bacons On Your Phone: BaconReader Is A Reddit Reader For Android

Welcome To The Future: Every Instrument In This Song Is From An iPad App

Quadcopter Art Project: The Robots Are Building Forts

Another Study Shows Data Caps Are Likely Ineffective, Address Wrong Problem

TechCrunch Gadgets Webcast: The Standing Desk

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Researchers find flaws in neodymium magnet crystalline structure, still in love with its personality

Given China’s status as the worlds largest producer of rare earths and its recent proclivity for reducing exports of the stuff, everyone else is looking for ways to reduce dependency on rare earths or optimize the use of these sought-after elements. Well, neodymium is one of those rare earths, and a team from St. Pölten University in Austria recently discovered “disturbances in the crystalline structure in neodymium magnets” that weaken their magnetic fields — and consequently the efficacy of all those electric motors and hard drives that utilize such magnets. For now, research is ongoing to fully understand the properties of neodymium and other rare earths so that their use can be “optimized.” We aren’t exactly sure how we’ll benefit from all this optimization, but we hope it means cheaper and more powerful gadgets, TVs, and cars for all of us.

[Image source: Thomas Schrefl]

Researchers find flaws in neodymium magnet crystalline structure, still in love with its personality originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 04 Mar 2011 04:48:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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