Apple doubles the storage of the iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4

The new, limited-edition red iPhone 7/7 Plus and upgraded 9.7-inch iPad aren’t the only things Apple has to share today. The company is also increasing the storage across all iPhone SE and iPad Mini 4 configurations. The lowest-capacity 4-inch iPhone SE is now 32GB, up from 16GB, and the 64GB model has been scrapped in favor of a 128GB version. Basically, Apple has doubled the storage and finally killed off the last 16GB iPhone, but good news: The prices haven’t changed. The new 32GB iPhone SE costs $ 399/£379 (the same price as the old 16GB device), while the 128GB model comes in at $ 499/£479. Both will go on sale this Friday, March 24th.

For the iPad Mini 4, Apple has simply done away with the 32GB and 64GB models, introducing a new, lone 128GB config. You’re getting an even better deal here, since you’re only expected to pay as much as the 32GB was worth for quadruple the storage — though it makes sense customers should get more bang for their buck since the internals of the Mini 4 are lagging behind Apple’s other iPads. The 128GB tablet goes on sale today for $ 399/£419 for the WiFi-only model, and $ 529/£549 if you add LTE connectivity.

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Apple kills off 16 GB storage for the iPhone 7

If you’re looking for just a little bit of on-device storage in your next phone, the iPhone 7 and 7-plus aren’t for you. At its fall announcement event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Apple revealed that its newest handset iterations will no longer offer 16GB hard drives. Instead, the new phones will offer a minimum of double that and be available all the way up to 256 GB. But don’t think you’re getting these devices for cheap. The iPhone 7 starts at $ 649 for the 32GB model and the iPhone 7 Plus starts at a jaw-dropping $ 769. Luckily, with Apple’s installment plan, those figures work out to $ 27 and $ 32 a month, respectively.

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Apple launches 2TB iCloud storage for $20 a month

Apple has introduced a way to stop that annoying “full storage” iCloud message from popping up in the near future: a new tier that offers 2TB of space. The company has updated its iCloud pricing list ahead of its September event to include the new option, and it will cost you $ 20 a month in the US. 9to5mac, which first reported on the new tier, noted that there are rumors swirling around that Cupertino is launching a 256GB iPhone 7 during the event. If that’s true and you decide to get both, then you won’t have to worry about deleting photos and videos for quite sometime. The bigger storage option would also allow you to save more folders on iCloud when macOS Sierra comes out.

Of course, if you don’t need that much space, you can continue paying for iCloud’s lower tiers, starting at 50GB for $ 1. You can check out how much the 2TB option will cost you on Apple’s website, but take note that it could be available in your country even if it isn’t in the list. Just go to the iCloud menu in your device’s Settings app and tap on “Buy more storage.”

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