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Japan still doesn't care about Xbox

Japan still doesn't care about Xbox
The Xbox brand has always been exceptionally weak in Japan, where consoles from local companies Sony and Nintendo traditionally perform much better than Microsoft's hardware efforts. But the recent launch of the Xbox One in the country has been …
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This Week on Xbox Live [XBLA & DwG]
Halo: Reach also hits Xbox 360 from today, as the latest free Game with Gold, while there are deals aplenty to be had, including the wonderfully endearing Valiant Hearts: The Great War. There's new GRID Autosport content, new Rocksmith 2014 songs and …
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Resident Evil Revelations 2 will release episodically on Xbox in 2015
Capcom has announced that it will release Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in early 2015. At least, that's when it will begin releasing the game. Breaking from franchise tradition, the sequel will adopt an episodic release format …
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Lip reading is still too hard for computers

Reading lips is a skill usually reserved for fictional spies or the hearing impaired, but researchers have spent years trying to gift the talent to computers, too. A device capable of automated lip-reading would certainly be a game changer, raising…

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BLU Products’ candy-toned Android phones are still cheap and unlocked

It might take a while before BLU Products (makers of affordable and unlocked phones for North America) comes out with Windows Phone devices like it promised. Until then, we’ll likely see it launch more Android phones first — like these four KitKat…

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Typo’s iPhone keyboard is back and it still looks a lot like a BlackBerry

Auto-correct fails can be pretty hilarious, but if you’d rather avoid them altogether (boo!) maybe a litigious phone case’s second coming is up your alley. See, earlier this year Ryan Seacrest’s iPhone accessory company, Typo, found itself on the…

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PlayStation 4 still best-selling console, six months running

It looks like Sony still has bragging rights that the PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console. Not to be outdone by the latest NPD report, the PlayStation Twitter account announced that the Sony’s new console is still outselling the Xbox One, for…

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Honda’s upgraded ASIMO robot is faster and smarter but still won’t scare Sarah Connor

Honda’s been working on its ASIMO robot for the better part of two decades, but only now is it finally beginning to look like a useful project. The latest version of the droid, similar to the one we saw two years ago, comes with a raft of physical…

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Lyft’s New York Launch Is Delayed But Protesters Still Showed Up To The Launch Party

“They are throwing a free party and we’re here to ruin that party.” Protesters from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance are happy that Lyft did not launch last night.

While the party kept going, nearly 100 drivers from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance shouted towards the crowd and event organizers.

One protester, Victor, told BuzzFeed that they were protesting the rideshare aspect of Lyft and that it isn't innovation, but piracy of jobs. “We abide by the rules, pay high insurance and leases, have workers compensation, and protect our riders because we are trained professionals,” he said.

“Lyft is a multimillionaire corporation. And yet, they don't want to abide by the rules and regulations they should have to go through,” he added.

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HQ 2014 Reviews Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Video & Still Image Quality Quick Demo & Giveaway

HQ 2014 Reviews    Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Video & Still Image Quality Quick Demo & Giveaway

Facebook : Like, Share & Subscribe & Giveaway :) !! Enjoy A digital camera (or digicam) is a camera that encodes digital images and videos digitally…

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Study: Cell Service On The New York Subway Still Sucks

The city’s last great dead zone isn’t going quietly. Updated with comment from MTA.

Wikimedia Commons / Via

Of the major drawbacks to riding the New York City Subway — the body odor, the traces of human waste on the seats, the rodents — perhaps the least intractable is the awful cell service. When Transit Wireless announced that cell and Wi-Fi service would be available at all 277 stations by 2017, it was a sign that one of the last great dead zones was being brought to heel by the forces of convenience.

But not so fast! According to a new study by the Global Wireless Solutions, a mobile benchmarking firm, cell service on the subway is still basically terrible. Over three days in early May, GWS engineers ran mobile benchmarking tests on trains throughout the city, and found that only two stretches of track provided data network access with more than a 50% success rate: the 7 train between Grand Central and Times Square (74%) and the E train from 50th Street to Lexington Ave/53rd Street (52%). Here's the full breakdown:

1. 7 train (Times Square to Grand Central): 74% success rate

2. E train (50th Street to Lexington Ave/53rd Street): 52% success rate

3. 6 train (28th Street to Grand Central): 35% success rate

4. B, D trains (Columbus Circle to Grand Street): 23% success rates

5. 1 train (Columbus Circle to South Ferry): 20% success rate

6. A, C trains (Columbus Circle to Fulton Street): 16% success rates

7.L train (8th Avenue to 1st Avenue): 15% success rate

8. 2, 3 trains (Chambers Street to Wall Street): 14% success rates

9. J, Z trains (Delancey Street to Broad Street): 12% success rates

10. (Tied) E train (Canal Street to World Trade Center): 11% success rate; N, Q, R trains (Lexington Ave/59th St. to South Ferry): 11% success rates

11. F Train (Lafayette Street to East Broadway): 8% success rate

So, for those of you worrying that you might have to work on your commute, take heart. It will be years before you have to put down your John Green paperback and send an email. “Sorry, I was underground” will be a safe excuse for the foreseeable future.

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Nest Brings Back The Protect At $99, But Waving Is Still Disabled

nestprotect The Nest Protect is now available following its two-month hiatus after it was pulled for safety concerns. The smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector is now only $ 99, down from its $ 119 launch price. The Nest Protect is available from the Google Play store starting tonight. However, one of its key features is still disabled. Nest originally pulled the Protect from shelves on April 3rd… Read More

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