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Starbucks app to let you pre-order your coffee later this year

It sucks when you go to Starbucks for a pick-me-up and some guy’s holding up the line with an overly complicated request. Thankfully, the Seattle company’s testing a mobile ordering service in an effort to speed things up. To be clear, when it debuts…

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Starbucks app update lets you tip your barista

Starting next week iPhone owners will not only be able to buy your triple-venti-extra-hot-no-foam latte using Starbucks’ mobile app, you’ll be able to tip your barista for making it as well. The king of coffee is updating its app March 19th to add…

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New Google WiFi app could automatically log you into Starbucks and other public hotspots

Google is working on a new WiFi app that could take a lot of the drudgery out of accessing public hotspots. According to our sources, the search giant has built Android and iOS versions of an app that automatically authenticate and connect to its…

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Google-Nest Acquisition, Starbucks Security, Autobahn Apple Heist and More- Buffalo Bulletin

Buffalo Bulletin: Google-Nest Acquisition, Starbucks Security, Autobahn Apple Heist and More Welcome to a fresh new episode of Buffalo Bulletin. Today Ashley…

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Starbucks and Powermat bring wireless charging to select Silicon Valley shops

Starbucks and Powermat bring wireless charging to select Silicon Valley coffee shops

Following a successful trial rollout at 17 stores in Boston, Starbucks has decided to join up with Powermat to bring the company’s wireless charging tech to Silicon Valley. The first installation will be completed this Sunday, at a store in San Jose, with up to 10 area locations set to be online before the end of August. Powermat President Daniel Schreiber explained that Silicon Valley was selected in order to boost the technology’s exposure among key industry players — AT&T has already confirmed that several of its smartphones will be compatible with the PMA standard in 2014, but the alliance needs event more support in order to grow momentum. The next logical step for this partnership would be for Powermat to sell coffee-resistant charging cases in Starbucks stores, of course, though neither company has made any announcements to that effect.

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Source: Duracell Powermat (PR Newswire)

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Boston-area Starbucks testing wireless smartphone charging; Starbucks, Google and AT&T back PMA standard

The Duracell Powermat and the Power Matters Alliance are charging forward in their mission to make cordless charging of smartphones all the much more omnipresent, today revealing the visit of several significant companies to the PMA’s shareholder board: Google, AT&T, and Starbucks. Ultimately, stated sessions will certainly result in numerous initiatives including the wireless charging standard– select Boston-area Starbucks will get PMA standard-based cordless charging spots, AT&T is selling PMA standard-based charging devices in “pick markets,” and … uh … Google is just kinda throwing its support in. Google’s Chief Net Evangelist (best job title ever before?) Vint Cerf already works as honorary member of the PMA’s board, so perhaps that’s sufficient.

Ah, and of course, if you’re into charging mobile gadgets wirelessly while getting $ 2,500 Remy Martin container service, Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club is also supporting PMA-based wireless charging spots. Of course. For a complete list of spots, examine the PR below the break.

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AmEx, Starbucks announce plans for Passbook integration: both live by end of the month

AmEx, Starbucks announce plans for iOS 6 Passbook integration both live by end of the month

When it launched with iOS 6 this Wednesday, Apple’s Passbook mobile-ticketing attribute boasted a handful of high-profile partners– consisting of Fandango, Live Nation, Lufthansa and Ticketmaster– however that listing still leaves a lot of space for fleshing out. Asing reported by Venture Beat, AmEx is introducing integration with Passbook later on today. The bank card company’s Passbook functionality will certainly include notifications for new account transactions, along with the ability to see your existing balance and redeem membership perks points. The service can easily additionally use smartphones’ area to validate fees flagged as suspicious.

Starbucks, which was featured in a very early Passbook demo at WWDC, also revealed the timeline for its integration with the service, tweeting today that an “update is coming at the end of the month” and providing no more information. Evaluating by Apple’s earlier previews, Passbook will certainly let customers pay with a Starbucks card. The coffee chain’s Passbook functionality looks to be quite similar to its partnership with Square, which will be the go-to mobile repayments option for non-iOS consumers when it introduces this fall.

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Google Earth adds detailed 3D imagery for Denver and Seattle, might not render the local Starbucks

Google Earth adds 3D imagery for Denver and Seattle, might not render the local Starbucks

Google only launched detailed 3D maps in Google World for a handful of cities, however it’s branching out to provide that added measurement to a larger swath of the general public. Today, it’s Denver and Seattle: Android and iOS app users can right away see the dense, textured 3D City View in their respective western cities. The updates probably will not let Seattle homeowners locate their hometown coffee brand name without going into Street View, however it will let them thread the eye of the Room Needle while their good friends in Denver spin past the State Capitol. We just can’t assist however think that Google additionally delights in supplying some Microsoft staffers a little taste of what they’re missing out on.

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Starbucks app has processed 42 million payments since launch

starbucks london watermark

The Starbucks app for Android and iOS has been used to pay for over 42 million orders around the world since launching in January last year, according to a report on VentureBeat. Rather than relying on wireless tech like NFC, the company’s app replicates its rewards card, with customers paying for transactions using a simple barcode. Low-tech it may be, but the app is growing in popularity — last December, 11 months after launch, the company announced it had processed 26 million transactions using the app, meaning it has been used for another 15 million payments in the last four months alone.

Starbucks hopes to expand on the app’s success with new technologies. “You’re going to see us as a company that will push the envelope around…

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Starbucks brews up free, two-click WiFi in the UK

If your work environment consists of coworkers constantly yelling “venti half-caf red eye” across the “office,” then you’ll be pleased to know that Starbucks has made it faster and easier to get online. By extending its free one-click two-click WiFi service to 650 stores in the UK, over caffeinated Brits will now be able to access gratis internet without having to sign up for a Starbucks Rewards card — a former requirement on the coffee conglomerate’s BT Openzone network. Now, if we could only find a chair…

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