The Public Access Weekly: Spiders in space

Next week is going to be a big, big deal with an Apple event and a Sony event on Sept.7th which is going to make for a pretty brutal four-day work week around here. While we’re busy prepping for that, don’t miss all the #IFA2016 action from our editors on the ground.

This week, meanwhile, has been huge for Public Access. HUGE. Not only was August our very best month ever, with over 200 articles posted, but a Public Access story hit the front page of Reddit yesterday which… Yeah, is kind of a big deal.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing your stories published, shared, and commented on; watching a Public Access writer get some love from ye ol’ internets makes me so proud of all the work y’all do to make this page what it is. Everyone take Monday off to celebrate!

And now, onto stats for the month of August — our biggest month yet!

  • 210 posts went live on Public Access in August. Two. Hundred. Ten! That surpasses July’s post count of 174 and slays June’s 125 posts. It also makes the third month in a row that Public Access has beaten its own numbers which is truly awesome.
  • 82 total Public Access members wrote and published stories, including 35 new members. Welcome new members!
  • The Public Access member with the most posts published in August is a tie between Dianna Labrien (for the fourth month in a row!) and Ryan Kh who each posted 11 articles. They’re followed closely by Jimmy Rohampton with 9 posts, and Kevin Nouse and Pritom Das who are tied for third with 8 posts each.

The top 10 most read Public Access posts for August (not counting the Public Access Weekly posts) were:

  1. Ticwatch 2 vs Apple Watch by Jerry Li
  2. The Dark Web Comes to “Normal” People by Dianna Labrien
  3. Is Dubai trying to make the next Silicon Valley? by Pritom Das
  4. 5 Ways Tech Can Give Us Superpowers by Cormac Reynolds
  5. The Art of Avoiding Identity Theft and Scams At The Olympics by Dave Cox
  6. Ticwatch 2: The New Gold Standard by Jerry Li
  7. How Do Non-Pokemon Go Players Avoid the Mania? by Solomon Wiesen
  8. Taping Over Your Laptop Camera – Paranoia or a Smart Move? by Michael Harris
  9. TZUUM Joins Pokemon Go as the Next Augmented Reality App! by Pritom Das
  10. 3 Cooking Technologies That Will Change the Way You Cook by Hey I’m Joe, also known as the Sous Vide Wizard

Looking for something to read? Check out:

Samsung initiated a pretty significant recall of Galaxy Note 7 handsets after 35 reported cases of battery explosions. Although only a small number overall, the company is still taking the matter very seriously. Read on to find details on how to exchange your handset, and which retailers are offering full refunds.

Our own Chris Velasco got some hands-on time with Android 7.0 Nougat and found it sugary, chewy and satisfying. Wait. That’s not right…. He reported it was useful, elegant and fast enough to earn a score of 92. Android users are eagerly rubbing their hands together awaiting this one.

Are you looking to dive into a wormhole of details about Apple, taxes, and EU law? Then you are really going to enjoy this article about the tax deal Apple reportedly made with Ireland that has the EU calling foul — and calling for the company to repay the $ 14.5 billion tax break. Don’t miss the conversation happening below the story where commenters are weighing in with additional details.

Looking for something to write about? Mull over:

Apple’s next major event is happening Wednesday, September 7th with the rumor mill speculating about a disappearing headphone jack and camera upgrades. What do you think Apple will announce/release next week? The expected iPhone 7 sans headphone jack? A secret deal to develop a car with Tesla? Alien lifeforms? VR? Place your bets and share your conspiracy theories!

Our first look at the Asus Zenwatch 3 had commenters up in arms immediately debating the merits of having a round smartwatch vs a square one. Which shape of smartwatch makes the most sense? Which do you prefer and why? And would the shape of a smartwatch prevent you from buying it?

Along with a big event, Apple will be rolling out some new app policies starting September 7th – the company has stated it will start removing apps that crash on launch and contacting developers whose apps do not meet guidelines. With millions of apps available, this spring cleaning sounds like a good idea. In order to help them out, we’re asking you: What is the worst app you’ve ever used? Tell us why you downloaded it, what made it such a crappy experience and what (if anything) you found to take its place.
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