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Tesla D: Speedy Model S with second motor and AWD, new driver assist tech

Tesla’s “D” unveiling hasn’t quite started yet, but USA Today has taken the wraps off for Elon Musk & Co. Fitting into some of the rumors, speculation and a car spotted a few days ago, Tesla is rolling out new all-wheel drive equipped versions of its…

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The Ultra-Dense Seagate Fast 4TB Portable Drive Is A Speedy Hunk Of Storage

With the rise of the cloud, external hard drives have nearly gone the way of the dodo. After all, who needs a fiddly, easily broken hard drive in an era of always on, high-speed Internet. But sometimes you want a super-dense, high-speed hard drive for backups and storage and the $ 299 Seagate Fast HDD USB 3.0 4TB fits the bill. Read More

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IBM’s speedy graphene chip could lead to super-efficient mobile devices

Chips with graphene inside are theoretically quicker than plain silicon designs, but they’ve been slow in practice; the manufacturing process often damages the graphene, stripping away its speed advantage. That won’t be a big problem with IBM’s …

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Droplr’s speedy file sharing now starts at $5 per month with unlimited storage

Droplr members wondering (and worrying) about the company’s switch to a pay-only service now know just how much it will cost to keep sharing files. The developer has announced that its Droplr Lite tier will start at $ 5 per month, or $ 50 per year; if …

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Sprint to launch Galaxy S 4 variant with speedy Spark LTE

Sprint already has a few devices that support its extra-fast Spark data service, but one of its hottest smartphones — Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 — has been “stuck” with ordinary LTE. That won’t be a problem for much longer, as the carrier has revealed a …

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Speedy!: Turtle Gets A LEGO Wheel For Amputated Leg

turtle-with-lego-wheel-1.jpg Meet Schildi. Schildi was a pet turtle living in Germany when he was abandoned (or got away from), and lost a leg in the real life. The genuine world– it’ll take your f \*\*\* ing legs. Luckily Schildi was rescued, and vets had the ability to amputate his mangled limb and replace it with a LEGO wheel. Cool, now all he needs is a jetpack.

Dr. Azmanis used an unique surgical glue to stick the base block beneath tiny Schildi then superglue to link the corners of the block: “After that we might add blocks to attain the correct height,” he said. And now the single wheel has actually shown to be successful, Schildi has been reclaimed to the animal shelter. “We will see him again every now and then for appointments,” Azmanis said. “If he gets a ‘flat tyre’ it will be a simple issue to change the wheel. They move around quite a lot so I ‘d anticipate to see him for a brand-new wheel about as soon as a year.”

Great lookin’, Schildi. If I resided in Germany I ‘d embrace you and introduce to my various other friends … THE NINJA TURTLES! “Do you in fact understand them ?!” Sure do, I compose them fan mail. “And they write back?” Well not yet, however I make certain they’re going to. “So you don’t really understand them.” I guess you can state that. Struck the jump for one even more shot.

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New SD card format is speedy enough for 4K video

Outside of a few smartphones, 4K video capture has largely been limited to pro-level hardware; the SD cards in regular cameras frequently can’t handle so many pixels at once That won’t be a problem in the near future, as the SD Association has just unveiled an Ultra High Speed Class 3 (U3) card …

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Drobo’s new 5N is a speedy $600 NAS for when you need files, stat


Tragically, we only discovered about Drobo’s new 5N after we ‘d employed a warehouse the size of a plane hanger to keep our newest, 12 million page story. If you wish to avoid our mistake, then the company’s latest NAS may end your very own storage space headaches. The new hardware belongs to the exact same household as the 5D and Drobo Mini, other than this one dumps the Thunderbolt connection in favor of a solitary gigabit-ethernet harbor. Inside, there’s room for 5 3.5-inch drives, giving you an optimum ability of 20TB. An mSATA slot for an SSD drive will let you utilize Drobo’s “data-aware tiering” function, which provides applications like Adobe Lightroom and iTunes much faster access to your NAS-stored files. The base prototype will set you back $ 600 and will be available in “mid December,” which we impatiently hope is a euphemism for “tomorrow. “

Continue reading Drobo’s new 5N is a fast $ 600 NAS for when you need files, statFiled under: StorageCommentsSource: Drobo.

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Twitterrific 5 for iOS is charming and speedy, but faces an uphill battle

twitterrific 5 iphone

Since 2011, Twitter has strongly discouraged the creation of Twitter clients and anything that emulates the functionality of its own apps. The already-awkward situation is made more frustrating for developers who can’t add new Twitter features like Cards to its apps, and who face a hard ceiling of 100,000 users for their new apps. Last week, Windows 8 app Tweetro hit the limit Twitter imposed on new clients, and was forced to publish another app called Tweetro+ that isn’t free. At the end of the day, it’s the worst time ever to launch a Twitter app, but that hasn’t stopped several top developers from trying. Tapbots launched Tweetbot for Mac, developer Aaron Ash launched Flurry, and today The Iconfactory launched Twitterrific 5…

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Chevy details 2014 Glow EV: under $ 25,000, 0-60 in 8 seconds and a 20-minute speedy fee

Chevy prices 2014 Spark EV under $  25,000, plans launches in Canada and beyond

Updates of Siri integration isn’t really the only tool in Chevy’s belt today, as it’s also unveiling crucial information of the 2014 Spark EV. The all-electric subcompact will not reach suppliers until the summer, but it might be worth awaiting provided a surprising emphasis on speed. Its 130HP motor puts out 400lb-ft of torque, or enough to reach 60MPH in under 8 seconds– quite a little bit of pep for any sort of stock compact car, let alone one with green qualifications. Drivers who do not constantly mash the throttle will certainly still get a dosage of speed thru industry-first support for SAE Combination DC Fast Charging, which provides an 80 percent charge in 20 mins. The cabin modern technology parallels developments in the powertrain with its 2 adjustable, 7-inch displays and the anticipated smartphone tie-ins for MyLink and Siri. Combining the tarted up performance and interior tech makes the Glow EV’s sub – $ 25,000 cost (after EV tax breaks) appear like a much better value than normal for lower-cost electric autos– and with Chevy’s increased plans to offer in Oregon, Canada and elsewhere, more of us can in fact take the plunge.

2014 Glow EV: under $ 25,000, 0-60 in 8 seconds and a 20-minute quick chargeFiled under: TransportationComments

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