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Make your own clothes with this open source printer

Store-bought clothing can be expensive, but not everyone has the talent or patience to make their own attire. That may not be an issue if OpenKnit takes off, though. The open source platform combines an affordable (under $ 757), build-it-yourself…

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Major Bitcoin company releases open source library to make it easier to build Bitcoin apps

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet, has been around for five years now, and its popularity has soared. But although its reach has spread beyond the initial circle of very technical, very insider-y circle of cryptographers and programmers, its audience is still largely restricted to people who are at least a little bit nerdy. Ask any Bitcoin enthusiast what’s the biggest obstacle to the currency becoming mainstream, and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s hard to use.

BitPay, a major Bitcoin payments processor, just launched a project that will help do just that. The company has released Bitcore, an open source Javascript library that will make it easier for developers to build apps and tools for…

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amazing man with no shadow intro sensation source of light

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Open source Arduino platform gets powerful Texas Instruments ARM-based chip

Arduino, a line of low-cost, open-source electronics boards developed in Italy in 2005, has gained a passionate following among do-it-yourselfers and the “maker” community in recent years. The boards have been used to build everything from environmental sensors to robots. But Arduino is about to get even more powerful support, quite literally, in the form of Texas Instruments. The US electronics giant has partnered with the Italy-based Arduino organization to create a new board, the Arduino Tre, that uses TI’s 1-gigahertz Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor. First previewed on the Arduino blog on October 3rd, the Tre was formally unveiled at the Maker Faire in Rome earlier today, with availability expected in the “spring of…

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Microsoft: Xbox One will capture game footage at 720p even if source is higher res

Microsoft Xbox One will capture game video at 720p even if source is higher res

One of the many uses for Microsoft’s vaunted 300,000 Xbox Live servers for the Xbox One is to power the Game DVR, which lets you record, edit and re-visit your many exploits. Platform chief Marc Whitten told a panel that the resolution will be limited to 720/30p video, even if the game itself is higher resolution (Forza Motorsport 5 is 1080/60p, for instance). The console will automatically record the last five minutes of your gameplay, and can even save the last 30 seconds of action on command without interrupting play. Whitten added that all of that footage would be stored in the cloud, letting you edit and share content via Upload Studio. Games will create “magic moment” videos from such footage, which you can view from the Xbox OneGuide, your personal DVR collection and the gamer cards of other players. That sounds like a lot of footage, even for 300k servers — which may explain why Microsoft limited the resolution to 720p.

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Via: Eurogamer

Source: IGN

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Renewables projected to overtake natural gas as world’s second-largest power source


Electricity generated from renewable energy is expected to grow by 40 percent over the next five years, and may surpass natural gas to become the world’s second-largest power source by 2016, according to the latest projections from the International Energy Agency (IEA). In its Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report, released Wednesday, the Paris-based IEA said renewables such as wind, solar, and biothermal will comprise a quarter of the world’s energy mix by 2018, up from 20 percent in 2011. If the projections hold true, renewables would be second only to coal as the world’s leading source of electricity.

The agency attributed much of this growth to an overall decline in costs — particularly for wind and solar technologies —…

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Apple TV (3rd Generation) Analog Source Streamer (Latest Model) brand new in box


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The Open Source RepRap Simpson 3D Printer Design Reduces Friction, Uses Less “Vitamins”


This is the Grounded Experimental Delta 3D printer, aka the Simpson, a project built by computer science teacher Nicholas Seward that does away with the excess frames, pulleys, and hardware associated with earlier models. Seward wanted a machine that could print itself and used “less vitamins,” namely metal parts that the machine couldn’t create from scratch. There are still motors and controllers, but there are fewer in this model than in any other I’ve seen.

Does it work? In the video below we see the Simpson in action. Seward named his bot after George Gaylord Simpson, the creator of the theory of quantum evolution, and I’d say this bot is an interesting leap forward.

The motion of the arms, in this case, is far more organic than the traditional linear gantry style devices I’ve seen. Because it uses fewer parts it’s far cheaper to make and because it can build itself it is a true RepRap or “self replicating machine.” Seward writes: “I want a machine that can walk or crawl and hopefully scribble its name. Maybe later the machine will run or skydive and make works of art. This is new territory for me and if I am not messing up then I am not working hard enough.”

The absolute best thing, however, is how open the RepRap community has been to Seward’s work. In less than a month, Seward went from idea to actual finished project and he is currently able to build smaller “baby” Simpson arms and hopes to print larger arms over the next few weeks. Rather than tear him down, the commenters are quite kind (“Congrats on getting it going. Such a magical moment when you see your creation actually starting to do what it was made to do, and it actually works!” wrote one with no apparent trace of sarcasm). It is the best of 3D printing, the maker movement, and the Internet rolled into one.

via 3DPrintingIndustry

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Half-Life Black Mesa Source Let’s Play Part 9 – Toxic Disposal, Giant Monsters with Flame Throwers for more news, tech and gaming In this instalment of Half-Life Source Black Mesa, CrimsonRayne as Gordon Freeman escapes from th…
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Google releases Glass kernel GPL source, lets developers have at it

While our own Tim Stevens is currently adapting to life through Google Glass, developers are going beyond scratching the surface to fiddle with what’s inside. Hot on the heels of Jay Freeman rooting Glass, devs will be pleased to know Google’s throwing ‘em a bone to by publicly releasing the kernel source. Interestingly, Karthik’s Geek Center spotted info within the file that points to Glass potentially being equipped for NFC support. If you’re up for tinkering, you’ll find the temporary location of the tar.zx file itself at the source link.

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Via: Karthik’s Geek Center

Source: Google

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