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apple tv 2 hdcp problem and solution

Ich habe dieses Video mit dem Video-Editor von YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor) erstellt.

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VI Solution – 4 Robots

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BlinkScan is a flexible, fast and high-fidelity scanning solution

Your scanner is stupid. You might not know that, but it is. Thankfully, Expand NY Insert Coin semi-finalist BlinkScan is here to give you what you never knew you needed. It’s a device that scans images, documents or even objects like many other scanners out there, but unlike those dumb machines, …

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Visualized: VIA’s versatile video wall signage solution (video)

VIA Technologies isn’t a name that often pops up on Engadget, but its latest video wall signage solution deserves a shout-out. The idea’s simple: you can output a 4K x 2K footage to an array of thin-bezel 1080p LCDs — powered by S3 Graphics cards — arranged in any way you like. While the Taiwanese …

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NVIDIA reveals ‘Gamestream,’ a streaming solution using NVIDIA GPUs

NVIDIA announced Gamestream this morning, an initiative aimed at pairing the company’s GPUs with streaming gaming. Company head Jen-Hsun Huang says the service takes NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience software and pairs it with NVIDIA GPUs to push streaming gaming on not just the company’s Shield handheld, …

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LG Display drops injunction request on Galaxy Note 10.1, seeks ‘alternative solution’ with Samsung

LG Display drops injunction request on Galaxy Note 101, seeks 'alternative solution'

A patent battle in between LG Display and Samsung Display began late last year when the latter filed a suit declaring its equivalent had stolen modern technology secrets tied to the production of OLED screens. In turn, LG threatened its own injunctions and the fight was on however now it may be movabling towards a resolution. After reports suggested the two were trying to chat it out a couple of days ago Samsung Display dropped its injunction request, and now LG has responded in kind. After dropping its request for an injunction preventing the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 in South Korea, LG Display says it is seeking a resolution “through a peaceful negotiation”– you could read the official declaration in full after the break. With any luck, these 2 will have hugged it out by the time their latest round of gadgets are ready to deliver, and we could enjoy our HDTVs, phones and tablets in peace.

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LG Display [ NYSE: LPL, KRX: 034220 ], a leading innovator of display modern technology, revealed today that it has withdrawn its request for a preliminary injunction in connection to Galaxy Note 10.1 against Samsung Electronic devices and Samsung Display from the Seoul Central District Court of Korea.

LG Display looks for to quit the consuming conflict with Samsung and to continue its promo of fair competitors. Based on the company belief that a patent need to be fairly assessed as a product of development, LG Display seeks an alternative option with a friendly settlement with Samsung to clarify the particular rights and duties of each celebration and analyze the appropriate worth of the patents.


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RIM’s mobile payment solution gets thumbs up from Visa

RIM's mobile payment solution gets thumbs up from Visa

The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into location just ahead of the big reveal on January 30th. The providers are on board, there’s apps galore and now Visa has actually accepted RIM’s Secure Aspect Manager (SEM) for its mobile payment system. Being provided the green light implies that BlackBerry wont have to bother with being upstaged by the flood of Android devices coming down the pipeline with NFC repayment options embedded in them. It’s also a significant boost to the SEM platform developed by the Canadian firm which has actually currently gained the support of many carriers in its homeland, like Bell, Rogers and TELUS, but has actually struggled to acquire a foothold in the United States. For more, have a look at the PR after the break.

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Pioneer’s solution for in-car iPhone 5 integration is a big problem


Leader is revealing a brand-new auto kit for the iPhone 5. The CD-IH202 is a $ 50 kit that includes an iOS app and 2 cable televisions; a two-meter “automobile grade” HDMI cable television and a 17-pin to USB cable. For various other systems, Leader will offer similar kits for $ 100 that replace the HDMI with a VGA cable television. In addition to that you’ll likewise require to choose up (or carry to your automobile daily) a Lightning to USB cable television in addition to a Lightning digital AV adapter. It works with 13 Pioneer 2012 and 2013 systems, and will enable you to play and control Pandora net radio as well as promoting regional playback of music and videos from the iPhone 5. If you’re pleased to buy 3 cables and an adapter to link your iPhone to your auto, Pioneer’s brand-new kits will …

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Linux Foundation proposes convoluted solution for UEFI Secure Boot

Linux Foundation proposes convoluted solution for UEFI Secure Boot

With Windows 8 Microsoft is pushing suppliers away from a traditional BIOS to UEFI with Secure Boot. However that poses complications for alternative OSes like Linux, because UEFI needs any sort of software have a signed certification. The Linux Base has been trying to find an answer and thinks that it may have one. The proposed work around is a little convoluted and remarkably involves obtaining a Microsoft signature for a new barebones bootloader. This wouldn’t actually boot Linux or any other OS actually. As an alternative, it would certainly then begin a 2nd bootloader, the one connected with your OS of selection. It’s a little messy, but it ought to indicate that the signed bootloader should be a catch-all answer for any os. Of course, it might take a while for the Base to actually obtain a trademark from Microsoft. So “Designed for Windows 8″ systems could not have the ability to run Linux right away, but rest ensured an option is on the way.

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The Classics: ‘The Screwfly Solution’

Screwfly Solution Classics

The Classics are must-see, must-read, must-play works revered by The Verge staff. They supply looks of the future, glances of humanity, and a peek of our extremely souls. You must inspect them out.

When I was a young adult, I chose the greatest method to find out about sci-fi was to review every Nebula Awards collection in the collection system, marking names. It rarely worked: even if I loved the tale, I normally forgot the author, leaving me with a jumbled recollection of plot points and creating styles. The single name I bear in mind now isn & rsquo; t also a real one– it & rsquo; s Raccoona Sheldon, one of the pen names of the sci-fi author named Alice Sheldon however better known as James Tiptree, Jr. She had won a 1978 Nebula for her short …

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