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Apple Patents Flexible Display Tech That Turns Screens Into Buttons, Microphones And More

ipad-air-display Apple has a new patent granted by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) that describes various control mechanisms that could be used with flexible displays, to replace components such as physical buttons with more durable and resilient alternatives, and to create alternate means for detecting sound output, providing haptic feedback and even performing other tricks like making it easier to open… Read More

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Super Smash Bros. Wii U (Update#56) 3DS Menu, Star Fox Stage, 136 New Screens, and More!

More info on Super Smash Bros. we have a ton of new screens, new Star Fox Stage, and a look at the 3DS’ Menu! SOURCES: Pic of the Day this Week – http://www….

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Meizu teases three MX4G smartphones with giant screens

Meizu clearly isn’t content to rest on its laurels. Just a few months after the MX3 first reached Chinese shops, the company’s Jack Wong has teased a full range of MX4G smartphones that includes Mini, Uni and Pro variants. Wong isn’t going into great …

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Sony’s Life Space UX demo envisions projectors, screens everywhere

Among the announcements Sony dropped during Kaz Hirai’s CES keynote, the Life Space UX project seemed to be most outrageous, pushing an entirely new vision for projectors. We checked out the company’s CES demo booth and found out it actually goes …

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iPhone Rumors: Curved Screens And More Precise Touch Sensors

The next generations of iPhones could incorporate screens with curved edges and touch sensors capable of tracking different levels of pressure.

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Tablet-optimized Twitter app leaks after IFA, works best on 10-inch screens

Tabletoptimized Twitter app leaks after IFA, works best on 10inch screens

If you blinked during Samsung’s Unpacked Episode 2 event at IFA last week, you may have missed it: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running a Twitter app redesigned for tablets. The brief peek teased a dual column, full screen miroblogging interface, but didn’t clue us in as to when the update would be live. Truth be told, that’s still a mystery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade anyway — AndroidNext has found the update’s APK. According to Android Police, the new interface is a little cramped on 7-inch displays, but seems to be fully functional. It seems to replace the existing Twitter app too, so an official update probably isn’t too far off. The impatient can find the file at the attached source link, assuming they’re willing to install manually.

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Via: Android Police

Source: AndroidNext

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Samsung Galaxy Gear control app screens confirm NFC, other features

Samsung Gear Manager screens leak, show app management and more

Samsung already said that its Galaxy Gear smartwatch would launch on September 4th, but that doesn’t mean the leaks are over. Far from it — @evleaks just posted screenshots of Gear Manager, the smartphone app that will oversee Samsung’s wristwear. The images mostly corroborate details from past rumors, such as the SM-V700 model number, app support and NFC pairing. There are a couple of surprises, however. One shot mentions a “find my watch” tool, and another shows an abstracted representation of the Galaxy Gear itself — don’t read too much into that last picture, though. While we’d rather see the real smartwatch, this new leak may tide us over until the official Galaxy Gear unveiling next week.

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Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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Apple Reportedly Testing Bigger iPhone And iPad Screens, Starting Production On New 9.7″ iPad


Apple is reportedly testing out bigger iPhone and iPad screen designs, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. The Mac maker has been asking its supplier partners for prototype screens in sizes in excess of four inches, and also just shy of 12-inches, which would make the resulting devices both larger than the current 4-inch display-toting iPhone 5, or the 9.7-inch full-sized iPad.

While looking into big displays for a possible phablet iPhone or massive iPad, the company is also set to begin production on a new iPad later this month, according to the WSJ’s sources. This new version of the iPad would have a lighter and thinner display, but primarily resemble the current, fourth generation iPad in terms of size and appearance. In addition to new iPad production, suppliers are also at work on new iPhone components, which entered mass production last month, per the report.

Apple’s tests with larger displays are not entirely new; reports from Reuters back in June suggested that Apple was looking at phones in 4.7- and 5.7-inch flavors. This is a sensible course given that many of Apple’s competitors use their larger displays on flagship devices as a way to purport to hold an advantage over the iPhone. The large screened iPad is a bit more unusual, but it could be the perfect way to address business and education users. Apple has already introduced a pricy, 128GB version of its larger iPad which fits that niche but few others, so another speciality device could be on the way.

Apple seeking test prototypes from suppliers for these larger sizes also doesn’t mean anything will make it to market; what Apple tests internally definitely doesn’t equal what it eventually ships, and plenty of products kick around the R&D center and never see the light of day. But it seems to have given a lot more thought to a larger iPhone device, at least per these recent leaks. Rival Samsung has played the big screen phone game to its benefit with the Galaxy line of devices, and that can’t have escaped Apple’s attention.

Both the next iPad and the next iPhone will keep their current screen sizes, according to the WSJ and other rumor sources, so don’t expect these immediately. But the fact that Apple is playing with its options at least brings up the possibility that we could see big changes around the corner.

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WSJ: Apple testing larger iPhone, iPad screens with suppliers

WSJ Apple testing larger iPhone, iPad screens with suppliers

Rumors that Apple is looking to super-size its upcoming iPhone and iPad lineups are gathering steam, thanks to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal. It cited Apple’s suppliers in Asia, who said that Cupertino is testing a 13-inch iPad design and prototype iPhone screens larger than the current four inches. While Apple wouldn’t comment, of course, that jibes with an earlier Reuters report, which claimed it was considering 4.7- and 5.7-inch iPhone screens. If accurate (and that’s always a big if with such rumors), the report doesn’t necessarily mean that products with larger displays will ever come to market — Apple routinely changes specs and tests components during the development cycle. Still, it would be further evidence that the company’s willing to bend on its one-size-fits-all screen size policy, which is something that the large-handed (or weak-eyed) among us might appreciate.

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Source: WSJ

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Apple Reportedly Trying 4.7- and 5.7-Inch Screens On iPhones Next Year, Cheaper Model Coming In Fall


Apple is looking at various changes to its iPhone lineup over the course of the next year, according to a new report from Reuters, including two sizes of larger smartphone devices, in both a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch flavor. The “phablet” plans are also being considered alongside a less expensive iPhone model, which is slated to begin production next month, according to Reuters’ sources, after a brief delay as Apple attempts to get the colors right for the new plastic-backed device.

The cheaper iPhone would be launching in September following full production kicking off in August, according to some of Reuters’ sources, with an initial shipment target of around 20 million low-cost devices for the holiday quarter next year. The report details echo what we’ve heard from other sources recently, including from fairly accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who previously shared reports of multi-color options for the cheaper iPhone, with a thin plastic case and the same 4-inch screen as the iPhone 5. Reuters adds that it should cost around $ 99 when it launches, and that its release timeline might be pushed back by as much of a year.

Reports of the low-cost iPhone have been making the rounds in more or less reliable circles for a while now, which is the more interesting component of this new report. Other sources have reported that Apple is looking at bigger-screened devices, so-called “phablets” to compete with similar offerings from Android smartphone manufacturers, including the Galaxy Note line from Samsung. But even Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5, lags behind most competing general-purpose non-phablet devices like the HTC One and Galaxy S4 in terms of screen size at 4-inches.

Apple’s big-screen iPhone plans are less evolved than those for its low cost device, the report claims, with one of Reuters’ sources suggesting that we could still see the plans shift considerably before anything reaches a production stage. Apple has discussed the idea with production partners, but has not set any kind of timeframe for test production or launch as of yet. Reuters says that Apple is considering the different screen sizes comes as there’s increased pressure to field more than one device a year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook suggested that we might see a larger iPhone when the trade-offs of battery life, screen quality, color reproduction and other failings brought about would be possible to counteract, speaking at the recent AllThingsD D11 conference. He did admit that some consumers are interested in those devices, however, so it’s likely that these reports come from Apple’s attempts to overcome those limitations with engineering. Plenty of Apple products don’t make it past the testing phase, however, so while you can be sure Apple is experimenting with big displays for iPhone, you can’t be equally sure we’ll ever see one. Still, Cook’s guidance to consumers and media that they can look for big product launches in the fall and through next year specifically do line up with the timing of possible iOS phablet launches reported by Reuters today.

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