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Judges ruling on secret telecoms cases found to own Verizon stock

It looks as if the judges who operate the gateway between the NSA and the cable companies may not be as impartial as their job description requires them to. An investigation by Vice has revealed that several judges who sit on the Foreign Intelligence…

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EU ruling allows Apple to trademark its store layouts

Love or hate them, it’s hard to argue that Apple’s retail stores aren’t highly distinctive. That’s what the EU’s highest court thought when it overruled a German verdict and said that Apple’s store design could be registered as a trademark in Europe….

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EU ruling allows Apple to trademark its store layouts

Love or hate them, it’s hard to argue that Apple’s retail stores aren’t highly distinctive. That’s what the EU’s highest court thought when it overruled a German verdict and said that Apple’s store design could be registered as a trademark in Europe….

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Irish court ruling says defacing Facebook and physical property are the same thing

What happens on Facebook doesn’t just stay on Facebook, and your social network activity can be used against you in a court of law. Trolling, bullying and posting offensive content can all land you in hot water, not to mention that your Facebook…

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Nokia Says It’s Disappointed With Indian Court Ruling That Rejected Asset Transfer To Microsoft

Nokia’s transfer of its Indian manufacturing unit and other assets in the country to Microsoft is facing a legal hurdle that could force the Finnish phone maker to take some extreme steps including potential shutdown of the plant. If the Indian manufacturing plant is not transferred to Microsoft, it could mean less money for Nokia from the Microsoft deal. After India’s Supreme Court on… Read More

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Commercial Drones Are Now Legal, According To Federal Ruling

As of right now it’s perfectly legal to operate a drone for commercial reasons. That’s according to a federal judge, in a ruling that notes the Federal Aviation Administration has not made any legally binding rules against the practice. This flies in the face of the FAA, which previously stated that drones used for commercial reasons were illegal. The ruling follows a lawsuit in which… Read More

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Federal court ruling against NSA phone surveillance isn’t quite what it seems

A federal district court judge in Washington DC issued a preliminary injunction today in a case regarding the NSA’s practice of collecting phone call metadata. In doing so, Judge Richard Leon essentially prohibited the NSA from recording the metadata …

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Patent troll Lodsys backs out of lawsuit at last minute to avoid a ruling on its claims

Notorious patent troll Lodsys abandoned a lawsuit on the eve of a trial rather than face the possibility of losing on the merits of his claims, according to the defendant in the case. Security firm Kaspersky Labs, one of dozens of defendants in Lodsys’ two-year-old lawsuit over claims related to in-app purchases, said in a blog post today that Lodsys settled its claims without winning any concessions from Kaspersky. “Churchill was right: ‘Never give up,’” company founder Eugene Kaspersky wrote. “We’ve followed his advice in our fight against a particular troll. As a result the troll gave up and ran away with nothing and its tail between its legs.”

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FCC demands carriers protect customer privacy in declaratory ruling

FCC clarifies its commitment to consumer privacy by reinforcing carrier safeguards

Privacy has been a hot-button topic of late, no more so than in the area of telecommunications. Perhaps as a response to these concerns, the FCC voted today for a Declaratory Ruling that all carriers must safeguard the private data in their customers’ mobile devices. This data is known as customer proprietary network information (CPNI) and consists of metadata like phone numbers, call duration, call locations and call logs. Providers are supposed to protect such data already, but until today that only applied to the network — now phones are covered under it as well. Carriers are still allowed to collect the information for network support purposes, but all precautions must be met so it’s not compromised. It appears that third-party apps and services aren’t covered under the ruling, and there aren’t any strict regulations on how the CPNI may be gathered or protected. Still, the FCC made it clear that if any of the data is compromised, the carriers would have some serious ‘splainin to do. To learn more about the ruling, check out the press release after the break.


Via: Fierce Wireless

Source: FCC

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An additional Legal Blow For Apple As Dutch Court Concurs With U.K. Ruling That Samsung Galaxy Tablets Do Not Infringe iPad’s Design


Apple ’ s court room skirmishes against its Android OEM adversary top Samsung have actually not been going extremely well lately, despite Cupertino ’ s huge $ 1bn + loss win against Samsung last summer. Today another legal blow for Cupertino: a Dutch area court has actually ruled that Samsung ’ s Galaxy tablets do not borrow Apple design patents.

The most recent Apple vs Samsung court ruling worries the rounded edges of Samsung ’ s Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablets — which Apple had said borrow the design of the iPad. The Dutch court rejected Apple ’ s argument — saying there is “ no question of an infringement ” — and citing previous comparable choices in U.K. courts.

A notice on its website (translated from Dutch with Google Translate) checks out:

Today the Hague area court judgment in a case of Samsung against Apple. At issue in this case is whether the design of some of Samsung Galaxy tablets borrow a design right from Apple. The court thinks that there is no question of a violation. The court describes British law which the court already had actually discovered the same 2 circumstances on the same violation question. While it may appear sensible to conclude that all these court misses are collecting to weigh down Apple ’ s total legal hopes against Samsung — Reuters notes that the pair are taken part in patent litigation in at least 10 nations — the reason for the

Dutch court falling in line with the U.K. ruling comes down to this case being concentrated on a design/IP patent, as opposed to a technical patent. According to the FOSS Patents blog site, design/IP patents are presently based on EU-level law, whereas technical patents are adjudicated on a country-by-country basis. ” It would have taken some extraordinary situations for the Dutch court to disagree with the UK court, ” the blog site notes. Samsung offered the following statement commenting on the Dutch court ruling: We welcome the court’s decision, which declared

decisions made by courts in various other countries that our Galaxy Tab items do not borrow Apple’s registered design right. We continue to think that Apple was not the initial to make a tablet with an oblong shape and rounded edges and that the origins of Apple’s registered design functions can be found in numerous examples of prior art. Must Apple remain to make extreme legal cases based on such common designs, development in the industry

can be damaged and consumer option unduly restricted. At the time of composing Apple had not

reacted to a request for remark. Last October Apple lost an appeal in a U.K. High Court against a tablet design patent judgement that had actually found in Samsung ’ s favor. The U.K. court additionally ruled that Samsung ’ s Galaxy Tab did not borrow the iPad ’ s design (the judge in the original trial really stated Samsung ’ s tablet was ‘ not cool enough ’ to infringe Apple ’ s design). Because circumstances the court purchased Apple to release an acknowledgement of the judgement on its website and run ads in paper-based media.

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