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‘RoboCop’ creator on the remake: ‘I imagined it would be much worse’

The French magazine Ragemag has a lengthy interview with Ed Neumeier, the writer of RoboCop and Starship Troopers, in advance of the José Padilha-directed RoboCop reboot. The writer discusses Google’s Boston Dynamics acquisition, the similarities between his films and the modern world, and the new RoboCop, which comes out in US theaters on February 12th. No one involved asked his opinion on the film, he says, but “I’m pretty happy with what they did. I imagined that it would be much worse.” That’s a much stronger endorsement than most critics gave the movie.

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Kristen Stewart to star in romantic remake of ’1984′

Twilight star Kristen Stewart is taking the leading role in a reimagining of 1984, the movie adaption of Orwell’s classic dystopian novel. Named Equals, the film will feature Stewart alongside Warm Bodies‘ Nicholas Hoult in what’s described as a slightly updated version of the 1956 film about “love in a world where love really doesn’t exist anymore.”

Despite popular opinion of Stewart remaining divided at best, the project isn’t without credibility. The script is by Nathan Parker, whose previously wrote the screenplay for the award-winning sci-fi drama Moon, and it’s directed by Drake Doremus, who won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance for the 2011 film Like Crazy. Jennifer Lawrence, who had a supporting role in Like Crazy, has read the…

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McG might remake ‘The Fall Guy’ with Dwayne Johnson

Yet another eighties’ staple is set for a Hollywood remake, according to an article from the Hollywood Reporter. The site claims that The Fall Guy, an action-adventure series that ran for half a decade, will be made into a feature-length movie, with Dwayne Johnson apparently in talks to fill Lee Majors’ shoes as stuntman / bounty hunter Colt Stevens.

Terminator Salvation‘s McG is reportedly set to direct the remake — he’s previously rebooted a TV classic in the form of Charlie’s Angels. A draft script for The Fall Guy has been written by Zack Stentz and Ashley Edward, who have previously collaborated on the screenplays for Thor, X-Men; First Class, and the upcoming Top Gun sequel. While nothing is set in stone yet, the Hollywood…

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Microsoft reportedly funding Blake’s 7 remake for Xbox Live TV content push

Blake's 7

According to the Financial Times, Britain’s other blockbuster sci-fi series may finally be remade, thanks to Microsoft’s growing interest in television. Blake’s 7, the Terry Nation-created show about a band of renegades fighting for survival, is believed to be part of Xbox Live’s push for original and exclusive TV content to rival both traditional media and services like Netflix. Persons familiar with the matter have claimed that after cable channel SyFy withdrew its funding, Steve Ballmer and former CBS Chief Nancy Tellem opened up Microsoft’s secret checkbook. Naturally, none of the parties are willing to confirm the deal, but that won’t stop us humming the classic series’ theme for the rest of the day.

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Source: Financial Times

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Microsoft said to remake cult BBC sci-fi series ‘Blake’s 7′ for Xbox Live

Microsoft is funding a remake of the cult sci-fi TV series Blake’s 7, according to a report from the Financial Times. While the company is reportedly not committed to producing a full series, it would represent the latest push into original TV content for Microsoft, which is working with Steven Spielberg on a live-action adaptation of the Halo video games. Martin Campbell, director of James Bond films Goldeneye and Casino Royale, is said to be on board to direct.

Blake’s 7 was produced and broadcast by the BBC between 1978 and 1981. Created by Terry Nation, the man who dreamed up the concept for the Daleks, it “aimed to be a grittily realistic TV answer to Star Wars, only on Doctor Who‘s budget,” according to the BBC’s page for the…

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Kickstarter: Own A Piece Of Role-Playing History With A Remake Of Tunnels & Trolls


As fans of D&D will attest, there are not many games as satisfying as Gygax’s original but darn it if it wasn’t fun to try new platforms when they came out. Tunnels & Trolls, created 37 years ago by Ken St. Andre, wasn’t so much a D&D knock-off but an alternative. St. Andre streamlined the D&D rules, reducing the complexity, and added a bit more humor. For folks unable to get the original D&D books, T&T was a real lifesaver.

There’s much more info about the game at TheSecretDM but for a $ 28 Kickstarter pledge you can grab a softcover copy of the new rules complete with updates. The group, led by St. Andre, has come a long way since the early days of T&T.

Back in the old days, putting out a book like this was easy. Ken’s First Edition was run off at the university’s copy shop, stapled together, and handed to his friends. Even after the Fifth Edition came out, Flying Buffalo would still print solitaire adventures on the leaky old printing press in the back of the warehouse-offices, and staff would spiral-bind the pages together.

I think projects like this really show the power of Kickstarter (and crowdfunding in general). By allowing to “invest” in the things they love projects like this can eschew the typical vagaries of the market. A publisher, for example, could take on this project and sell it through normal distribution systems but by going online the team basically blows their project right into the hands of the most rabid fans. It is, in short, the best way to do things in a connected world.

Plus it’s Tunnels & Trolls. Who doesn’t love trolls?

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Justice Crew – Dance With Me [AUDITIONS] | Freestyle | @SalenaELMO (REMAKE)

(REMAKE) Orignial – Hey Justice Crew, My Name is Salena… I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and would really like to be apart of the Junior Justice Crew. My style is Wave, Pop n Lock, Robotics and a little bit of tutting. It would mean the world to me if I was one of the 36 to perform for you… but if I got through to one of the 7, Pwoaaah that would complete my life. ;) Please take into consideration that this was a freestyle! YOU INSPIRE SO MANY PEOPLE, And I would like to say Thankyou ! Goodluck to everyone else ! :D Twitter – Facebook – Songs: Dance with me – Justice Crew Aint thinkin bout you – Chris Brown 31 Status – Young Chozen *No Copyright Intended*
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Foursquare teases a giant mobile app remake, mayors quiver in anticipation

Foursquare teases a giant mobile app remake, mayors quiver in anticipation

Foursquare has been steadily adding to its mobile app since its check-in service took off. A major remake hasn’t been in the cards, however, until now. The company is teasing a major update this week that will reflect Foursquare’s shift from simply broadcasting your coffee shop invasions to recommending where to go next. From what little the company is willing to let slip in advance, the emphasis will be on spotting popular destinations on the map as well as more alluring location pages. There’s still several questions left open, including an exact release date as well as whether or not the update is coming to more than one platform on day one; we’ve only seen iOS shots so far. Still, it’s looking as though fans of Oink and Yelp will find something to like in Foursquare very shortly.

Foursquare teases a giant mobile app remake, mayors quiver in anticipation originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:59:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Google Search for iPhone gets the 2.0 remake, full-screen search and swipes aplenty


Google gave its official search app an iPad remake late last year, and now it’s smaller iPhone and iPod touch devices getting the new UI’s treatment. As of Google Search App 2.0, the smaller iOS devices see a big emphasis on full-screen navigation, with an automatic full-screen mode and a dedicated full-screen photo search making the most of the limited display real estate. You can now swipe back to search results like you could with the iPad, and it’s overall much faster in the app to hop between different search types as well as web apps like Calendar or Gmail. There’s still something in it for you if you’ve already been deep into the iPad port’s interface, as the tablet and the iPhone alike can now save photos directly to the iOS camera roll. You’ll need at least iOS 4.2 to live in Google’s non-Android mobile universe, but those that measure up can leap in through the source link.

Google Search for iPhone gets the 2.0 remake, full-screen search and swipes aplenty originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 23 May 2012 12:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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