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Technology and recession are cutting into blue collar jobs

The National Bureau of Economic Research just published a paper that confirms what you might have been thinking for a long time now: recession and technology have been putting people out of work. Since we’ve yet to design a self-aware robot or AI…

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The Essential Great Recession Simulator

Cart Life , the game of near-poverty, is easier to play than ever. That doesn't mean it's easy.

Games do the exceptional and the extraordinary, but they barely touch the everyday (and when they do, they have catastrophic server issues). There is no “kitchen sink gaming realism.” Richard Hofmeier’s Cart Life might be the first step in that direction. The black and white adventure game tasks you with simply surviving as a street vendor in a dreary eastern seaboard city. It turns the experience of near-poverty into a game, and it is a very frustrating and difficult game indeed. Think of it as Nickle and Dimed: The Game

Cart Life is up for the grand prize at next week's Independent Games Festival in San Francisco, and this gladdens my heart. When I first played this game last September at IndieCade, after meeting the very funny and very kind University of Chicago grad Hofmeier, I called it “the kind of game that everyone should play and that no one will.” We can blather all we want about how this medium has the room to represent every aspect of the human experience, but until games like this get the notice they deserve, our claims will feel half-hollow.

Cart Life was released on Steam yesterday. It costs $ 3.49. Essential.

LINK: Cart Life, on Steam

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What Recession? Razer’s $2800 Blade Gaming Laptop Sells Out In 30 Minutes


For months we’ve been waiting on Razer’s Blade notebook, a $ 2800, 17-inch beast that we weren’t sure whether to laud or mock. It’s just that it’s kind of a strange thing to see making a big debut when people are more cautious than usual with their money, and PC gaming (as ever) is being declared dead. But after our hands-on at CES, we were convinced that it was at the very least impressive and well-built, and apparently enough other people thought so that Razer sold out almost immediately.

Now, the actual number sold isn’t mentioned, but Razer isn’t a small company and they were going all-out with this thing at CES. But we’ve seen devices launch to sales of dozens, so a strong response to a launch like this is definitely good news.

The company shared the news on their Facebook page, and urges prospective buyers to sign up for a notification email list. Hopefully that $ 2800 won’t burn a hole in your pocket in the meantime.

Personally, I’m more excited about their plans to disconnect the touchscreen and LCD keys from the laptop, making a customizable piece of hardware you can use with your existing PC. I’m not really down with the small-screen gaming and I like my keyboards a little meatier, so the Blade isn’t for me — but I do have gear envy when I see all those future toys on the side.

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