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Rumor: Oculus Will Unveil A Handheld Virtual Reality Controller At Its Conference

Sixense Stem Oculus Oculus‘ headset lets you look around virtual reality but requires integrations with unofficial controllers to move an avatar, fire weapons, or input other commands. But at tomorrow’s Oculus Connect virtual reality conference, sources say Oculus is expected to unveil an official controller or controller industry standard to make it easier for developers to build more complex games. Read More

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Flashing Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger A Reality

flux-capacitor-usb-car-charger.gif Originally a ThinkGeek April Fools’ product, the company will be selling real Flux Capacitor USB Car Chargers later this month for $ 25. The unit has two USB ports, each capable of providing 2.1-amps to charge your electronics. Hmm, that sounds like a far cry from the 1.21-jiggowatts needed to power an ACTUAL flux capacitor. Still, it’ll keep your phone charged while you listen to music and use Waze, so there’s that. My car doesn’t even have a place to plug in a charger. You know why? “Because your car is a bicycle?” Yep, I’m ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. I don’t litter either, although I won’t hesitate to candidly pee in public because pee is ALL-NATURAL. Jk jk, my pee is so volatile it once set a fence on fire. Keep going for a shot of the thing plugged into a car.

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Android-powered smart hard hat comes with augmented reality features

In Los Angeles, a startup called Daqri has designed a different kind of hard hat: an Android-powered one that’s capable of augmented reality. As such, it really looks more like a bike helmet than a hard hat, equipped with sensors, cameras and a…

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Recommended Reading: The (second) rise of virtual reality

Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web. Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. We hope you enjoy the read. The Rise and Fall and…

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SMS Audio makes Intel’s heart-rate tracking earbuds a reality

Back at CES, Intel showed off its smart earbud concept that matched tunes to your pulse, and now it’s bringing similar tech to the masses. Thanks to a partnership with 50 Cent’s SMS Audio, the heart-rate-tracking chops will hit the gym inside the…

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The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR

Back in June, Google revealed Cardboard: an open-source attempt at mobile virtual reality. Heck, even the “hardware” is open source –here are instructions to make your own, right now! But the concept is more than a low-tech solution to mobile VR….

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You can pilot one of the robots from ‘Pacific Rim’ in virtual reality at Comic-Con

We’re not sure how many of the new Oculus Rift VR kits have shipped out to developers already, but it looks like a healthy amount are in San Diego right now. That’s where Comic-Con is happening this week and, following the X-Men VR demo we already…

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The new $350 Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is now shipping

We were expecting to see the new iteration of the Oculus Rift arrive on developer’s doorsteps earlier this month, but unfortunately it hit a couple of delays. Road to VR points out a Reddit thread where pre-orderers confirmed their credit cards have…

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Future Humanoid Robots From Fiction to Reality 2014 Documentary HD

wildlife documentaries wildlife documentaries on netflix wildlife documentaries on youtube wildlife documentaries bbc wildlife documentaries full length wild…
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Google’s augmented reality game ‘Ingress’ finally comes to iPhone

Android users have been playing Google’s augmented reality game Ingress for quite some time, and today iOS gamers can finally find out what the fuss is all about. The new iPhone and iPad version of the game will work cross-platform so that you can play with the existing community on Android. Ingress puts players into one of two different factions, as they engage in a sci-fi struggle for humanity while exploring real-world locations using their phone’s geolocation data.

The game has been downloaded more than four million times on Android, and has featured events in 65 different cities. It launched on Android in December of last year after spending nearly a year in beta. And though it’s been a success, Google’s Niantic Labs incubator…

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