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EA Battlefield 4 No Sound Fail + Crowd Reaction) Xbox One E3 2013 Royalty Free Music: Zap Beat Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4 news, Battlefield 4 Update,Battlefield 4 …
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Chemical Reaction Opens Gate To Hell, Releases Kraken


This is a video of an Ammonium dichromate volcano erupting with a couple mercury thiocyanate tablets hidden inside. Mercury thiocyanate is commonly sold as those “Pharoah’s snake” fireworks. So between the volcano erupting and those tentacles spilling out it looks like the Kraken from hell has been awakened. As a matter of fact, if there were no sense of scale in the video I would have though this was the opening to a Sy-Fy original movie. ‘Krakano’ or something. I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here.


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This Is The Single Most Tasteless Reaction To The Xbox One

And maybe the single most tasteless reaction to anything, anywhere, ever.

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Workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory strike in reaction to new iPhone 5 quality standards

Workers at Foxconn's Zhengzhou factory strike by the thousands in reaction to new iPhone 5 quality standards, lack of training

Unbox that shiny new iPhone 5 only to find it ruined with scratches and blemishes? Great news: Apple is asking Foxconn to adhere to stricter quality demands for its crown jewel handset. Not so great news: employees at the firm’s Zhengzhou factory are striking over the demands. According to China Labor Watch, 3 to 4 thousand workers stepped off the production line to protest the new requirements, which just enable a 0.02 mm look problem. “it’s difficult under such strict quality demands,” composes Sina Weibo user and Foxconn worker Yefudao. “A 0.02 mm look problem is currently beyond that of our vision. With such a requiring task, worker mental pressure becomes so immense that they have to vent it.”

China Labor Watch states that the problem stems not just from the greater quality needs, but the reality that employees are being asked to fulfill them without receiving the exercise needed to do so. The circumstance hasn’t broken out into a riot, but a dispute between line workers and quality control inspectors apparently sparked a battle that led to residential property damages, injury and some hospitalization. Production lines have actually briefly been frozen by management while Foxconn deals with the scenario.

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chemistry reaction problem?? about mass? please help! thanks!?

Question by Alexis: chemistry reaction problem?? about mass? please help! thanks!?
An experiment that led to the formation of the new field of organic chemistry involved the synthesis of urea, CN2H4O, by the controlled reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide.
2 NH3(g) + CO2(g) CN2H4O(s) + H2O(l)

What is the mass of urea when ammonia is reacted with 100. g of carbon dioxide?

Best answer:

Answer by jreut
Use dimensional analysis and stoichiometry:

100 g CO2 x 1 mole CO2 / 44 g CO2 x 1 mol urea / 1 mole CO2 x 60 g urea / 1 mole urea =

100/44*60= 136. grams of urea produced.

The first term, 100 g CO2, is your starting amount.
The second fraction, 1 mol CO2 / 44 g CO2, is a conversion factor that equals 1, since there are 44 g CO2 in a mole of CO2.
The third fraction is the stoichiometric ratio in the chemical equation: for every one mole of CO2 consumed, 1 mol of urea is formed.
The fourth fraction is the conversion factor back to grams.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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CNET details the death of Microsoft’s Courier and Bill Gates’ ‘allergic reaction’

For those that follow the twists and turns of the technology news business, the Microsoft Courier has practically become the stuff of legend. First leaked on Gizmodo in the fall of 2009, the device was never even officially confirmed by Microsoft until it axed the project in April of last year. And while we wound up learning quite a bit about the dual-screen tablet despite that lack of official information, we never really got the full story of its rise and fall within the company. Now CNET’s Jay Greene has published an extensive look at the device’s short history, which he says was “pieced together through interviews with 18 current and former Microsoft executives, as well as contractors and partners who worked on the project.” The story, as you might expect, is fascinating — read on for some of the details.

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CNET details the death of Microsoft’s Courier and Bill Gates’ ‘allergic reaction’ originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 01 Nov 2011 12:12:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Apple Stimulates “Religious” Reaction in Brains of Fans – Research

Neuroscientists in UK carried out an extensive research on Apple fans and discovered that their brains are stimulated by Apple imagery in the same way as the brains of religious people are stimulated by religious imagery. The study was featured in BBC documentary “Secrets of the Superbrands“, which looks at how Apple, Facebook and Twitter […]

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Tron: Legacy Review Round-Up: A Mixed Reaction (At Best)

Tron Legacy pops up in your local movie theater today, and the question on everyone’s mind is: is it rubbish? If you ask the critics, then yeah: it’s really not that that good at all. Shock. But when was the last time “the critics” saw eye-to-eye with the American people? Give Joe Public some cool special effects and you’re easily making $ 100 million.

The Establishment

Associated Press: While director Joseph Kosinski’s feature film debut is thrilling and cool-looking for about the first half, its races, games and visuals eventually grow repetitive, which only draws attention to how flimsy and preposterous the script is from Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz…

Dallas Morning News: That’s all the movie has going for it [the special effects], and in just about every other way a movie can fail, Tron: Legacy does…

Daily Mail: Overblown, overlong and an utter waste of money and time, it is a super-catastrophic Disney folly aimed at sad geeks…

Chicago Sun Times (Roger Ebert): The plot is another matter. It’s a catastrophe, short-changing the characters and befuddling the audience. No doubt an online guru will produce a synopsis of everything that happens, but this isn’t like an opera, where you can peek at the program notes….

New Blood

Slashfilm (G-Baby from Ron & Fez): To describe any film as “a roller coaster” is a complete cliche, but TRON: Legacy is almost begging for it. Director Joseph Kosinski, whether he knows it or not, has constructed the film as such: There’s the quick build at the beginning, a whole bunch of action at the front, a lull in the middle and an exciting twisty, turny finish. But, like a roller coaster, the slow parts are forgivable because the ride is so much fun and that’s what TRON: Legacy is, one of the most fun films of the year…

IGN Movies: What viewers will get, regardless of their relationship with the 1982 film, is a thrilling, moving 3D adventure that will leave you wanting more…

AV Club: The original Tron was by no means perfect—it was barely adequate, for that matter—but it nonetheless had a sense of fun and adventure, turning on the adolescent fantasy of arcade junkies being inside the games they play. Director Joseph Kosinski teases the audience with updated light-cycle and discus-game showdowns, but it’s only an homage; his Tron pretends to greatness in ways that snuff out any flickers of joy…

Screen Junkies: Tron Legacy is great because of the story, not the effects or style. It is full of pretty ladies, impressive physical specimens and wild characters. I love Quorra (Olivia Wilde) the happy program, and all the quirks Castor (Michael Sheen) lets loose just because he can. This is a world you’ll want to revisit again and again…

Twitter Reaction

Ladies. If you forced your man to see ‘For Colored Girls’, or any Tyler Perry movie for that matter, you’re required to go see Tron Legacy.less than a minute ago via Echofon

IMAX 3D is awesome every time. The 3D is at least 2x as good and Tron shakes the floor in the booth and rattles the trash cans in the hall.less than a minute ago via txt

I don’t think I’m gonna have time to ramble about TRON: LEGACY anytime soon, so I’ll just say I dug the fuckin’ flick. Imax 3D that shit.less than a minute ago via web

If you want to get your eyes a Christmas gift, take them to see TRON Legacy. You shall be blown away by the visual splendour.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Lastly, TechCrunch itself reviewed the movie two weeks ago:

One of the members of the TRON team said not to over analyze it and get lost in the world, and that’s my advice as well. Try to become a child again and imagine being a 5-10 year old and being blown away by the light cycle races. Imagine what’s ticking in their mind and what seeds are being planted.

So, again, mixed reviews. Some people are geeking out over it, which is their right, particularly if they saw and enjoyed the first film, while others wince at the idea of being told by the film’s producers not to “analyze” it. That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

But, if you like shiny colors!


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Best Cry Ever Man’s Reaction to iPad

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Nick’s Reaction to Project Natal

A sense of wonder is left in Nick’s eyes as the unveiling of Project Natal is all around him.

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