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Academics Question The Value Of Facebook’s Controversial Research

“I don’t know that the benefits we’re gaining from this research are all that significant.”

Dado Ruvic / Reuters / Reuters

Facebook and its data science team came under fire this weekend after a recently published study revealed that Facebook had changed content in 600,000-plus users' News Feeds for a psychological experiment focused on users' emotional states.

But while much of the focus has been on the ethics of the study, some psychologists are also taking issue with the experiment's methodology and results.

The study found that by altering the News Feeds of 689,003 Facebook users users, it could change the mood of the status those users posted on the network. Users with more positive Feeds led to more positive status updates and similarly, feeds that had more negative content led to more negative posts.

Dr. John Grohol, founder of the psychology site, Psych Central said he sees there two major flaws in the study, starting with the use of its sentiment analysis tool, Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count application (LIWC 2007). It's a software program linguists and others psychologist commonly use in their research and it's a well-understood tool that's been pretty widely use but it was never designed to be used for small bits of text.

“Even in talking to the company that makes the tool, they acknowledge it cannot really differentiate 140 characters or a few short sentences from a larger body and it can't do a good job determining tone and content of the message,” Grohol says. “Essentially what LIWC 2007 is doing is giving researchers data to analyze and that data is biased in a certain direction and we don't' know how it's biased because the authors don't look at LIWC 2007 as though it has any limitations. And we know that's just not the way the tool works.”

Furthermore, Grohol said, the study, while focused on exploring emotional contagion, doesn't actually measure the moods it's trying to capture. “They never went to Facebook users and had them fill out a mood questionnaire. Instead the authors were making strange judgement calls based on content of status updates to predict a user mood,” he says, noting that the authors would likely need some other tool or survey to accurately gauge something as complex as emotional state.

Tal Yarkoni, a psychology Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin, echoed a similar concern in a blog post largely defending the Facebook study:

The fact that users in the experimental conditions produced content with very slightly more positive or negative emotional content doesn't mean that those users actually felt any differently. It's entirely possible–and I would argue, even probable–that much of the effect was driven by changes in the expression of ideas or feelings that were already on users' minds.

Lastly, both Grohol and Yarkoni argue that, even if the methodology produced accurate results, the findings have very little actual value for users. According to Grohol, the study found only a 0.07% (1/15th of one percent) decrease in negative words in people's status updates when the Facebook decreased the amount of negative posts in the users' News Feed, hardly enough to move the dials.

“I don't know that the benefits we're gaining from this research are all that significant,” Grohol told BuzzFeed. “The correlations were so tiny that they're meaningless on an individual level. It's not really the kind of research that's significant in the way they'd have us to believe. For example, there's no real proof that if a bunch of your friends post something negative, you'll then post something negative. At least not at this small scale. Perhaps, if you read thousands and thousands of posts, you might.”

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Apple Itunes Question?

Question by ordellrobbie@sbcglobal.net: Apple Itunes Question?
I just downloaded itunes today to prepare myself for loading music on a ipod touch,but i have run into a snag.i have alot of burned cd’s with mixed artist’s on it,but itunes does not recognize the tracks on it. all it says is track 01 & so on. i was under the impression that itunes would be able to recognize any song for as long as the song title was written into the cd. my cd player recognizes the tracks but not itunes. is there anyway i can get itunes to recognize my songs & artist without me having to type them in 1 by 1? i have a good 30 cd’s that i have to do & i dont have the time to type in the names of all the songs. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by erik v
itunes only recognizes itunes media (meaning things you download directly from itunes). everything else is just “track 1″, etc. my condolences

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google/youtube account question!?

Question by : google/youtube account question!?
my youtube and google accounts are linked, its a pain in the butt because it interferes with my google page, is there anyway i can sign out of the google account without signin out of youtube?

Best answer:

Answer by Dallas
Google owns YouTube, its different for some people, but try having 2 tabs opened and ones on Google and ones on YouTube. Log out of Google, then do whatever you like on YouTube, P.S You can go ahead and close the Google tab.

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Nokia Earnings Preview: The Lumia Question

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.10.48 AM

Nokia will report its fourth-quarter 2013 earnings tomorrow, a seminal moment for the company as the figures will represent the last full period in which it will own the hardware assets that it is selling to Microsoft.

It also matters as Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone sales in the quarter will provide a report card of sorts for Microsoft. Given that Nokia makes and sells the vast majority of Windows Phone devices, its sales are proxy for the larger market for the phones. So if Nokia had a good quarter selling Lumias, Microsoft had a good quarter selling Windows Phones.

Microsoft will report its earnings later in the day.

Nokia sold 8.8 million Lumia devices in the third quarter of 2013. Given extant growth trends, we would expect Nokia to sell more phones in the fourth quarter. Add the simple fact that the period includes the holiday sales cycle, and we expect another bump. This means that Nokia should sell — easily — more than 10 million Lumia handsets in the quarter.

The stakes here are high for Nokia, given that it’s hard to win in this context, but very easy to lose. If it sells 11.5 million handsets instead of 11 I doubt people will laud it. But a weak number could cast a pall. The irony is that the asset in question is what the company is selling, so a negative result may not have as sharp an impact on its share price as it otherwise might.

Investors are expecting Nokia to earn around €0.08 ($ 0.11) in the quarter on revenue of €6.4 billion ($ 8.671 billion). It will be interesting to parse the company’s earnings as it intends to mark the assets it is selling as discontinued businesses. Nokia will dramatically change once it and Microsoft clear the final regulatory hurdles that sit between their consummation.

For the full-year period, Nokia is expected to earn €0.07 ($ 0.09) (on aggregate revenue of €23.7 billion ($ 32.11 billion) in revenue. That latter figure is a firm decline from its 2012 tally of €30.2 billion ($ 40.92 billion). And Nokia, selling off another chunk of revenue, is about to slim again.

So that’s that. Keep your eye on the Lumia number, as it matters for both firms.

Top Image Credit: Flickr

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Really random question about what to name a robot?

Question by Kyn: Really random question about what to name a robot?
Okay, so I am trying to come up good name for a robot. No stupid names or anything inappropriate, please. Just a cool name like Flame or something…

Best answer:

Answer by Diana D

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Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Question Mark Box Coin Candies

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  • Net Wt 1.2 ounces

Eet sa me! Mario! Nintendo’s fan-favorite mascot Mario has ventured through many side-scrolling worlds, in search of magical coins – on the ground, inside bushes, on floating boxes, hiding in clouds. You don’t have to search high and low like Mario to find those coins; you just need to get the Super Mario Bros. Coin Candy Tins. These tins, shaped like the boxes seen in the Mario games, contain a wealth of coin-shaped candies. These coins won’t protect you against mushrooms, but they do taste good!

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Horse_Ebooks: The Dril Question

Weird Twitter’s most legendary “bot” has been exposed. But what about its most revered character?

Horse_ebooks, the most visible outgrowth of Weird Twitter, was today revealed as a long-running art project by a BuzzFeed employee (though not on the editorial side) and his friend, Thomas Bender.

Many had suspected that the account was no longer a bot; few, and none at BuzzFeed, knew it was run by Jacob Bakkila. In any case, its popularity had been steadily rising for nearly three years.

The reveal was a surprise, but in retrospect made some degree of sense. Bakkila used to go by @agentlebrees on Twitter before deleting his account. He left Twitter before coming to work at BuzzFeed, for fear, he said at the time, of alienating potential employers. Some time after joining BuzzFeed he helped us with an oral history of Weird Twitter, where he participated in character — @agentlebrees was an early, and influential, account among Weird Twitter people. Few knew who was really behind it, but few cared. It was a character.

More interesting, in retrospect, was that he connected us with the second most visible, and by far the best loved, Weird Twitter account.

Jacob claimed to know Dril, which was strange, because nobody knows Dril. He offered to connect us, and said Dril was interested in participating in the oral history and gave me a throwaway email address. He responded, and it was funny.

Jacob also told us a little about Dril, saying he was a graphic designer, or something like that, and that he lived in the tri-state area. He said he had hired him to do some work on a “project” he had been working on, but stopped short of giving us any identifying information. Suggestions that we give this “graphic designer” work were rebuffed. The secrecy was never explained but never really questioned; Dril is an art project and the creator didn’t want to come forward, at least not all the way. It made enough sense.

He also pointed us to a video series created by Dril, with unspecified others, documenting Trey Parker and Tré Cool's battle to rename April either Treypril or Trépril, and one policeman's mission to stop them at any cost. It's, well. It's something:

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European Commission and others question Google about Glass privacy issues


The European Commission and officials in several countries are asking Google executive Eric Schmidt whether Google is equipped to deal with the privacy implications of its Glass heads-up display. In an open letter, privacy commissioners from Israel, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as a representative of the EU’s privacy-focused Article 29 Working Party, raised questions about Project Glass’ privacy policy and asked whether they could test its capabilities first-hand.

“To date, what information we have about Google Glass … largely comes from media reports, which contain a great deal of speculation, as well as Google’s own publicizing of the device,” wrote the officials. Though Google has created…

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Dollar collapse question. When are countries going to realize we dont produce anything other than green paper?

Question by LolWhoGivesA5hitAboutGlobalWarming: Dollar collapse question. When are countries going to realize we dont produce anything other than green paper?
We consume all the worlds resources in the states and produce nothing because of strict regulation on business and outsourcing. When are countries going to catch on the the fraud the federal reserve does? When are the people going to realizes the quantitative easing (printing money out of thin air) is just a way to keep the scam going longer?
Third might sound good, until you see how much we consume. Then you realize we need to be far ahead of even number one to keep a healthy economy.
Most of the worlds resources.

Best answer:

Answer by Top Source

The US is the world’s third largest exporter.




“The EU [European Union] and the US economies account together for about half the entire world GDP and for nearly a third of world trade flows…

“EU goods imports from the US in 2010: €169.5 billion.

“EU services imports from the US in 2010: €131.0 billion.

“EU investment flows to the US in 2009: €79.2 billion.”



“As the world’s 3rd biggest exporting nation, America shipped $ 1.291 trillion worth of exports in 2008.

“Principal American exports were capital goods including aircraft, industrial supplies like organic chemicals, consumer goods including automobiles and agricultural products led by soybeans and corn.

“Based on 2008 statistics, America’s largest export clients were Canada (20.1%), Mexico (11.7%), China (5.5%), Japan (5.1%), Germany (4.2%) and the United Kingdom (4.1%).”


These ignorant, hysterical questions are typical of those who rant against “The Fed!”

And of those who try to scapegoat “Regulations!” as the cause of President Cheney’s Great Recession,

when ,in fact, it was the GOP’s ideology of De-Regulation that allowed the Global Plutocratic Cabal’s Big Banks to loot working Americans’ net worth:

International Monetary Fund’s former Chief Economist:

“Our leading bankers looted [the United States], plunged the world into deep recession, [starting Dec, 2007] and cost the United States eight million jobs.

“Now many of them stand by with sharpened knives and enhanced bonuses – willing to suggest how the salaries and jobs of others can be further cut.

“Consider the morality of that.

“Will no one think hard about what this means for our budget and our political system until it is too late?”

By Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist @ the International Monetary Fund.




Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate in Econ: The 2000s, the “Decade of Zero”: Zero gains for home prices, home equity, workers’ median income, employment, & stockmarket.



From 2001 to 2009, for the first time since WW2, the average American’s net worth fell, and by a huge 13%.

The 1990s had the largest increase, 44%.



Robert Reich, Sec of Labor under Clinton:

“What’s happened in the last 30 years is that worker [in the private sector] has taken a shellacking.

“The US economies’ problems lie w/ “fraud, deregulation and vast concentration of wealth.

“For three decades we’ve cut taxes on the wealthy while real wages stood still.”
. .



The median American male worker earns less today [in 2010] adjusted for inflation, than he did 30 years ago.


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