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Google seeks judgment protecting Android from ‘Rockstar’ group’s patent lawsuits

Google isn’t about to remain idle while the Apple- and Microsoft-led “Rockstar” patent group sues numerous Android partners. The search giant has quietly filed a declaratory judgment complaint asking a San Jose court to rule that the company (and …

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Leather Case Protecting Jacket Black For 10.1″ Motorola Xoom Tablet

Pink Argyle Flex Case for Motorola Xoom MZ600 P68N

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Heavy Duty Portable Cup Holder Car Suv Truck Vehicle Mount for Motorola XOOM
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RAM Universal Clamping Cradle for LG Optimus Pad Motorola XOOM & XOOM 2
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Protecting its image: Chinese military allegedly behind hacks on major US newspapers

china hacking stock 1020

A few of the most famous papers in the US– The New york city Times, The Exchange Journal, and The Washington Post– have disclosed that they have actually been victims of cyber attacks that closely mirror each various other. All 3 media outlets worked with private protection specialists to examine the hacks, and all three think that the Chinese armed force is behind the attacks. It’s unclear the number of other media agencies have actually gone through attacks, however it appears that China is aiming to keep track of coverage of the state– and weed out sources.

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California governor signs laws protecting social media accounts from employers, universities

governor jerry brown (official)

The fight to prevent California employers and universities from demanding your Facebook login as a condition of employment or enrollment officially ended on Thursday, as California Governor Jerry Brown announced his signing of Assembly Bill 1844 and Senate Bill 1349. The two laws passed in the state Senate last month.

AB–1844 prevents employers from asking workers for social media usernames or passwords, or logging into social media in their presence. It also protects workers from employer retaliation in the case they fail to comply with these kinds of demands. And university students and employees are gaining new protections as well. SB-1349 provides the same rights to students (either prospective or attending) at the state’s public…

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Premium Zippered Case for Motorola Xoom Tablet – Perfect Carry Cover for Protecting from Scratches -Front accessory pocket holds power adapter and accessories! **Includes Accessory Bag**

Premium Zippered Case for Motorola Xoom Tablet – Perfect Carry Cover for Protecting from Scratches -Front accessory pocket holds power adapter and accessories! **Includes Accessory Bag**

  • Form-fitting stretchSHELL neoprene material snugly fits around the Motorola Xoom’s beautiful form factor
  • Sueded internal lining and durable neoprene to cushion and protect your Xoom.
  • Slimline zippered design protects your Xoom on its own or in your favorite bag and makes book-style reading a breeze
  • Liquid and stain resistant; Internal Dimensions: 10.25″x7.7″x0.8″
  • **Includes Accessory Bag, a .99 Value!

Make Sure Your Xoom Tablet is Safe & Secure

Protect your brand new Tablet and defend yourself against scratches with this Premium Protective Sleek Case.

We wanted to make sure that the Xoom was safe and secure once inside the protective case and we believe we accomplished just that.

With nylon binding and high quality zippers, this sleeve is perfect for your Xoom whether you’re on-the-go, or storing it at home. A convenient accessory pocket also rests on the front of the sleeve to allow for easy storage and access to your power adapter and accessories.

Defend your Xoom: Get the Protective Sleek Case today!

Compatible with: Motorola Xoom Tablet.

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 16.99

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Valve’s Steam Guard: Protecting Your Account From Evildoers Since 2011

Valve has officially announced Steam Guard, which is a new form “user rights management” in the words of Gabe Newell. There were all sorts of rumors about it yesterday, but now that Valve has made the official announcement it’s safe there’s no real reason to panic. The service is more about keeping your Steam account secure and out of the hands of evildoers than it is about punishing you for having the audacity to play games on the PC. Valve isn’t Ubisoft.

What Steam Guard, which is completely opt-in right now, aims to do is make sure that only you have access to your account. Anyone who’s played World of Warcraft in the past few years will know how rampant account theft has been. It got so bad that Blizzard created a keyfob (and mobile app equivalents) that generates a unique password that you’d input at time of login. Users would log into the game by putting their account name (usually their e-mail address), their account password, and a second password that’s created on the spot. It ensures that even if someone managed to steal your account name and password they wouldn’t be able to log into your account because they’d also need that second, randomly generated keyfob password.

Steam Guard work similarly. You establish one computer as your home base. “This is my primary gaming computer,” that kind of thing. Whenever you try to log into your account from a different computer, Steam automatically sends a randomly generated password to your e-mail account. In order to log in from this different computer you’ll need your account name, regular password, and also the randomly generated one that’s sent to your e-mail account at time of login.

This makes it all the more difficult for someone to log into your Steam account without your authorization.

Needless to say, it would be prudent to have a different password for your Steam account and your e-mail account.

Now, there is a second component to Steam Guard, but it hasn’t been implemented yet. It will use Intel’s hardware-based authentication scheme known as Identity Protection Technology, which is only available with the newest Intel CPUs and compatible motherboards. It’s this bit that had people so worried yesterday: “What happens when I want to game on a different PC, or if my machine dies? Will my ‘authenticity’ die along with it?” Well, presumably if you want to game on a different PC all you’d do is collect the secondary password from the aforementioned automatically generated e-mail.

What happens if your machine dies, however, I’m not sure right now, as neither Valve nor Intel have made it clear how this portion of Steam Guard would work. We can debate that point when everything’s been clarified.

Oh, and speaking of Ubisoft, it seems our complaints were at least partially heard and understood, as the upcoming PC port of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood won’t require a 24/7 Internet connection; a working Internet connection will only be required at time of installation.

I still don’t understand why more companies can’t adopt the Good Old Games/CD Projekt attitude toward DRM, but what are you gonna do?


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