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Google’s Project Tango Includes Tech Apple-Acquired 3D Imaging Company PrimeSense

primesense-tango If you want a hint of what might be on the horizon at Apple, look to Google – or at least look to its Project Tango experimental 3D depth-sensing smartphone. Tango got a teardown just the other day, and later on iFixit determined that one of its key components comes from what is now an Apple subsidiary (via 9to5Google), thanks to a deal that wrapped up last November. PrimeSense, which is the… Read More

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Leaked Gmail and Calendar for Android screenshots offers glimpse of Project Hera

Leaked Gmail and Calendar for Android screenshots offers glimpse of Project Hera
Dubbed “Project Hera,” Google is using colour as a differentiator in this new set of apps, but unlike previous leaks which showed a huge divergence from the current style sheet, the new version of Gmail (above) looks to be a slight change from its …

Gmail turns 10: Here's how we fix email's 'too much' problem
It's no joke — Gmail turned 10 years old on April Fool's Day. You should celebrate. Even if you're not one of its at least 425 million active users, Gmail's innovations have probably saved you countless hours of pain at the inbox. There's no denying …
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3 successful startups that built products for Gmail (which turns 10 today)
Rahul Vohra, Rapportive: This Gmail extension built by Vohra and two of his fellow Cambridge grads automatically pulled contact information into Gmail from social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (making it easy to see who exactly that …
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The Risk And Rush Of Supporting A Crowdfunding Project

crowdfunding-risk1 Last week, a small crowdfunded project called the Healbe GoBe made news, as backers and journalists questioned the company’s claims that it could measure caloric intake using a wearable device. While the claims do sound wild at best, the company is sticking to its story — and Indiegogo is sticking by the project. Read More

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Darth Vader Denied Project For Presidency Of Ukraine

darth-vader-ukraine-president.jpg A man who just recently altered his name to Darth Vader has actually been refuted the right to run for the presidency of Ukraine after officials claimed his application was “questionable” and suspected several documents were created. Wow, a Sith lord not playing by the book? Surprising. Prepare the Fatality Star laser!

The guy, who appears in the costume of the fictional character from the Star Wars movies and is frequently accompanied by people worn other Star Wars outfits, was nominated for the presidency by the Net Celebration of Ukraine. Earlier he informed the celebration’s congress that he wished to turn Ukraine into “a galactic empire”. But at least one commission member recommends Darth Vader’s project can be an attempt to discredit the approaching election – potentially by Russia, which does not acknowledge the Ukraine’s interim government. “It could seem like an innocent joke, however somebody paid 2.5 m hryvnyas ($ 227,000) for this joke,” states Ihor Zhydenko, describing the deposit that should be given in addition to the application.

Whoa whoa whoa– a $ 227,000 joke? I have actually never ever played a joke that’s cost more than $ 8. Most likely $ 6. I like my jokes inexpensive. Mostly since none of my close friends are worth the expense or effort. Generally my jokes include 1) leaving a friend with my bar tab or 2) agreeing to assist a buddy do something and afterwards not addressing my phone when they call. Now I don’t have any more best friends. I’m literally my own emergency contact. Thanks to Rebecca T, yolof and Erik, who are all changing their names to ‘Inspect This Box For Voting System Verification’ and running for mayor.

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Google’s Project Loon Internet Balloon Traverses The Globe In Under A Month

Google’s Project Loon, the effort to bring Internet connectivity to more remote areas using a network of hot air balloons, has racked up an impressive achievement – going around the world in just 22 days. One of the project’s test balloons just managed this, despite estimates from the team that it would take around 33 days for it to make the trek. This particular… Read More

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The Armiga Project Aims To Resurrect The Meditating Guru

If you have a bunch of old Amiga disks lying around, we may have an Indiegogo project for you. Called the Armiga, this is a clever emulator with a 3.5-inch disk drive and Dual Core ARM CPU that runs like an old-timey Amiga 500. Read More

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Facebook Will Deliver Internet Via Drones With “Connectivity Lab” Project Powered By Acqhires From Ascenta

Facebook plans to bring Internet to the third-world via drones, satellites, lasers, and more. Today Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s Connectivity Lab which will work on the project. It’s powered by talent acqhired from solar-powered drone maker Ascenta as well as poached from NASA. Read More

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Google’s ‘Project Tango’ heading to space

NASA is upgrading smartphones on space satellites called SPHERES with 3D-sensing Android smartphones developed by Google. Follow reporter Melissa Aparicio on…

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Meet Astro Teller, Head Of Moonshots At Google’s Project X Lab

Astro Teller has your dream job, currently serving as the Captain of Moonshots at the Google[x] lab. There, he dreams and creates things like Google Glass, smart contact lenses, balloons that bring the Internet to the most remote regions, and many other seemingly impossible projects he and his team hope will one day become reality. Read More

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More Project Tango Specs Revealed, Showing Two Wide-Angle And One Depth-Sensing Camera

Google’s Project Tango smartphone is a 3D environment sensing hardware experiment, which the company is hoping to ship to developers soon (today is the anticipated ship date Google stated, in fact) had some of its specs revealed in a Chrome issue tracker spotted by Myce this morning. The new specs give us a closer look at how exactly Google does its 3D context sensing magic. The key… Read More

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