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Prepare For The Smartwatch Assault

smartwatches Consumer electronic companies are giddy. They can’t help themselves. They have a new thing. A new gadget. A new widget to sell to you. After years of notebooks, tablets and boring slabs of metal and glass, Samsung, LG, Motorola and all the rest finally have a chance to build something different: The smartwatch. This is going to be a mess. Read More

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Prepare To Die, Bagel!: Samurai Sword Kitchen Knives


This is a $ 60 set of Samurai sword kitchen knives designed by Fizz Creations and for sale at Gizoo. You get a chef’s knife, bread knife, utility knife and paring knife, each in its own saya (scabbard). *drawing sword* DiGiorno pizza — you burnt the roof of my mouth and sullied my family’s good name, PREPARE TO EAT SHIT AND DIE. Red Baron — you and I are still cool.

The ultimate kitchen accessory for the cultural cook! These fully functional kitchen knives look like genuine Japanese artefacts displayed in your kitchen on their very own stand, until you pull out the chef’s knife and lay waste to the joint of beef that needs slicing! Prepare to slice your food the Samurai way!

Alternatively, just use the samurai sword replica you bought at the weapon kiosk at the mall, that’s what I do. You ever sliced bread from a loaf before WHILE IT’S MID-AIR? Me neither, I’m not going to stop trying though. Try hard, believe in yourself, and save the bread that’s fallen on the floor for guests — that’s my samurai motto.

Thanks to Brian S, who agrees they should make a set of kitchen knives that all look like little hand saws. Great, I think I just gave somebody a million couple hundred dollar idea.

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SPIDER WARNING, SPIDERS SPIDERS SPIDERS: Jumping Spiders Spin Silk Mid-Jump To Help Prepare For Landing


Jumping spiders: for most people, a terrifying combination. For me, a challenge to catch bare handed. And now researchers at Taiwan’s National Chung Hsing University have discovered that some species attach a silk ‘dragline’ before leaping onto their prey to help stabilize flight and control their landing. Plus spiders climb all over you while you sleep. Ahahahahhahahaha, I don’t like you.

The study was conducted with Hasarius adansoni, a common jumping spider species that looks a bit like an eight-eyed koala. Chi’s team compared the gracefully targeted landings of spiders that attached draglines to their jump-off points to the tumbling crashes of silk-less individuals. The silk, which the spiders spin out rapidly as they fly through the air, likely acts as a stabilizer, with spiders presumably halting their jumps with some “internal friction brake,” the researchers conclude.

In-air stability is essential for jumping spiders, which can leap up to 50 times their body length — proportionally comparable to a human covering a football field in one leap

Somebody remind me why we’re studying jumping spiders’ jumps again. Is this like, gonna change airplanes? Are we gonna have airplanes shooting goo before landing now? But seriously, how do researchers know the spiders are even doing this on purpose and it’s not just the equivalent of shitting yourself when you’re scared. Because if I was jumping 50x my body length you better believe I’m gonna land with a squish in my pants.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first of a spider using a silk dragline, the second of a spider that just said f*** it, let’s see what happens.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MDP benchmarks: prepare for ludicrous speed

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MDP benchmarks prepare for ludicrous speed

Today we had a chance to play with Qualcomm’s latest MDP devices (tablet and phone) which pack the company’s mighty Snapdragon 800 SoC (MSM8974). The tablet is slightly larger than last year’s MDP and features a 11.6-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel display, 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM, 32GB of built-in flash storage (with microSD expansion) and a 12 megapixel AF rear camera with flash (2MP in front). All of this is crammed into a light and slim (0.46 inches / 11.7mm) chassis that’s powered by a 3400mAh Li-ion battery and includes a bevvy of radios (LTE, WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4 LE, GPS, NFC) and sensors (including pressure and humidity).

We put the Snapdragon 800-equipped MDP through its paces by running our usual suite of benchmarks (plus a few more). The results? Prepare for ludicrous speed.


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What songs will prepare me for a Flaming Lips concert?

Question by Angelz: What songs will prepare me for a Flaming Lips concert?
I’ve learned from experience that concerts are a lot more fun if you know the songs the band is playing. Anyone who has been to a few Flaming Lips concerts, which songs do they usually play?

Best answer:

Answer by Punch
you’ll have a wonderful time!!

here is a recent set list from a April show

1.In Excelsior Vaginalistic
(Intro scene)
2.The Fear
3.Worm Mountain
4.Silver Trembling Hands
5.She Don’t Use Jelly
6.The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)
7.Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1
8.See the Leaves
9.Laser Hands
10.The Ego’s Last Stand
11.Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung
12.What Is the Light?
13.The Observer

14.Sleeping on the Roof
15.Race for the Prize
Encore 2:
16.Do You Realize??

What do you think? Answer below!

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Prepare Your Pockets, Samsung’s Next Galaxy Note Phablet Could Sport A 5.9-Inch Screen


Samsung ’ s Galaxy S IV hasn ’ t even been exposed yet and information of an additional top-tier Samsung smartphone is currently threatening to take a few of its limelight. The Korea Times stated earlier today that the Korean electronics titan is busy dealing with a Galaxy Note phablet followup with a 5.9-inch show behind closed doors.

If the Korea Times ’ report is true then Samsung is taking a more measured strategy to how it scales up smartphone screen sizes — as PocketNow mentions this is (luckily?) a hair smaller sized than what some earlier reports suggested, because for a while there it looked like Samsung was considering projecting a phablet with a 6.3-inch screen. The Times ’ source likewise kept in mind that the Note III would sport an eight-core Exynos processor, a not-so-subtle reference to Samsung ’ s Exynos 5 Octa chipset.

Samsung isn ’ t the first to push up against that 6-inch barrier, and they ’ ll hardly be the last. Chinese OEM Huawei blew past it earlier this year when it unveiled the hefty Ascend Mate and its 6.1-inch display at CES, and ZTE exposed its 5.7-inch Grand Memo during Mobile World Congress. For much better or worse, the plus-sized phone trend doesn ’ t seem to be going anywhere.

In the previous I ’ ve asked how big is too huge for these kinds of phablets, however recalling that ’ s kind of a selective concern. The word “ phablet ” doesn ’ t have a generally accepted definition (it ’ s normally just made use of to describe huge honking phones) — maybe the better concern is at what point are gadgets like the Note and Grand Memo more tablet than phone?

For what it ’ s worth, Samsung and rivals like Huawei and Asus appear keen on making that kind of difference a meaningless one. The Korea Times report comes just days after Samsung pulled back the drape on its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress — it ’ s the business ’ s smallest Note tablet to date and some variations of the device include the capability to make voice calls. Asus (maybe scooped in a fit of wordplay-induced whimsy) also flaunted its 7-inch FonePad tablet at MWC, and acclaimed its capacity to put voice calls virtually as much as its affordable cost.

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Homeland Security Encourages You To Prepare For A Zombie Apocalypse (But With Ulterior Motives)


The Division of Homeland Security is encouraging residents to be prepared for a zombie outbreak, not since they think there’s going to be one, however since they think the preparations you ‘d make for zombies are comparable to those you would certainly produce a natural disaster or terrorist attack, and it’s just a lot more interesting to stock up pretending the undead are coming.

” The zombies are coming!” the Homeland Protection Division states.

Tongue solidly in cheek, the government urged residents Thursday to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, part of a public wellness campaign to urge better preparation for legitimate disasters and emergencies. The idea: If you’re prepared for a zombie attack, the same preparations will certainly assist throughout a typhoon, pandemic, earthquake or terrorist attack.

I imply, sure, in IDEA it appears like a decent plan, until you really see the preparations I made. “Let’s see right here– no food and water, no spare garments or medical supplies, 2 shotguns, an assault rifle and a shit-ton of ammunition.” F \*\*\* yeah, LET’S DO THIS SOME THINGS.

Thanks to hamburglar, who will take cheeseburgers too, so do not think those are safe.

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E-book price fixing trial set for 2013: Apple, Macmillan and Penguin prepare for courtroom brawl

E-book price fixing trial set for 2013: Apple, Macmillan and Penguin prepare for courtroom brawl

The Justice Division suggested corporate when it indicted Apple and 5 some other publishers of price-rigging e-books, and are officially taking Cupertino and 2 publishers to court. In a hearing on Friday, Judge Denise Cote set a bench testing for June 3, 2012, placing Apple, Macmillan and Penguin Group on the defense. The federal government’s allegations focus mainly on agency prices, which sees booksellers taking a 30 percent cut of each sale in lieu of buying the books at wholesale and setting their own rates. Apple and Macmillan have currently refuted the Justice Division’s claims, of course– however that had not been on the stand, was it?

E-book price repairing testing set for 2013: Apple, Macmillan and Penguin prepare for courtroom brawl appeared on Engadget on Fri, 22 Jun 2012 21:55:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Prepare For The Job Interview In 24 Hours Or Less

Prepare For The Job Interview In 24 Hours Or Less
New: 75% Commission. 85% Of Job Seekers Prepare For The Job Interview The Night Before. 2 Million People In The U. S. Search For Interview-related Info Each Month Via Google. Motivated Buyers And A Great Pitch Page Are Making This Product A Huge Success.
Prepare For The Job Interview In 24 Hours Or Less

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Prepare Your Wallets: Razer’s “Blade” Gaming Laptop To Ship Soon


You know what? 2011 has been a long year. With only a few more weeks to go until we ring in 2012, why not treat yourself to something nice completely ridiculous to finish out the year in style?

According to Kotaku, Razer’s high-end Blade gaming laptop will be going up for pre-order in the next few days, and should be hitting doorsteps by Christmas.

If you haven’t yet heard of the Blade (or if you’re suffering from a sticker shock-induced bout of amnesia), it’s a powerhouse of a gaming rig crammed into an aluminum body that’s less than an inch thick. It’s certainly no slouch when it comes to specs: it sports 2.8 Ghz Intel Core i7, 8GB of RAM, a 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M video card, and an 17-inch LED-backlit display. Oh, and who could forget the 10 context-sensitive touch keys to the right of the keyboard, which change depending on the game currently being played?

In fact, the Blade has only gotten better since last we saw it. Thanks to a considerable amount of media love for the gaming notebook, Razer President Min-Liang Tan says that the company has been able to renegotiate component prices and swapped the 320GB HDD for a 256GB solid-state drive without further inflating the price tag. Is that going to be enough to sway potential buyers? Probably not, but if you have $ 2,800 to burn, I can think of worse things to blow it on.

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