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Watch this ‘low-fi sci-fi’ short where Ai Weiwei plays a water smuggler

Billed as a “low-fi sci-fi” film, The Sand Storm takes place in a metropolis scoured by a water shortage. The most recognizable member of the cast is arguably Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who plays a smuggler that finds himself tangentially ensnared in the tribulations of the local population. Dialogue is sparse in this bleak Kickstarter success, which never fully explains what is going on in the background

The movie saw its share of controversy earlier this year when Ai publicly denounced the creative team for co-opting his image and involvement as a promotional hook. He also claimed that copyrighted material were used without his consent and requested that the Kickstarter project be taken down. Director Jason Wishnow eventually issued an…

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Taff Play’s – FarSky – A New Droid! – Episode 8

Taff Play's - FarSky - A New Droid! - Episode 8

Here is a game that took me by surprise and I’m totally hooked! With FarSky, you take the role of Nathan who got lost in the Ocean after the crash of his sub…

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Obama Plays Soccer With ASIMO ▪▪ Humanoid Robot [YT]

During his visit to Japan, at the Tokyo Miraikan Science Expo, President Barack Obama had a brief encounter with Honda’s humanoid robot ASIMO, The Wall Stree…
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The Queen’s Royal Guard Plays Game Of Thrones Theme

royal-guard-game-of-thrones.jpg So apparently Queen Elizabeth’s royal guard took time out of their busy schedule of standing around while people make funny faces at them to perform the Game of Thrones theme in front of Buckingham Palace. This is a video of that performance. You think the Queen is the one masterminding all the complaints to George R.R. for taking to long to finish the series? “I’m already 88-years old — George needs to hurry the f*** up!” I imagine her yelling to the roomful of royal guard gathered in a secret command center deep beneath Buckingham Palace. Keep going for the video.

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This stackable media hub plays your old 16-bit game cartridges

The set-top box market is currently flooded with many cheap Android boxes, but they tend to offer limited remote access plus expansion capability, so it’s about time that something more exciting popped up. One such candidate is the EzeeCube, which…

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Vine’s loop counts tally plays in five-second increments

Until now, Vine’s stats only indicated likes and revines for those carefully crafted five-second masterpieces. With an update rolling out today, Twitter’s video app tacks on a real-time loop count tallying plays across both mobile and embedded…

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Obama plays soccer with robot

U.S. President Barack Obama plays soccer with a little robot from Honda during his visit to Japan.

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President Obama Plays Soccer With Japanese Robot Asimo | Kicks around football ball 2014

President Obama Plays Soccer With A Japanese Robot | Kicks around Soccer ball 2014 President Obama plays soccer with a Japanese robot President Obama is in J…
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Cone is a speaker that always plays the right song

What if you could turn on a speaker and instantly listen to the perfect song for that moment? That’s the idea behind Cone, a new web-connected music player that works like a radio of sorts — but only for the music you want to hear. The device works…

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TC Droidcast Episode 22: Nokia Goes Android While HTC Plays The Customer Care Card


On this week’s Droidcast, me and Chris Velazco get tough on smartwatches, but first we discuss Nokia Android “Nokia X” device plans and other infertile hybrid animals, and HTC’s renewed commitment to customer care and how that might affect its fortunes. Finally, we talk a bit about Chromecast, Google’s mobile-to-big screen media streamer and its new SDK.

Long story short, we know a lot about Nokia’s unreleased Android phone except for why it exists; HTC made some promises to customers in an AMA recently; and Google has made the Cast SDK part of its most recent stable release of Google Play services, so we should see a slew of apps offering up support for that home theater companion.

We invite you to enjoy weekly Android podcasts every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Eastern and 1:00 p.m. Pacific, in addition to our weekly Gadgets podcast at 3 p.m. Eastern and noon Pacific on Fridays. Subscribe to the TechCrunch Droidcast in iTunes, too, if that’s your fancy.

Intro music by Kris Keyser

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