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Skydivers Accidentally Drop GoPro Camera From Plane, It Plummets Into Pig Pen, Pig Immediately Tries To Eat It

camera-fall-from-plane-to-pig.jpg Warning: the video footage of the camera falling will give you a seizure even if you have no history of seizures or have actually never ever even sneezed really hard before so be cautious enjoying that part. This is the footage from a GoPro cam that was accidentally dropped from an aircraft by a skydiver. The cam falls directly into a pig pen, where a pig right away runs up and tries to eat things. The pig’s owner found the video camera 8 months later. One time when I was in high school I found a disposable camera and got all delighted that maybe there may be some nudes on the roll AND THERE WERE. “She hot?” He was alright. Struck the jump for the video in case you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if a pig was eating your face.

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Albatross One: flying Row 44′s amphibious in-flight WiFi test plane

Every manufacturer needs to test its gear throughout the product cycle, and if in-flight connectivity is what you’re peddling, frequent trials and partner demos can be tremendously costly for even the best-funded operations. For satellite internet …

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Solar Power 6 in 1 Toy DIY Educational Robot Car Boat Dog Fan Plane Puppy LMH09

Robot Protector Shield Stand Case For Apple iPad Mini Retina + 3 LCD Guard

End Date: Tuesday Jul-29-2014 20:05:22 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $13.27
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Robot Protector Shield Stand Case For Apple iPad Mini Retina + 3 LCD Guard
End Date: Tuesday Jul-29-2014 20:05:22 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $13.27
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

Robot Protector Shield Stand Case For Apple iPad Mini Retina + 3 LCD Guard
End Date: Tuesday Jul-29-2014 20:05:22 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $13.27
Buy It Now | Add to watch list

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PowerUp 3.0 Is A Bluetooth Module That Turns A Paper Plane Into A Lean, Mean App-Controlled Flying Machine

There’s something intrinsically appealing about a choreographed blend of low and high tech. To wit, meet PowerUp 3.0: a Bluetooth 4.0 device that turns a bog-standard paper airplane into, well, a smartphone-controlled lean, mean flying machine. Or so its makers claim. And if those claims stack up pranking your teachers is about to get a whole lot more sophisticated.

What exactly is Power Up 3.0? It’s a Bluetooth module that connects to a paper plane to act as both frame, propulsion/steering device, and Bluetooth communications hub – meaning the user can control the plane via their smartphone. The Micro-USB charged module is apparently good for 10 minutes of flying per charge, and has an 180 feet/55 metre comms range (i.e. between it and you, piloting it via Bluetooth link to your smartphone).

So far PowerUp 3.0′s aviation enthusiast makers have a working prototype and an iOS app but they’ve taken to Kickstarter to get the project off the ground (ho-ho). The campaign launched on Saturday and blasted past its $ 50,000 target in just eight hours, according to inventor Shai Goitein, so there’s clearly considerable appetite for disruptions to paper-plane throwing mechanisms.

Or for a lower cost way of bagging yourself a remote-controlled airplane, which is basically what this is – albeit, not an ‘all weathers’ aircraft. Soggy paper planes aren’t going to go anywhere, app or no app.

At the time of writing PowerUp’s Kickstarter funding total is soaring north of $ 135,000 (and climbing steadily) – if they reach $ 150,000 an Android app will also be baked.

The basic PowerUp 3.0 package costs $ 30 but all those pledge levels have been bagged by early backers, so the kit now costs from $ 40 – or more if you want extras like rechargeable power packs.

The current iOS app, which has been in the works for more than a year, includes a throttle lever for ascending/descending, and a tilt to steer function – which manipulates a small fin on the rear of the module to shift the plane’s in-air trajectory. There can’t be a paper-plane folding kid in the world that hasn’t wished for such trajectory bending magic.

The module’s frame is made of carbon fibre, so it can survive the inevitable crash landings – as well as be light enough for flight.

Backers of the PowerUp 3.0 can expect to be disrupting their lessons come May next year, when the kit is due to ship.

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And It Didn’t Work?!: Man Tries To Board Plane With Pet Turtle Disguised As Hamburger


Note: Picture is not of the actual turtle burger, because there’s no way TSA wouldn’t have fallen for this one.

A man in China recently tried to sneak his pet turtle onto a plane between the buns of a KFC hamburger (or possible chicken sandwich). Unfortunately, the disguise wasn’t good enough to fool airport security. Hey, I’m as shocked as you are — I know a foolproof plan when I hear one.

As Li passed through airport security, X-ray screening machines detected a few “odd protrusions” sticking out of a KFC burger that the man had packed in his bag.

Airport staff determined that the protrusions looked suspiciously like turtle limbs, and asked to inspect Li’s luggage.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” Li reportedly insisted. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

Li finally acquiesced to an inspection after repeated requests from airport staff, who uncovered the pet turtle hidden inside the burger. When asked why he had devised this strange idea, Li said that he had only wanted to travel together with his “beloved” turtle.

After staff patiently explained that turtles could not be smuggled on board the plane, Li reluctantly agreed to allow a friend to care for his pet while he was away.

A hamburger, really? I mean I get the shape of a hamburger bun and a turtle are similar, but that’s about it. No, if you really want to disguise a turtle on a flight you need to make it look like a bowl of soup – turtle soup. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Jk jk, Michelangelo and the gang, I would never do that. *Donatello breaks both my legs with his bō staff* I deserved that, I really did.

Thanks to john, who’s surprised dude didn’t go with a classic nachos disguise.

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It’s Not A Bird, Plane Or Taco-Copter. This Wedding Has A Ring-Dropping Quadcopter

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 5.12.14 PM

Sadly, Tacocopter was not a reality. But maybe quadcopters could disrupt the near-dominant hold that children have on ring-bearing at weddings.

Otavio Good, creator of Word Lens, the app that translates written words while you’re traveling in foreign countries, used a quadcopter to deliver his wedding rings by air yesterday.

When the marriage official asked him for the ring, Good shrugged. Then a harpist strummed up the James Bond theme, while a quadcopter emerged out of the nearby Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City, flew across a pond and landed in Good’s hands.

He untied a ribbon, carrying the two wedding rings and then set the quadcopter free like a dove and it flew away into the distance. Good’s brother, Kevin, who also serves as the “Director of Flying Robot Arts” at a Washington D.C.-area drone group, commandeered the quadcopter.

No one is really sure whose idea it was between, Good, his brother and Good’s now wife and cancer researcher Zinaida Tebaykina. Commercial and recreational quadcopters have been used to film mountain climbing, concerts and monitor oil pipelines for environmental hazards. It’s not even actually the first time they’ve been used to deliver rings to a wedding (maybe it’s the second) or propose to a woman.

“It was kind of an excuse to buy a quadcopter,” Otavio Good said. “We just modded it and brought it out here.”

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Snowden suspicions cause chaotic rerouting of Bolivian president’s plane


A diplomatic incident has exploded in Europe after a Bolivian presidential flight was diverted to Austria upon unfounded fears that the NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, was on board. France and Portugal allegedly refused permission for president Evo Morales’ plane to enter their airspace for refuelling, forcing the craft to eventually touch down in Vienna.

Continue reading…

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Tough Times: Former Air Force One Plane Up For Auction


Most likely to dig us out of this huge deficit, the government is auctioning a former Flying force One flight, which it will probably change with an additional Air Force One flight that’s more recent and 10x more pricey. You know, I wish we might select where our tax dollars went since I ‘d desire mine simply flushed down the shitter and the video broadcast over the web.

It’s rarely we get to sell a piece of history like this, however GSA Auctions is offering this plane that flew Head of states Ford, Carter, Reagan, Shrub, Clinton & Bush (as well as the Vice-President, First Lady, Cabinet secretaries, 4-star generals, admirals, foreign dignitaries and even more).

Enjoyable fact: did you understand a plane is technically just referred to as Air Force One if there’s a head of state aboard? Otherwise it’s just a fancy aircraft. Quick forward to some bad funny flick about a dumb however adorable head of state stepping on and off the airplane shouting, “Flying force One, routine airplane! Flying force One, routine airplane!” When I close my eyes I see Adam Sandler or among the Wayans brothers.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who’s so wicked he’s plotting how he can take over the world from 35,000-feet even as we talk.

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Guy Gets Sucked Out The Back Of Plane By Parachute


This is a short video of a solider getting sucked out of the back of an airplane/helicopter after his reserve chute catches the wind. One second he’s there, the next he’s gone. Kind of like my online dating dates when we finally meet at a restaurant. *looking around* Was it something I said?! (It’s usually a combination of everything I said plus the fact my profile pic was a blurry Leonardo DiCaprio).


This is a short video of a solider getting sucked out of the back of an airplane/helicopter after his reserve chute catches the wind. One second he’s there, the next he’s gone. Kind of like my roommate whenever the check comes at a restaurant. I’ve actually started tying his shoelaces together under the table so can’t sneak away. That or pinning his hand to the table with a steak knife. I SAID WE’RE GOING DUTCH, DEREK.

You’re right, those were both bad. Hit the jump for the video.

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Magic: Wingtip Vortices In Fog Created By Landing Plane


This is a short video of a Swiss Airbus A340 landing at the Zurich airport in heavy fog. Which, as far as fog goes, is probably airplane pilots’ least favorite kind. Me? It’s my favorite because it makes sneaking around the neighborhood playing ninja assassin easier.

Thanks to the lights illuminating the fog, you can see clearly the downwash, ground effect, and the wingtip vorticies in action.

I have no idea what that meant, but I will let you in on a little secret: you know what the black box in airplanes is really for? To hold the magician that makes the airplane fly captive. Haha, the truth is out, FAA! You know how they say no electronics during takeoff? That’s because it screws with the anti-gravity field he’s generating in there. This is all fact by the way, it’s just kept secret to keep ticket prices high.

Hit the jump for the video.

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