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Squishy Forts: Modular Pillow Fort Construction Kits

modular-pillow-forts.jpg Forts, not farts. Squishy farts are entirely various and, a minimum of in my experience, often result in going to the restroom to inspect your underwear. These (the blue pieces) are Squishy Forts, modular pillow fort construction kits designed by Ross Currie (and not Marie Curie, who I heard could radiance in the dark). They come in column and wall pieces and link to each various other by means of embedded magnets. You and I? You and I link to each other through shared interests. Exactly what do you like? “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Yeah I’m not into that, exactly what else? “Pogs.” Jesus, is it 1992? Just state video games. “Computer game.” See? I like video games. We’re practically BFFs, if BFFs hated each other and invested all their extra time thinking about killing the various other one. Squishy Ft kits begin at $ 135 for a 6-column 4-wall ‘standard set’. Additionally, do exactly what I did and go to the thrift establishment and purchase all their couch cushions. Now I have pillow ft bugs. Keep going for a couple more shots and the Kickstarter video.

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Fly Or Die: The Ostrich Pillow

With travel ramping up over the holiday season, we thought it wise to bring you a taste of Ostrich.

The Ostrich pillow, to be exact.

It’s a clever little pillow that slips over your head and covers everything but your nose and mouth. Though it doesn’t offer much by way of neck support, you can lay your head down and slip your hands in the holes on the top for a nice desk-style nap.

The one major caveat: it’s $ 75. For a pillow. For a frame of reference, I bought the best possible neck pillow I could find before flying to Germany last year and it was $ 50.

Still, the Ostrich Pillow could come in handy for someone who travels constantly or happens to be allowed to take naps at work. Of course, most work buildings in which naps are allowed come with facilities to do so, but the Ostrich pillow is a nice way to keep out light and have a nice nap, even when sitting up.

John, not surprisingly, is unimpressed. He thinks the impaired vision and lack of neck support make the Ostrich pillow uncomfortable. He may be right, but he’s also not using the pillow correctly, either.

I, on the other hand, give this baby a fly if used in the right circumstances. If you’re addicted to napping and have $ 75 to burn, go for it. Otherwise, you probably don’t need this.

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“Gmail” Pillow

“Gmail” Pillow

There were surely times you wanted to hug your email account since it is amazing, and now you can vicarious through this pillow. Adoringly handcrafted by Craftsquatch, this cozy pillow is made with the softest fleece and fulled of the fluffiest polyester filling to make it completely squeezable yet firm.


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Weapon Test 83: Intern Abuser 10/11/12: “Pillow Fight”

THE INTERN ABUSER IS A TWO DAY LIVE EVENT, HAPPENING OCT. 11TH AND 12TH The INTERN ABUSER is a remote robotic apparatus that allows visitors from across the globe to physically and mentally abuse our intern from the comfort of their own office or home using the sadistic power of their personal internet browser. SIGN UP for the LIVE EVENT on OCTOBER 11th and 12th and look forward to your turn to agitate our hapless apprentice through plethora of amusing irritants. When your turn comes-up, you will have 30 seconds to take aim at a series of targets using a foam dart gun. You get three shots at hitting a target that will trigger a specific abusive device. If you don’t have the heart to participate, you can simply tune-in to watch the action and have a giggle at the intern’s expense. If suckling on our intern’s pain pokes your guilt reflex, we’ve provided the intern with a PayPal account for you to donate to their college fund. www.internabuser.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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The Ostrich Pillow: Because Who Doesn’t Love A Good Nap?


I often take naps all over– on recreation area benches, at my cooking area table after lunch, and the majority of certainly on the subway. In fact, I ’ m convinced that I have some sort of sleep disorder, regardless of my physician ’ s insistence to the contrary. But with or without some formal medical diagnosis, I seem to have stumbled throughout the sweet elixir to my napping joy.

It ’ s called the Ostrich Pillow, and also though it ’ s been around for about a year, it just just recently made its method on to Kickstarter. It ’ s basically a giant big hat, that stretches all the means from the top of your head down to the crown of your shoulders, with a small hole for your nose and mouth, and holes up top for your hands.

The idea is that, as napping comes to be increasingly more customary in work environments, users can easily strap on their ostrich pillow and doze off for a power nap. It seems to have everything covered, except it appears to be without correct neck support. I ’ ll requirement to get my hands (err. head?) in one to discover, but based on the images you might wake up with rather the crick.

Here at TechCrunch, one of our fearless pioneers has actually found that a strong nap during the work day really enhances performance, a lot to her shock.

Additional business are also leaping on the nap time bandwagon, consisting of Google and Cisco. According to Fortune, 6 percent of business featured nap spaces in their facilities in 2011, and 34 percent of|1,500 respondents were allowed to nap at work.

Oh, I practically forgot … Romain, our intern, also rests at work.

It ’ s the beginning of a brand-new period my pals.

Click to view slideshow.

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Decorating With Squares: Tetris Shapes Pillow Set


This is a $ 280 Tetris shapes (tetrominos) pillow set from Etsy seller StarGallery. If you’re really just hoping for the long stick one that’s TOO DAMN BAD because they’re only sold as a set. Thankfully, since my mom taught me how to sew like the little daughter she never had, I can make my own. Then start my own Etsy store and sell sets for $ 250, stealing all of StarGallery’s business. “You’re just gonna mail boxes filled with dirty towels, aren’t you?” Read the sign. “Absolutely no refunds or exchanges.” *wink*

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Nap Seat Backrest Cushion Cushions Pillow W/ MP3 Music Speaker For iPhone iPod

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Video: Anti-Sleep Apnea Robot Pillow

robot pillow

Sleep apnea can be a big problem for people affected by the disorder, but there is help from Japan on the way. A team of researchers at Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a robot pillow that monitors the sleep of patients and helps them by touching the face or neck whenever it detects irregularities in the sleep cycle.

The pillow, which is dubbed Jukusui-kun, is shaped like a teddy bear. In Japan alone, about 2 million people are estimated to suffer from sleep apnea (out of a population of 128 million), meaning the target group is quite large.

Teruko Otani from the Jukusui-kun’s research group explains how the pillow works:

In this system, a pulse oxymeter, worn on the finger, measures oxygen concentration in the blood. Also, a microphone in the teddy bear picks up the sound of snoring. The data from these two devices is evaluated by a PC, and reflected in the signal sent to an actuator, so the actuator movement can be varied depending on the person’s condition. The actuator movement helps the person roll over in their sleep, and if their breathing is badly interrupted, it wakes the person up.

This video, shot by Diginfo TV (in English), shows the robot pillow in action:

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Robotic Bear Pillow Claws At Face To Prevent Snoring


Seen here about to choke some poor f*** out, Jusui-Kun is a robotic bear pillow that paws at a person’s face if they’re snoring, encouraging them to roll over and stop cutting the z’s or whatever. TOO BAD I DON’T SNORE. God, make something for busting ass in your sleep.

Okay, it’s more of a “gentle tickling,” according to the bear’s creators. The key is to get the snorer sleeping on the pillow to move his or her head from side to side. Jusui-Kun has a built-in mic to detect the sleeper’s snoring, while an equally cuddly hand monitor detects blood oxygen levels, letting the bear know when to issue one of its loving face swipes.

Oh man, can you even imagine explaining this thing to your girlfriend when she comes over AND YOU’RE IN BED WITH SOME ROBOTIC BEAR TICKLING YOUR NUTS? “…Why would it be tickling my nuts?” Why wouldn’t it be — because you wanted to know what it felt like!

Hit the jump for a short video of Chokey the Bear in action.

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Ostrich Pillow Thingy For Napping At Work


If there’s one thing that feels good it’s sleeping on the man’s dime and not getting fired for it. And while some lock their office doors and play audio of themselves on the phone or opt to sleep in the trunk of their car, I’m more of a traditionalist: passed out on the handicapped commode in the bathroom with my head between my legs. Nobody ever gives me a hard time because nobody ever wants to hear about my bowel trouble. I mean, I’ll tell you, but not if you want to eat today or tomorrow or the next day. Enter the Ostrich, a pillow thingy designed to mimic the ostrich’s ‘head in the sand’ style of catching bees. “You mean Z’s?” No Sherlock, I’m pretty sure they eat bees.

OSTRICH offers a micro environment in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap at ease. It is neither a pillow nor a cushion, nor a bed, nor a garment, but a bit of each at the same time. Its soothing cave-like interior shelters and isolates our head and hands (mind, senses and body) for a few minutes, without needing to leave our desk.

Plus it makes it really uncomfortable to breathe, so you’ll probably wake up thinking you were buried alive. And speaking of being buried alive: once in my misguided youth, I actually buried a worm alive. “Yeaaaaaaah, it probably lived.” No, you don’t understand – it was at sea. And that was after I’d impaled him on a hook but right before a a fish ate him OH THE HUMANITY.

Designer Kawamura Ganjavian’s Website
Is This a Sex Toy? [gizmodo]

Thanks to c-note, who’s still petitioning to get his face on the $ 100 bill. Hey, I’m down — Ben Franklin’s ugly as a mofro.

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