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At a Chinese art museum, an iPad on a pedestal

iPad at Chinese art museum (C) New Yorker

The New Yorker states that the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing has a curious brand-new display from a performance artist name Li Liao, who made use of to work at a business called Foxconn. For 45 days, he helped construct iPads by looking for problematic printed circuit boards, and saved his wages to purchase one for himself. The artifacts from his time at the Shenzhen manufacturing facility are now up for public show: Liao’s white uniform, badges, a framed contract, and the iPad he helped assemble and then bought. “I don’t think this experience altered my perception of the items,” Liao tells The New Yorker, “it only made one thing clearer: many of the items in this globe in fact have nothing to do with the employees who made them. To many of the workers …

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Dyson Air Multiplier fans grow up to Tower and Pedestal dimensions

James Dyson seems to have made the manipulation of air his life’s mission, and his most recent product, the “bladeless” desktop fan, has apparently enjoyed enough success to merit an expanded range. You’ll soon be able to splash a cool $450 on either of the elongated Tower (above left) or Pedestal Air Multipliers. They function along the same principles as the original: air is stirred up (by blades!) in the base and then thrust through the circumference of the device to deliver cool, calming, and buffet-free chills to your overworked self. Mind you, Dyson’s keen to point out that only 7 percent of the air comes from its impeller-driven base — most of the flow comes from “the inducement and entrainment of surrounding air.” Boy, the company sure is getting its money’s worth out of that thesaurus purchase. If you want to read more of this highfalutin stuff, go past the break for the full press release.

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