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Foire de Paris 2009 Sony TV Oled

Stand Sony – Foire de Paris 2009 – TV Oled.

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Forget jetliners, the Paris Air Show means war (video)

Forget jetliners, the Paris Air Show means war

There’s a battle going on between Airbus and Boeing, but while both industry players maintain their fair share of government contracts, this war primarily concerns the commercial side of the biz. For many of the companies that surround these giants at this week’s Paris Air Show, however, military might is big business. Fighter jets, troop transporters, attack drones and massive missiles are the bread and butter of manufacturers like US-based Raytheon and France’s own Thales — smaller companies from China, Germany, Israel and Russia flaunt their own munitions at otherwise ordinary trade show booths, too.

High-profile politicians and military officers from around the world are also in no short supply at Le Bourget Airport this week. In one exhibition hall, we spotted Lieutenant General Craig Franklin, a top US Air Force commander, studying a new security screening system from Safran. Then, earlier today, we stumbled upon Sergey Shoygu, Russia’s Minister of Defence, examining a handful of mobile rocket launchers. And just after yesterday’s Airbus A350 cockpit tour, we bumped into a gaggle of Chinese officers as they were checking out model attack choppers at the Eurocopter booth.

Troops from dozens of countries around the globe were in attendance, often dressed up in full military regalia despite the oppressive summer heat. Allies and enemies alike joined together to take note of the latest and greatest, scanning ground displays and taking in dramatic performances a few hundred feet above the sweltering tarmac. You don’t need to rough it at Le Bourget to see this year’s displays, though. We’ve collected many of the 2013 Paris Air Show’s deadliest crafts in the gallery just below.

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Paris and Bee Bee Cookie Robot Cookie Jar w/ Lights # 34153 Hand Painted NIB

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Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (live paris 1970)

yeah!! this one is in sync!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Paris Eiffel Tower Back Hard Case Cover For Apple iPhone 4 4G New Fashionable

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Luxury game controller is hand assembled in Paris, overkill everywhere else

Feeling ostentatious, are we? This luxury game controller (yes, you read that right) is hand assembled in a Parisian workshop and features a lacquered oak wood joystick, ostrich leather covering, and electronics courtesy of Sanwa. We have no idea how much this will cost (and we’re quite frankly afraid to ask) although we should know when this becomes available on the 18th of this month. Compatible with the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, it’s being brought to the world by a French company called Hoon. Hit the source link to start wasting money.

Luxury game controller is hand assembled in Paris, overkill everywhere else originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 02 Feb 2011 16:54:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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The Green Supercars Of Tomorrow Are On Display At The Paris Auto Show

Supercars are as important as space programs. They are a hotbed of technology development and these incredibly expensive platforms allow designers and engineers alike to run wild. Sometimes even when the vehicles are sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars, they do not directly make the companies money. But yet supercars are built over and over again because they are just that important.

The vehicle industry is at a turning point right now. Suddenly stuffing a lightweight high-output engine into a F1 body tweaked for the road isn’t enough. Well, it is right now in 2010, but that design won’t cut it three, four, and especially five years from now when the vehicle finally moves from development to retail. Nope, the Paris Auto Show is showing the world is going green and that includes the next generation of supercars.

The term green is used loosely here. It doesn’t mean these 200+ MPH cars will suddenly see 50mpg numbers. No, some will still suck down fuel faster than a Ford F350, while others will use no gasoline. Both types however will employ foward-thinking technology that will eventually trickle down to your next Corilla or Malibu. This is why supercars are so important.

Humanity is not going to ride one specific type of green vehicle off to the sunset. No, there is more than enough room for multiple green powertrains. Pure EV vehicles make a lot sense for city folk while extended range hybrids like the Volt or Fisker Karma work better for those needing to drive longer distances. Advance diesel systems even have a place as both the fuel and engines become more efficient and output less emissions. Traditional hybrids will likely overtake pure gasoline vehicles by the end of the decade as battery packs and electric motors drop in cost.

However, each of the aforementioned green powertrain options still have a long way to go before they reach any sort of maturity. It’s up to the supercars and their race car brethern to work out the kinks.

The Porsche 959 is a tech world cult classic. This is the car that Bill Gates and Paul Allen both imported to the states in the ’80s despite the US Department of Transportation deeming them illegal to drive. Gates’ sat in a US Customs warehouse for 13 years until the “Show and Display” category was authorized. But these tech giants wanted this car because it was the best in the world. It was the best in the world because Porsche threw out the mold and went wild.

The Porsche 911 platform was treading water in the early ’80s. The rear-mounted engine configuration used in the 911 was seemingly dying, but Porsche wanted to give it one more go. The company used the wild Group B rally circuit as an excuse and set out to develop the best on- and off-road car possible. The all-wheel drive 959 with adjustable ride height and a totally new sequentially turbocharged 2.85L flat-six engine emerged. In accordence to rally rules, a passenger version had to be made as well and so the 959 went on sale for $ 225,000.

Crazy expensive? Yes, but technical achievements of the 959 can still be seen in today’s 911 models. It was a necessary venture and perhaps saved the 911 from losing its spot atop the supercar podium.

Jaguar just introduced what is nearly a perfect electric throwback to the iconic XJ220 at the Paris Auto. Google Image Search “Jaguar supercar” and that’s what you get. While the XJ220 was the dream car of the ’90s, the just-unveiled C-X75 will likely be posterized by your kids. It’s the twin-turbine electric supercar of the future.

The C-X75 is just a concept right now, but most of the configuration is already doable by today’s standards. There are four 195HP electric motors at each of the wheels, powered by an extended range system similar to the one inside the Chevy Volt. Jaguar claims the vehicle can go 68 miles on battery power alone, although that’s likely when you’re treating the accelerator like there’s an egg under it. But unlike the Volt where an I4 gasoline engine is used to recharge the Li-on battery pack, the C-X75 employs micro-gas turbines developed together with Bladon Jets. That’s the concept part.

But Jaguar is far from alone in their Paris Auto Show announcement. Lotus unveiled the Elite Gentlemen’s car that uses a KERS-inspired hybrid boost system along with announcing a hybrid version of the Elan supercar is in the works that also uses the same system.

It’s everywhere. Green powertrains are now longer a novelty, they’re a requirement.

Then there’s the Porsche 911 GT3 electric hybrid currently making the racing circuit rounds. This car uses a 480HP flat-six gasoline engine for the rear wheels and twin 60 kW motors for the front. A flywheel captures energy during braking and then delivers it either on-demand via a button or during flat-out runs. It’s apparently a thrill to drive and you’ll be able to catch the car at on October 2nd as it competes in Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans (PLM).

There was an old saying back when NASCARs were closer to production cars, “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.” That statement may very well become relivent again, but in a slightly different context. Rather than selling, say, a Porsche 911 just because it won some random race, the vehicle will sell because it has a proven green powertrain.

Technology trickles down. Scoff at the seemingly-unattainable supercar all you want, but they serve a necessary part in vehicle development. This even applies to cars like the Volt. Sure, it’s pricey now, but GM developed a whole new powertrain system and eventually it will become more affordable.


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BMW shows off factory iPad docks for rear seats in Paris

src="" alt="" title="bmeipad-sg" width="500" height="363" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-53124" />When it comes to rear seat entertainment there are a lot of vehicles on the road that have TVs and movie players for kids and adults to watch on longer trips. Watching DVDs can be a bit boring after a while though and in most cars, you are out of luck.

BMW has unveiled at the Paris Motor Show new factory iPad docks for the rear seat passengers. The dock is very nice looking and integrated well into the design of the car. Some aftermarket docks just don’t look good.

The dock will let the rear seat riders watch video, play games, and surf the web on the iPad while on the road. That is a really cool option to have and goes along with the factory iPhone mount the company already offers.


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Geohot from la nuit du hack at Paris

Here is George Hotz explaining how he jailbreak the iPhone and break the baseband, unfortunately I have not recorded the Q&A which was very interesting. This conf was awesome, Geohot is great in live. At 7:38 you can hear that Geohot has a new unreleased exploit !! Voici la vidéo de Geohot lors de la nuit du hack à paris, il a donnée une conférence “Magique”, c’est la partie iPhone de la conférence (ma préféré), après il parle de la PS3 mais je ne l’ai pas enregistré. Par contre il ya le question et réponses qui était excellent, si quelqu’un à une video je suis preneur. A 7:38 vous pouvez entendre que Geohot à un exploit qu’il n’a pas encore sortit, ça promet ! Et n’hésitez pas à visiter plus d’informations seront bientôt à votre disposition.

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Social Bikes: GPS-Tracked, Phone-Controlled Rides in NYC

The Social Bicycle System (SoBi) turns bike-sharing on its head, and is set to test in New York City this fall. Instead of big, central base-stations from which the bikes must be taken and returned, the SoBi puts all the tech on the bike itself. Here’s how it works:

The service consists of three parts. First, the SoBi unit which clamps to the bike and contains a GPS unit, a cellular device and a honking-great lock. Second is the SoBi server, and third is you or, more specifically, your cellphone.

Once registered, you can use your phone to track down a bike on a map. This may be locked to a regular bike-rack or at a designated base-station (yup, there are base-stations, but you don’t have to use them). Once you find a bike, you unlock it with your phone and ride away. If you don’t have a smart enough phone, you can just punch an unlock code into the unit or unlock it via SMS.

Because of the GPS and cellular connectivity, the server can authorize you and also always know where the bikes are. It will also allow you to track yourself, totting up the calories you burn as you avoid the legendary NYC pot-holes.

The bikes have some extras. If your bike is broken, hit the “repair” button and the bike will be flagged for pick-up. And what if you pop into the liquor store and come out to find another SoBi user has already taken off on “your” bike? There’s a “hold” button. which gives you ten minutes after locking the bike before it goes live again.

SoBi founder Ryan Rzepecki says that the startup costs are a fraction of those using traditional infrastructure-based systems, like the Velib in Paris of Bicing in Barcelona. Rzepecki says that these cost around $3,000 to $4,000 per bike to set up. SoBi costs less than $1,000 per bike.

The testing of the lock is the next part of the scheme. And we probably don’t have to point out that, being in New York, the lock is probably the most important part of the whole bike.

SoBi [Social Bicycles via Crunch Gear]

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Social Bikes: GPS-Tracked, Phone-Controlled Rides in NYC

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