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Australia 1987 Technology Robotics Pair MNH

IDW:Transformers Robots In Disguise! No.18 First Printing June.2013 No Tears!

End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 18:15:15 PST
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6 Gibson USA Les Paul SG Min-ETune TUNERS Tuning Pegs Robot Guitar Parts
$117.50 (19 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 18:15:36 PST
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End Date: Thursday Dec-18-2014 18:16:04 PST
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The Oldest Pair Of Pants In The World (Are Over 3,000– In Surprisingly Good condition).

worlds-oldest-pants.jpg These are thought to be the earliest pants worldwide, just recently excavated from a burial place in China. They belonged to a nomadic herder, who likely wore them for riding horseback. When I’m riding horseback? Complete knight’s shield and a flaming lance.

With straight-fitting legs and a wide crotch, the old wool pants appear like contemporary riding pants, says a group led by archaeologists Ulrike Beck and Mayke Wagner of the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin. The discoveries, revealed in the Yanghai graveyard in China’s Tarim Basin, support previous work recommending that nomadic herders in Central Asia invented pants to provide bodily protection and flexibility of activity for horseback journeys and mounted warfare, the scientists report Could 22 in Quaternary International.

Damn– 3,000 years old and they still look better than many of my jeans. Mine have like, method more holes. No lie, the other day I was at Home Depot and looked down and there was my penis, glancing out a hole at the knee. Thanks to Irina, who concurs it’s just a matter of time prior to they’re selling rip-off versions at Urban Outfitters.

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A Pair Of Giant Robot Feet Slippers With Sound Effects

giant-robot-slippers-1.jpg These are the Giant Robot Feet With Noise Impacts slippers available from ThinkGeek ($ 30). They make every action sound like a robotic taking an action. They are the best slippers for somebody searching for gigantic robotic feet with sound results slippers. They are NOT the ideal slippers for somebody searching for giant robot feet with LIGHT UP effects slippers. You gotta choose your impacts when it comes to huge robot slippers. Talking of giants– I just had this MASSIVE hot pastrami sandwich for lunch and I think it’s giving me the sleepies. Perhaps if I simply close my eyes for a minute I’ll … YEP, have my wallet and shoes stolen while I’m out. I f \*\*\* ing hate this bus. Keep going with another shot and a commercial.

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PreSonus E4.5 Eris Monitor pair with Cable and iTunes Gift Card Bundle

PreSonus E4.5 Eris Monitor pair with Cable and iTunes Gift Card Bundle

PreSonus E4.5 Eris Monitor pair with Cable and iTunes Gift Card Bundle

  • Specially Priced Package includes PreSonus E4.5 Monitors with all items as packaged by Presonus, PLUS:
  • (1) 1/8 in. to dual RCA cable to plug your monitors into a computer or any other portable music player
  • (1) .00 iTunes gift card to get some awesome music to play through the new monitors.
  • PLUS Free copy of Studio One Artist DAW when you register your speaker with PreSonus
  • Sonic Sense One-Year Extended Warranty Adds One Year to Manufacturer’s Warranty

Get everything you need to use your new PreSonus E4.5 Monitors with this specially priced package including: (1) 1/8 in. to dual RCA cable to plug your monitors into a computer or any other portable music player, and (1) .00 iTunes gift card to get some awesome music to play through the new monitors. PLUS Free copy of Studio One Artist DAW when you register your speaker with PreSonus

List Price: $ 199.00

Price: $ 199.00

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How to Pair The Samsung Galaxy Gear [Watch]

here is a video showing how to pair the Samsung Galaxy Gear (watch) to any Samsung Galaxy device running 4.3. ** How to use Galaxy Gear video here.** http://…

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Meta Pro promises Tony Stark-style computing with a $3,000 pair of sunglasses

As opposed to the rudimentary capabilities of the current king of wearables, Google Glass, a company called Meta is building a full-fledged augmented reality computing platform into a pair of aviator shades and a pocket computer. A platform that aims …

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Bowers & Wilkins launches the P7, its first pair of over-ear headphones

DNP B&W P7 headphones

We’ve seen on-ear and in-ear headphones come out of Bowers & Wilkins’ labs for quite some time, but now the company has announced its first over-ear pair. The new P7s boast the style’s natural advantages, of course — ear-covering cushions that mold to the wearer’s head, improving noise isolation. B&W crafted new audio drivers for the cans too, which it claims are designed more like “traditional audiophile speaker” than a pair of premium headphones. The device’s leather and metal finish looks sleek, but it doesn’t come cheap — a pair will set you back $ 400 when it comes out this September. Too rich for your blood? Well, you can always opt for one of B&W’s relatively more affordable options.

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Move Over Google Glass – GlassUp Is A Less Creepy And Much Cheaper Pair Of AR Specs


Right now Google Glass sits at the apogee of geeky, wearable technology.  Last month, interviewing a Glass-wearing Robert Scoble, Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman memorably debunked it in his opening question as “that thing on your head. ” Getting non-techie people to view Glass as anything other than ludicrously geeky is going to be an uphill fight for Google.

Arguably, though, even more of a blocker to Glass adoption is people viewing the technology as the epitome of creepy, thanks to its built in camera. Sure a digital eye sited at eye-level lets you share a nice view of that mountain you can see from your hotel window. But in more everyday scenarios it also lets you video your fellow humans as they go about their business and that privacy intrusion is inevitably going to cause some friction. Throw in the whole NSA Prism surveillance fallout and stuff like this is inevitable.

Add to that, even though Google has banned (even more creepy) facial recognition apps on Glass’s Mirror API  it’s possible to envisage a workaround that leverages Google’s Hangouts feature — which shares real-time field of vision — to get around the bar. Marco Vanossi, co-founder of GeoPapyrus, pointed this workaround out to TechCrunch — and demonstrates how it can be made to work in this video, creating a Hangout with a robot assistant called Dexter that then analyses what the Glass wearer can see.

“You can share your camera view through a Google Hangout and the content in it (people, objects, places, barcodes, qrcodes) can be analyzed and identified,” he tells TechCrunch. “As a result, information can be overlaid on top of it and shown back on your screen. This means that the Hangout app, built and distributed by Google on every Glass device could be used to violate its own privacy rules.”

All of which suggests there may be room for an eyeless Glass-style product which preserves privacy be being receive only — and therefore can’t be accused of spying. Enter GlassUp. GlassUp is a prototype pair of augmented reality specs that does not include a camera. It’s currently seeking funds to start manufacturing on Indiegogo. The glasses are designed to allow the wearer to receive text-based messages and updates overlaid over the central portion of their field of vision — so while they intrude on the wearer’s vision, they can’t be accused of intruding on the privacy of the people around them.

GlassUp’s creators envisage a typical use-case being a pedestrian or a motorbike rider wanting to navigate handsfree and without having to stop every few yards to consult a map/smartphone. Or a tourist wanting to get info about the historical landmarks they are seeing pushed to their eye-line as they explore a new city. Other imagined use-cases include for cooks or warehouse workers needing info as they work.

The device is basically a second screen output for a smartphone, connecting via Bluetooth, that’s worn as a heads-up display. It has a monochrome projector to display text updates, helping to extend the battery life of the device. The creators say they intend to release some apps themselves, but also plan to release an API for Android, iOS and Windows Phone to allow developers to extend its functionality.

Having intentionally stripped back the hardware of GlassUp to remove privacy concerns its creators have also shrunk the cost. The price-tag for the device starts at $ 299 — considerably cheaper than the Google Glass Explorer’s hefty price-tag of $ 1,500.

GlassUp’s creators are hoping to raise $ 150,000 on Indiegogo and have so far managed to reach just over half their goal, with 11 days left on the campaign. However a update on their crowdfunding page notes that they will deliver products even if they fail to achieve their funding goal — thanks to unnamed investor backers. GlassUp is due to go on sale from February next year.

TechCrunch’s Steve O’hear contributed to this story

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Pssst, hey buddy: Want to win a free pair of Expand tickets?

Pssst, hey buddy Want to win a free pair of Expand tickets
Last week, 2 lucky Tweeters each won a pair of tickets to Engadget Broaden this March 16-17 in San Francisco by telling us which speaker they’re most anticipating seeing at the conference. Now we’re distributing some even more free of cost tickets– and this time, it’s personal!

We desire to understand which Engadget editor you’re most looking forward to conference. Shoot us a tweet to @ EngadgetExpand, calling which of our elite cadre of technophiliac scribes you ‘d most wish to satisfy face to face (and feel complimentary to include his/her Twitter take care of so they know you’re stalking them a fan!).

To be qualified to enter, you have to be 18 years of age and a UNITED STATE local (and please peruse the full guidelines).

Let your faves flow from now until 4pm EST (one entry per person, please!). We’ll select two lucky winners to each get a pair of free of cost tickets to Expand, and will notify them by means of Twitter. Plus, make sure to follow @ EngadgetExpand– we’ll be running more ticket giveaways (and various other surprises) a minimum of as soon as a week until the program.

Great luck!

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Harman bringing trio of JBL speakers and pair of AV receivers to CES

Harman brings trio of JBL speakers and pair of AV receivers to CES

Harman has joined several other companies in jumping the CES gun, announcing five new products it’s bringing to the show. First up is the JBL Charge, a hardy Bluetooth speaker which promises an impressive 12 hours of tunes on a single charge. If you are willing to sacrifice some of that play time, you can siphon power from the internal battery to other kit via the speaker’s USB port. Expected to start shipping in Q1 2013, you should be able to pick one up for around $ 149. Joining JBL’s OnBeat range are the Mini and Rumble speaker docks, which are both compatible with Apple’s Lightning connector. The Mini is a fairly standard dock which will play and charge for up five hours on battery power, and should be available this coming March for around $ 149. The Rumble, however, is a little more equipped, with both Lightning and Bluetooth streaming options, as well as a 4.5-inch, “down-firing subwoofer” for bass junkies. That extra muscle is reflected in the price, though, which is likely to be $ 399 when it hits stores next spring.

A couple of new Kardon-branded A/V receivers from Harman are also coming along to CES — the AVR 2700 and 3700. Both have multi-zone functionality, are stacked with wireless features including internet radio, AirPlay and DLNA connectivity, and can be controlled using iOS and Android apps. The AVR 2700 has eight HDMI ports and 4K video scaling for when you get round to buying that UHDTV, as well as 7.1-channel audio (at 100 watts per channel). The AVR 3700 adds WiFi connectivity, and has 7.2 channels (at 125 watts per channel) for adding a second woofer to your setup. When they become available to purchase in Q1 2013, expect wallet damage to the tune of $ 799 for the 2700, or $ 999 for the 3700. You can get a closer look at all the Harman products in the press shots below (complete with unnecessary reflection), and if you’re into PRs, there are a whole bunch awaiting you after the break.

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