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Powerbeats2 Review: Wireless Running Earbuds That Should Keep You On Pace

beats-powerbeats2 Beats rolled out a couple new products immediately following the news that it would be acquired by Apple, and one of them is the new Powerbeats2 in-ear wireless headset, which packs Bluetooth and a water resistant design to make it a suitable companion for workouts. The new version of the Powerbeats line sports a different design than the original, improved water resistance and better… Read More

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Ubuntu Edge Gets Its First Major Corporate Backer In Bloomberg, But Funding Still Off Needed Pace


The Ubuntu Edge is an audacious attempt to crowdsource the next smartphone advancement. Canonical, the company behind the Edge and Ubuntu itself is seeking an exorbitant $ 32 million to make it happen, and gave itself only a month to raise those funds. Now, Bloomberg LP has come forward as its first major corporate backer, with a lump $ 80,000 contribution in exchange for 100 Ubuntu Edge devices and enterprise workshops and technical support.

Bloomberg is the first backer at the “Enterprise 100″ campaign backer level, and that’s good news for the Ubuntu Edge, and would smash the initial targets of most hardware crowdfunding campaigns out there on its own, but the Ubuntu Edge isn’t just another crowdfunding campaign. That $ 32 million goal is looking mighty distant, having added only $ 1 million or thereabouts in the past week of its campaign, as noted by The Verge. A single $ 80,000 injection definitely helps things, but it doesn’t put the project on pace to reach $ 32 million by the end of the month, even if Bloomberg or other corporate backers were to plug $ 80,000 into the project daily on top of the current pace.

In fact, even being generous and projecting that Canonical manages to nab an even $ 10 million by this evening (unlikely), that gives it two weeks to raise an additional $ 24 million, which works out to $ 1.7 million per day. That’s a lot, and given that it earned $ 1 million in the past week altogether, not a very realistic expectation.

Bloomberg says in a statement that it’s excited about Canonical’s vision of converged computing with the Edge in particular. ”Ubuntu’s goal to offer a single-device solution for enterprise convergence and mobility is an exciting prospect and one that complements our vision for open development on the mobile platform,” says Bloomberg LP’s Head of Web Architecture Justin Erenkrantz in an official release detailing the news, noting that cross-platform, seamless performance is a chief goal of Bloomberg’s in terms of what it provides for its clients.

Canonical better have some considerable Hail Mary plays up its sleeve if it hopes to make that goal, and LastPass Premium bundled subscriptions and Bloomberg support, nice as they both are, just aren’t going to cut it. We’ll have to see if Canonical’s ambitious vision in this case ends up being an utter daydream, or if there’s some kind of buzzer-beating offensive play left in place to get funding back on track.

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Sprint’s Q1 2013 iPhone Sales Show Flat Growth, Off The Pace Worldwide And At Home


Sprint’s Q1 2013 financial results came out this morning, and the news wasn’t great overall. Losses continue to accumulate, and total smartphone sales aren’t faring very well, either, with just 5 million units sold in total. The iPhone, after achieving a record high of 2.2 million handsets sold on Sprint’s network last quarter, dropped back down to 1.5 million, the same number Sprint saw in the three quarters preceding Q4 2012.

This is the first time Sprint has reported specific total smartphone sales in an earnings release, and it said it achieved 5 million handset sales in total. that means that the iPhone accounted for 30 percent of total device sales at the carrier. iPhone sales for all of 2012 totaled 6.6 million, on total smartphone sales for the year of 20 million, which means Apple’s devices accounted for just about one-third of the total. That puts this quarter pretty close to on pace, but compared to the rest of the field, iPhone growth was flat at Sprint.

Horace Dediu of Asymco notes that iPhone sales grew 25 percent at Verizon, and by around 12 percent at AT&T. Worldwide, the pace was a 7 percent increase, with 14 percent improvement at home. It might be tempting to put some of the blame for Sprint’s flagging fortunes on a big bet on iPhone, but the numbers indicate the carrier isn’t being hurt so much by flagging iPhone sales, but by a general inability to match its competitors, in terms of device sales aside.

Sprint is still quick to note that the iPhone is driving new customers to its business, pointing out that the rate of new subscribers signing up via iPhone purchases is once again at over 40 percent, the same as over the past several quarters. The iPhone has been consistent for it, but the company was likely hoping it would be more of a breakout hit.

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TiVo software coming to Pace set-top boxes


You may have never heard of Pace, but you might have some of its hardware in your house right now. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, that satellite receiver you rely on every day might actually be made by Pace. Or, perhaps the box your cable company gave you that you just never gave much thought to. The up and coming set-top box maker has recently even had some success with the biggest cable company of them all, Comcast. The latest partnership for the company trying to overthrow both Motorola and Cisco in the cable box space? TiVo. This global partnership will ensure that TV providers that buy hardware from Pace and software from TiVo will have almost no work left to do. In other words, it’ll make way for an out-of-the box TiVo-verified platform. Pace indicates this will help answer the “strong interest” from TiVo’s list of service providers, but that seems a bit optimistic. Our cynical side reminds us of all the great Sling powered hardware marketed to those same providers that years later, still has not been put into use.

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TiVo software coming to Pace set-top boxes originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 02:52:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Exceeds 4 Million, Doubles The Pace Of The iPhone 4


Apple just announced that it sold four million iPhone 4S handsets over the last weekend. The phone hit stores on October 14th and it took just three days to move the massive lot. Incredible.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior VP of Worlwide Product Markteting notes, “iPhone 4S is off to a great start with more than four million sold in its first weekend—the most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch during its first three days.”

Moreover, Apple just announced that 25 million are already using iOS 5 and over 20 million have signed up for iCloud.

The iPhone 4s will hit even more countries in the coming weeks. It will be available in more than 22 countries after October 28 and more than 70 by the end of the year. Apple previously noted that it was prepared for a massive launch and it seems as if the company delivered. After the busy first weekend, the phone is still on backorder at most carriers and retailers with the Apple Store indicating a 1-2 week shipping delay.

[image credit: Kirsty Wigglesworth, AP]

Launch Date:
January 4, 1976

October 17, 1980, NASDAQ:AAPL

Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has expanded from computers to consumer electronics over the last 30 years, officially changing their name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. in January 2007.

Among the key offerings from Apple’s product line are: Pro line laptops (MacBook Pro) and desktops (Mac Pro), consumer line laptops (MacBook) and desktops (iMac), servers (Xserve), Apple TV, the Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server operating systems, the iPod (offered with…

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Nissan to give Leaf faster charger in 2012: home charging goes from glacial to a snail’s pace?

Though well on its way to joining the Dodo, one of the internal combustion engine’s advantages over its plug-in competition is refuel time — it only takes a few minutes to gas up, but you’re talking hours for an EV to top off its batteries via a standard 220 / 240-volt socket. This fact is not lost on Nissan, as it just revealed plans to offer a higher-rate charger in its 2012 Leaf — the current model’s 3.3kW charger needs eight hours to power up — in order to better compete with the Ford Focus Electric’s three to four hour charge time courtesy of its 6.6kW. And all you early adopters won’t be “orphaned,” as 2011 model Leafs can be retrofitted with the new electrics — no word if Daddy Warbucks will be footing the bill.

Nissan to give Leaf faster charger in 2012: home charging goes from glacial to a snail’s pace? originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 09 Mar 2011 04:40:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Microsoft Profit Jumps; Sales Rise at Fastest Pace in Two Years

Microsoft Profit Jumps; Sales Rise at Fastest Pace in Two Years
Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest software maker, reported fourth-quarter profit topped analysts’ estimates after customers purchased more personal computers running the Windows operating system.

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Wall St set to open up as earnings pace quickens

Wall St set to open up as earnings pace quickens
US stocks were poised for a higher open on Monday, signaling the S&P 500 would bounce back from its worst one-day drop since June 29 on Friday, as earnings season kicks into high gear.

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iPhone 4 sets record sale pace despite gaffe

iPhone 4 sets record sale pace despite gaffe
Sales of Apple Inc’s latest iPhone blew away expectations in its first day on the market despite shortages and an embarrassing online ordering glitch that thwarted many shoppers.

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HTC Sets the Pace in Smartphones

HTC Sets the Pace in Smartphones
From way back in the pack just a few years ago to today’s No. 4 smartphone maker, HTC is making all the right moves.

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