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Apple overtakes Samsung in smartphone sales, as Nokia Windows Phones rise

Apple overtakes Samsung in smartphone sales, as Nokia Windows Phones rise
Nokia's Windows Phone and Apple have both seen their share of the smartphone market increase over the past year, with Android and BlackBerry losing ground in the British market. According to the latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel …

Spirit of Hero review, visit ancient Vietnam in this exclusive Windows Phone MMO
Windows Phone 8 is home to an excellent massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) called Order & Chaos Online. Sadly, publisher Gameloft sent that game out to die by failing to support it with updates and keep it content-identical to its …
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Windows Phone 8.1 may launch on April 23 with new hardware in tow
Microsoft's next phone OS, Windows Phone 8.1, is reportedly set to launch on April 23 alongside a handful of new phones. The news comes from WPCentral which has the inside track with "various sources" who say that this is the case and that the software …
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Windows Phone overtakes BlackBerry to claim third place in 2013 smartphone shipments


Market research firm IDC just released its latest quarterly look at the smartphone market, and for the first time Windows Phone marketshare has eclipsed BlackBerry. During Q1 2013, Windows Phone devices accounted for 3.2 percent of all smartphones shipped around the world, while BlackBerry devices made up 2.9 percent of the market. That’s a change from last quarter, when Windows Phone made up 2.6 percent of all shipments, compared to 3.2 percent for BlackBerry. While that’s good news for Microsoft in a relative sense — they’ve been trailing BlackBerry for third place for quite some time — it’s pretty obvious that we still don’t have a true third smartphone ecosystem that consumers are responding to yet.

It’s still a two-horse race…

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Apple overtakes Microsoft as most valuable company ever


Apple hit a market capitalization of over $ 620 billion this early morning, breaking the record of $ 618.9 billion set by Microsoft back in 1999. The company is now worth over $ 200 million even more than the 2nd biggest business in the world, Exxon Mobil, and practically $ 400 billion more than Microsoft, which is currently worth $ 257.6 billion.

Apple’s appraisal is a factor of its share rate, presently just over $ 660 per share, and the number of outstanding shares offered to investors. The company’s share price has been steadily increasing as of late, as reports of a new iPhone and a smaller sized model of the iPad have acquired heavy steam.

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India overtakes US to become top spam purveyer in early 2012

gmail spam final

According to research by IT security company Sophos, India is now the leading source of junk email. In the first three months of 2011, India relayed 9.3 percent of the world’s spam, up from around 8 percent in 2011. More notably, it’s overtaken the United States, which previously held the top spot. Overwhelmingly, these unwanted messages come from compromised home computers in the service of large botnets, and Sophos says that first-time computer users in rapidly growing economies often end up playing host to malware. Globally, the spread of spam has evened out compared to last year, when the US sent almost 11.5 percent of messages. Though many of the top offenders (like South Korea and Russia, which came in third and fourth both in 2011…

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Apple Overtakes Exxon As Most Valuable Traded Company In The World… Again


It happened once before, in August, but that was due to a stock market collapse that left both Exxon and Apple well below their usual share price. This time, however, it would seem that Apple’s Q1 earnings call yesterday has led to a fresh spike on the stock market and what do you know?

Apple is once again the most valuable publicly traded company in the world, with a market cap of $ 414.83 billion.

Yesterday’s Q1 earnings call covered the period starting September 25, 2011 and ending December 31. That means it includes numbers for the iPhone 4S launch, along with any spike in sales during the holidays. Of course, anyone who’s following along knows that the next iPad will show its face pretty soon, leading Apple into what I’m sure will be another solid year.

Still, it’s a tough feat surging past Exxon as the company sells a commodity used by almost every country in the entire world, with a current market cap of $ 414.47 billion. Apple, on the other hand, sells computers, tablets, smartphones… you know, luxury items. That said, Apple isn’t quite in a place where it can maintain this lead for much longer.

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal has rounded up new analyst estimates for the Cupertino-based company, and things are looking up with share price estimates ranging from $ 550 all the way to $ 666. Current share price for Apple is at $ 446, so hitting that goal anytime soon would be almost as mind-blowing as Apple’s Q1 results. Still, if Apple were to reach estimate share prices, its reign may last for much longer than expected.

As for the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq, both markets remain relatively unchanged for the day. The Dow Jones is at 12,713 points, up .30 percent on the day, while the Nasdaq is at 2,807.41 points, up .75 percent on the day.

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Windows 7 overtakes XP globally, Vista found weeping in a corner

According to StatCounter, it’s taken roughly two years for Redmond’s latest to surpass XP and become the world’s most popular operating system. October 2011 marks the first time that Windows 7 has overtaken XP globally, with a 40 percent share of the market versus the latter’s 38. As for Vista, it’s been holding steady at around 11. Not that it’s much of a surprise, as in North America, Windows 7 took the crown back in April of this year. Rounding out the top five, are OS X (though it’s not clear whether that captures all of Cupertino’s beasts) and Linux, which come in at 7 and 0.82 percent respectively. But don’t take our word for it, hop on over to the source links and get your interactive chart on.

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Windows 7 overtakes XP to become the most widely used OS

Windows 7

Windows 7 has passed Windows XP global usage for the first time since its release in October 2009.

Windows 7 now accounts for 40.21% of all global desktop operating system usage across the world. Windows XP usage slipped to 38.64% in the month of October according to StatCounter. The drop in XP usage has been consistent since Windows 7′s launch but October marks the first time that Windows 7 has passed Windows XP usage, an important milestone for Microsoft after two years of Windows 7 sales.

Windows 7 quickly rose to popularity following positive reaction from early beta copies of the operating system. Released in October 2009, the operating system has received praise from consumers, businesses and the media. In November 2009, Windows 7 managed to surpass Apple’s Snow Leopard market share in just two weeks. In early February 2010 it was revealed that Windows 7 had reached 10% market share in just three months. Windows 7 also passed Vista usage in July 2010, just 10 months after its release.

Windows 7 celebrated its first birthday after selling over 240 million licenses in the first year of sales. Gartner believes that 42% of all PCs worldwide will run Windows 7 by the end of the year. The company’s research also indicates that 94% of new PCs will ship with Windows 7 in 2011. By the end of 2011, nearly 635 million new PCs worldwide are expected to be shipped with Windows 7. Microsoft recently revealed that it has shipped over 450 million licences of Windows 7. The figures are a testament to the popularity of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Despite the impressive stats, Microsoft is pushing ahead towards Windows 8. The company unveiled its “reimagined” Windows 8 last month. The new interface features a Start Screen with identical styling to the company’s Windows Phone software. Microsoft is planning to allow application developers to create Metro style apps that interact with the Start Screen and operating system. Microsoft’s unique approach will also provide rich and easy integration across applications for developers. Microsoft is expected to make Windows 8 available on ARM and Intel based tablets in mid-2012.

Top 5 operating systems from Oct 2009 to Oct 2011 – StatCounter

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Android overtakes MS in US market

Android overtakes MS in US market
Google’s Android was the fastest mover in the US smartphone marketing in Q2, stealing market share from all of its main rivals.

Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Tab to debut on all four big U.S. carriers
Good news: Samsung’s just-announced 7-inch Android tablet is definitely coming to the states. Even better news: The Galaxy Tab will be arriving on not one, not two, not three, but all four of the big U.S. carriers in the “coming months.”
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Android: Take Me To Your Market Leader
Further confirmation of the Android onslaught: According to new metrics released by comScore today Googles mobile OS has gained market share in the States at the expense of both the BlackBerry and iPhone.
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Chrome overtakes Safari for number three browser spot in the US sez StatCounter

StatCounter’s issued a press release today which reports that Google’s Chrome browser has overtaken Safari for third place in the United States on a weekly basis for the first time ever. Chrome nabbed the spot with an 8.97 percent share, following behind Internet Explorer with 52 percent and Firefox with 28.5 percent. Safari ranked fourth according to their stats with 8.88 percent. Globally Chrome has been in third place for some time, but this is the first time it’s surpassed Safari in the United States. The statistics were compiled using data for the week of June 21st to June 27th. Full pr is below.

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Chrome overtakes Safari for number three browser spot in the US sez StatCounter originally appeared on Engadget on Mon, 28 Jun 2010 20:17:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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[news link] Android overtakes Apple in US smartphone market

From Ars Technica:

Google’s Android OS surpassed Apple in US smartphone market share during the first quarter of 2010. According to the NPD Group, Google now enjoys 28 percent of the smartphone market, earning the company the second-place spot behind Research in Motion (36 percent) and pushing Apple to third place (21 percent). 

NPD credits Android’s… Read more »

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