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OMsignal Opens Pre-Orders For Smart Shirts That Track Activity, Fitness And Stress

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 8.36.04 AM After raising $ 1 million last year and debuting its smartwear clothing-embedded sensor tech, Montreal-based OMsignal is now ready to start accepting orders from customers. Its first product is the OM shirt, with four new models going up for pre-order today including an undershirt, sleeveless shirt, t-shirt and long-sleeved shirt for men. Each of these new shirts tracks your heart rate, breathing… Read More

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Chevrolet adds Beats Music streaming to its in-car system as Beats opens its API to developers

Beats Music is already integrated with Apple’s CarPlay system, which means you’ll be able to stream music from Beats’ catalog in any vehicle that happens to have Apple’s setup installed. Now, new API support could mean we’ll be able to pump out the…

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FEEEEED MEEEEEE: Sinkhole Opens Under National Corvette Museum In Kentucky, Swallows Eight Cars

corvette-sinkhole-1.jpg Note: Security camera footage of the hole appearing after the jump. At 5:44 AM Wednesday early morning a sinkhole opened beneath part of the National Corvette Gallery in Bowling Eco-friendly, Kentucky, and ingested 8 cars, at least 2 of which are valued over $ 1-million apiece. Wow– expensive meal, Earth!

The affected ‘Vettes consist of a 1962 model, a 1984 Corvette pace vehicle, the millionth-Corvette ever constructed (a 1992 C4 design), a 1993 Corvette 40th Anniversary Version, a 2001 Corvette Z06, and the 1.5 millionth Corvette ever built, a 2009 C6. Two GM-owned Corvettes on loan to the museum were likewise damaged, including the blue 2009 Corvette ZR1, and a 1993 Corvette ZR-1 Spyder.

Guy, if I were there I would have punched that sinkhole right in the mouth. “You can’t punch sinkholes.” And I would have made some EXTREMELY disparaging remarks about its household. Something like, I heard your mama was a volcano! “That doesn’t even make any sense.” It doesn’t need to, sinkholes aren’t that clever. As long as I STATE it indicate, it will BE mean. Keep choosing a couple more images and the security cam video footage, and a couple videos of the consequences including some R/C helicopter video footage.

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QuadStick controller opens up PS3, PC and Android titles to quadriplegic gamers (video)

Playing PS3 games could soon get a little more inclusive. QuadStick, a suitably complex mouth-based controller that offers quadriplegics the ability to play console games, has launched its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The controller is…

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Amazon opens pre-orders for Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX in the UK and Canada

Amazon opens pre-orders for Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX in the UK and Canada
Amazon just announced its latest tablets are available for pre-order in the UK and Canada. While the updated Kindle Fire HD will begin shipping in both countries on October 24th, Canadian customers will have to wait until November 26th, almost two …
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Amazon Launches Kindle Store and Kindle Fire HDX in Australia
Amazon is doubling down on its efforts in Australia. The Seattle-based company announced today that it is opening an online store in the country for Kindle users. It will also be selling its Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets locally at Dick Smith and Big …
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Amazon Shares On Fire After 24% Revenue Increase
Shares of are up 4% and climbing in after-hours trading Thursday afternoon, crossing the $ 350 per share mark shortly after 4:30pm ET and boosted by a report of better-than-expected third quarter revenue. Clearly, investors have …
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More Android apps in more languages as Google opens App Translation Service to all developers

Google has announced that its App Translation Service is now available to every Android developer. The company previewed this localization tool back at I/O 2013, after which a number of devs were able to participate in a pilot program — Google says it was so well received that it just had to open …

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Tesla Officially Opens West Coast Supercharger Circuit, Covering San Diego To Vancouver


Tesla’s West Coast Supercharger Corridor opened today, making it possible for owners of the Model S to travel free between San Diego and Vancouver, using Highway 101 and Interstate 5. This makes a Supercharger reachable within 200 miles to over 99 percent of Californians and 87 percent of those in Oregon and Washington.

A lot of attention has been paid to Tesla’s efforts to make a coast-to-coast trip in one of its vehicles a reality, via Superchargers and other charging stations, but blanketing the West Coast means that Tesla S owners can now travel from essentially the Mexican border to within the Canadian one without paying any money to fill their cars, and with a minimal amount of charging time required. Superchargers can charge a Tesla S to a capacity worth around 200 miles of driving distance in just 30 minutes, and the stations are positioned near restaurants and shopping centers to give you something to do while your car powers up.

To promote the new corridor, Tesla is having two Model S vehicles make the trip from San Diego to Vancouver, and they’ll be pushing updates to their various social media properties along the way. Spoiler alert: those cars are definitely going to make it without incident.

Supercharger rollout continues globally, with Tesla announcing plans in September to cover 100 percent of the population of Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg, and 90 percent of the population in England, Wales, and Sweden with a station within 320 kms by the end of 2014. Getting past that basic excuse of “I can’t buy one, there’s nowhere to charge” is clearly a huge part of the company’s global rollout strategy, which is why each of these Supercharger network expansions is a big win for Tesla and for founder Elon Musk.

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Tesla opens London showroom, outlines broader UK plans

Tesla now has an official retail footprint in the UK. The EV maker has just opened its first British showroom in London’s Westfield shopping center, giving locals a chance to buy the Model S (including next year’s 55,000 right-hand drive variant) in person. The store is just the beginning of …

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Medium opens its social publishing platform to all Twitter users

Twitter’s Ev Williams started Medium to simplify and socialize online article writing, but the service’s invitation-only nature has kept many folks on the sidelines. Today, things are opening up: Medium’s now accessible to anyone willing to sign into Twitter and verify an email address. Would-be …

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Grody: Toilet Themed Restarant Opens In Los Angeles

toilet-restaurant.jpg Number one at number two. Inspired by the ‘Modern Toilet’ restaurant in Taipei, the ‘Magic Restroom Cafe’ has just opened in Los Angeles county, and offers westerners the same shit-themed experience. Hands down the worst place to take a first date. Wow, you’re even more beautiful than your pictures — let’s talk about doodoo.

patrons…sit on (non-functioning) toilets to eat a variety of Taiwanese-style dishes named after poopy things. Eater LA also reports that a lot of the food (which has gross names like “‘black poop’ (chocolate sundae), ‘smells-like-poop’ (braised pork over rice), ‘constipation’ (zha jiang mian),” and “‘bloody number two’ (vanilla-strawberry sundae)”) is served in little ceramic toilet bowls.

Listen — I’ll be the first person to admit I won’t hesitate to eat a snack on the toilet. But only if it’s my own toilet, I’m not eating anything in a public restroom. Also, it’s only a matter of time before some kid or drunk actually uses one of those toilets like sometimes happens at Home Depot. Relevant fact: my roommate and I actually nicknamed the pizza place closest to our apartment Diarrhea Pizza. It’s delicious going down, but after it’s all the way down and nearing the exit you just want to keel over and cry for two hours. Dammit now I want one. Learn to love the pain — that’s the secret. Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the ‘Our service is the Shit’, ‘Come Hungry, Leave Crappy,’ etc. etc.

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