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OnLive Is Now Streaming Top-Tier Games To The Wikipad Gaming Tablet

wikipad-2 Remember OnLive? Despite a messy sale to escape a dark and stormy financial picture, the company lives on, and in March it launched its new CloudLift subscription gaming service. Today, it’s partnering with Wikipad, maker of the dedicated Android gaming tablet, to deliver full AAA PC gaming to the tablet. OnLive already offers this to any Android device with access to Google Play via… Read More

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OnLive Brings On New Executive Chairman And Launches New Cloud Gaming Features

OnLive is still trying to bring gaming to the cloud despite a rocky last couple of years. Today, the company announced significant new services and the appointment of a new Executive Chairman. Meet Mark Jung, the new Executive Chairman of OnLive. He is the co-founder and former CEO of IGN where he took the company public in 2000, then private in 2003 and eventually lead its sale to News Corp. in… Read More

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OnLive extending LG partnership to G3 series televisions

OnLive extending LG partnership to G3 series televisions

Are you means into cloud gaming and own an LG Smart TELEVISION of the G3 collection range? You’re in luck, as OnLive this morning announced support for that extremely line of Google TV-powered LG tvs, bringing a collection of “over 300 titles” to the platform. The G2 series already got that support back in November, if you remember, but it appears that OnLive’s reach is expanding throughout a range of LG Smart tvs. Ought to you wish to get in on the action, you’ll require a Universal OnLive Wireless controller to in fact play any of the games offered. We’ll be offering it an appearance later on this week throughout CES 2013 to see what’s different– if anything– from OnLive’s presence on other platforms.

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LG Google TVs now have integrated OnLive cloud game streaming

LG Smart TV owners may’ve noticed a new application pop up today on their G2 series sets, as OnLive‘s cloud game streaming app is being delivered via an over-the-air update today (first announced at E3 back in June). Beyond just viewing games, the app allows for actually playing them employing OnLive’s wireless controller (sold separately). Per normal OnLive service, you can demo various games before buying them, and purchases on one OnLive account transfer across its many platforms (PC, Mac, Android tablets, the Microconsole, and LG TVs). The OnLive app can be found in the “Premium Apps” area, and it’ll be pre-installed on future LG sets.

Of course, it’s a question of how long any of this will last, as OnLive’s had a rough 2012 — the company lost the vast majority of its staff and its former CEO back in August. It was subsequently spun off into a separate company to keep from defaulting on its many, many overdue loans.

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LG Google TVs now have integrated OnLive cloud game streaming originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:00:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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OnLive was reportedly sold for roughly $5 million to venture capital firm

OnLive was reportedly sold for roughly $  5 million to venture capital firm

Even though weeks have actually passed because that well-documented OnLive kerfuffle occurred, where unfortunate layoffs and the accumulation of a “new business” were at the forefront of it all, previously unknown details are still coming out of the woodwork. According to Mercury News, the once-promising cloud gaming attire was bought by a venture capital group for a simple $ 4.8 million, which appears to be a reasonably little amount of money for an attire as soon as valued upwards of $ 1.8 billion– not to discuss when contrasted to, state, competing Gaikai’s $ 380 million sale to Sony. Still, this is stated to have been due to the bad shape OnLive was in at the time, with the Palo Alto-based company supposedly owing more than $ 18 million in debt, leaving it with no choice but to take “the best that it might get. “

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Microsoft courts OnLive developers for Xbox and Kinect projects

Microsoft Logo 2 (Verge Stock)

Microsoft is openly courting developers dumped in mass layoffs by cloud gaming service OnLive, hosting a mixer for potential hires at its Mountain View campus. “We are eager to speak to individuals and teams affected by the OnLive transition,” reads a description on events site EventBrite. “With the stunning success of Xbox/Kinect and the accelerated growth of this business, we are looking to add key players who want to make a real impact in creating groundbreaking new products and services.”

According to the company, positions are available both in Mountain View and at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The open call for talent is particularly interesting given Microsoft’s history with OnLive — an alleged company…

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BT planning to write off 2.6 percent stake in troubled OnLive

BT planning to write off 26 stake in troubled OnLive

BT thinks that it’s “very most likely” it’ll let its 2.6 percent stake in OnLive go to the wall. It informed TechRadar that it was keeping a “close eye” on the gaming venture which is restructuring in the face of spiraling debt prices. The telecoms carrier has actually guaranteed that its customers will be able to access the service (for as long as it exists, we guess) and that the investment is a small enough figure that it won’t be fretting too much about its balance slab.

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to create off 2.6 percent stake in struggling OnLive originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 21 Aug 2012 16:05:00 EDT. Please see our terms for used of feeds.

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OnLive Sold To OnLive And Nothing Will Change, “Heartbreaking Transition” Regardless of


Confronted with a dire monetary scenario, OnLive is been offered to an additional company that will certainly do company under the name OnLive. Because the move is an “ Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, ” composed Jane Anderson, the new OnLive PR rep, “ However neither OnLive, Inc. shares nor OnLive team could possibly move under this sort of transaction, however almost half of OnLive’s personnel were given work offers by the new company at their existing salaries right away upon the transfer, and the non-hired personnel will be provided offers to do speaking with in return for choices in the brand-new business. ”

In short, the business closed up shop and offered itself without the baggage of employees or former stock options. The new business will run just the same as the old business with no noticeable modifications to the individual. Anderson called the firing of present staff members a “ heartbreaking shift ” and that reports of Steve Perlman cashing out of the old business were not true. As an alternative, Perlman is losing his stock choices and C-level execs are “ obtaining reduced settlement. ”

The OnLive ® Game and Desktop Services, all OnLive Devices and Apps, and also all OnLive alliances, are anticipated to continue without disturbance and all customer acquisitions will continue to be undamaged; users are not expected to notice any sort of change whatsoever. OnLive’s current initiatives will continue too, with significant announcements of brand-new items and services planned in the coming weeks and months. An affiliate of Lauder Partners was the first investor in the newly-structured company, holding the view that OnLive is the future of computing and home entertainment, and a passion to see OnLive’s development technology continue to expand and advance. The new business framework makes it possible for OnLive to do so.

OnLive, Inc.’s board of directors, confronted with challenging economic decisions for OnLive, Inc., identified that the very best course of action was a restructuring under an “Project for the Advantage of Creditors.” The assignee of the business’s assets then offered all of OnLive, Inc.’s assets (including its technology, intellectual property, etc.) to the brand-new company. … Upon closing added financing, the company prepares to choose more team, both previous OnLive staff members in addition to brand-new workers.

Right here ’ s a fast Q&A from OnLive about the transaction.

Q. Will individuals see any change in the OnLive Game or Personal computer Services? Exactly what about their purchases?

A. Users should see no change in the OnLive Game or Personal computer Services. All of their purchases stay undamaged and readily available. OnLive has been up 24/7 given that launch over 2 years ago and expects to stay so. OnLive has over 2.5 million subscribers, with an active base of over 1.5 million subscribers, connecting from a vast selection of tools and networks, with many sessions running for hours. The user base is growing swiftly with OnLive’s addition into recently revealed gadgets and TVs from significant producers. We anticipate this growth to continue under the brand-new company.

Q. Is there any money or stock in the new business offered for any sort of OnLive, Inc. shares?

A. However not. The nature of the transaction is such that only assets, not shares, were acquired. This is real for all shares of OnLive, Inc., whether held by capitalists, employees or execs.

Q. Did Steve Perlman obtain stock or compensation in this transaction?

A. Like all shareholders, neither Steve nor any of his business obtained any sort of stock in the new business or compensation in this transaction at all. Steve is receiving no settlement whatsoever and the majority of execs are receiving decreased compensation to allow the business to choose as numerous staff members as feasible within the present spending plan.

Q. Did all OnLive, Inc. assets transfer into the brand-new company? Are any type of assets held by any type of additional party?

A. All of OnLive, Inc.’s assets (e.g. technology, patents, hallmarks, etc.) were moved to an assignee, which then sold the assets to the new company. There was no transfer to any other party.

Q. Have OnLive, Inc. staff members been offered positions in the brand-new business?

A. Practically half of OnLive’s personnel were delivered work at their existing incomes in the new business immediately upon the transfer, and the non-hired staff will be offered offers to do speaking with in return for choices in the brand-new business. Upon closing extra financing, the company organizes to employ even more team, both former OnLive employees and also brand-new staff members.

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Source: OnLive Found A Buyer, Cleaned House To Lessen Liability Prior To Acquisition (UPDATED)


We ’ re hearing from a reliable source that OnLive ’ s creator and CEO Steve Perlman finally decided to make an exit — and at the same time, is screwing the workers who helped develop the business and brand name. The cloud games business apparently had a number of suitors over the last couple of years (probably featuring Microsoft) but Perlman reportedly held tight control over the business, obviously not preferring to sell or share any of OnLive ’ s secret sauce.

Our source informs us that the buyer wishes all of OnLive ’ s assets — the intellectual property, branding, and most likely patents — however the plan is to keep the gaming business up and running. Nonetheless, OnLive management washed residence today, supposedly firing almost the whole entire personnel, and we hear it was done just to decrease the business ’ s liability, thus reducing employee equity to practically absolutely no. Yeah, it ’ s a massive dick move.

OnLive hit the gaming globe hard when it launched in 2009. Promising playable games there were lag cost-free, OnLive moved games to the cloud. The service took some time to gain grip but finally hit its stride last year with the addition of many top-tier titles. It was reported in June that even Microsoft considered buying the company. Some also thought OnLive would certainly be a really good fit within Sony — until Sony purchased OnLive opponent Gaikai last month as an alternative.

” Sony Computer Home entertainment will certainly deliver a world-class cloud-streaming service” Andrew House, president and group CEO of SCE stated last month. Sony paid $ 380M for Gaikai, a cloud games business with almost zero brand name acknowledgment. OnLive could have opted for a whole lot more.

For an upstart cloud gaming service, OnLive has actually done fairly well for itself. The business at first outed only one cloud games console, however quickly embraced others. The software application works with the majority of Android tablets, ships preinstalled on Vizio Televisions (and its brand-new Co Star Google TELEVISION), and is offered for the iPad and pc desktops.

We reached out to OnLive for comment but the business will certainly neither verify nor deny the claim. All the PR representative was prepared to state was that the aforementioned Vizio Co Star launches today. The company also would certainly not comment on the layoffs however Martyn Williams tweeted seeing OnLive staffers leaving their workplace carry boxes. These people most likely merely lost their jobs and equity prior to OnLive ’ s exit.

Update: OnLive offered TechCrunch the statement below. Like earlier reports recommended, it sounds like OnLive Inc. was liquefied and a brand-new company, OnLive Inc 2 or something of the kind, will continue in its place and is likely backed by new investors. The statement indicates that “ a huge amount of OnLive Inc. ’ s staff ” will certainly be hired by this brand-new company, which will certainly then hire more people. However there ’ s no word on if the original employees completely lost their equity. No matter how OnLive spins this move, it ’ s still looks shady to me.

We can now confirm that the assets of OnLive, Inc. have been attained into a newly-formed company and is backed by significant funding, and which will continue to operate the OnLive Game and Desktop computer services, in addition to support all of OnLive ’ s apps and gadgets, along with game, productivity and venture partnerships. The new business is choosing a large amount of OnLive, Inc. ’ s staff across all divisions and plans to continue to employ significantly even more people, featuring extra OnLive employees. All formerly revealed items and services, including those in the works, will certainly continue and there is no expected disturbance of any type of OnLive services.

We apologize that we were unable to comment on this transaction until it completed, and were limited to reporting on news associated with OnLive ’ s companies. Now that the transaction is complete, we are able to make this statement.

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OnLive Responds To Layoff Reports: No Comment, But OnLive Is Not Dead


Reports are hitting that OnLive, the cloud gaming service, laid off the majority of its personnel today. Evidently the staff was hired for an all hands on meeting this morning and was promptly shown the door — or something like that. Asing stated by Mashable, some staffers could be rehired for the company ’ s next endeavor.

We reached out to OnLive ’ s head of Corporate Communications who quickly responded: “ I have no opinion on the news aside from to say the OnLive service is not shutting down. ”

Since OnLive has yet to verify the layoffs, it ’ s vague exactly what ’ s taking place with OnLive. The cloud service might theoretically continue as is with simply a skeleton staff. If developed appropriately, the OnLive games platform and may simply need an individual to sit in front of a server log and expect problems. Nonetheless, if the reports of layoffs are real, then it ’ s most likely OnLive is coming to the end of its life.

OnLive was established in 2003 by Steve Perlman but made headlines with its cloud gaming service in 2009. At the time we asked if OnLive was on crack? There was no way it could work, we thought. But work it did. In fact OnLive grew into a legitimate gaming system since its launch.

The timing of the layoffs is peculiar, too. OnLive simply helped Vizio launch the Google TELEVISION Co-Star. With OnLive, the Co-Star appeared like a legitimate set-top box. Without OnLive it ’ s just one more Google TELEVISION box.

OnLive does more than just games, too. The company introduced OnLive Desktop computer at CES 2012, which provides the iPad and Android tablets access to a remotely hosted Windows Server 2008 desktop.

We ’ ll update as this story establishes.

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