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Sharon Needles – Call Me On The Ouija Board

Buy the album on iTunes! Sharon Needles – Call Me On The Ouija Board – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Management & …

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Alt-week 4.20.13: NASA’s Space Shop, nature’s needles and 30 years of cellphone bills

Alt-week has a look at the finest science and alternative tech stories from the last seven days.

Altweek 42013 NASA's Space Shop, nature's needles and 30 years of cellphone bills

The natural world provides some innovative biology that is just possible through numerous, lots of years of advancement. Other concepts, well, they happen through great old-fashioned brain power. We have actually got instances of both in this version. Normally. This is alt-week.

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‘Dyskograf’ sound installation replaces vinyl and needles with paper and cameras

Dyskograf 2

Drawing inspiration from typical record users, French new media production business Avoka has actually produced Dyskograf, an interactive noise installation in which visitors have the ability to develop music with just a pen and notepad. Rather of using a needle and a vinyl record, Dyskograf is geared up with a camera and custom-designed software that locates felt-tip pen marks drawn on paper records, each of which will certainly produce a different sound depending on their places and how they are drawn. Given that the camera is in a dealt with position, the musical pattern is read as a loop and seems like it would certainly be an ideal fit for an electronic music track. Check out at the video below to see the “visuals disk reader” in action.

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Scientists developing lasers to replace needles for ‘completely pain-free’ injections

hypodermic needle flickr

The extremely thought about needles makes numerous squeamish, but experts from the Seoul National University in South Korea hope to lessen those worries by changing the sharp metal with laser-powered treatments. As explained in a paper published in the Optical Society’s Optics Letters diary, the system makes use of laser pulses to produce an exactly controlled stream about the width of a human hair. The resulting injections target the epidermal layer– a part of the skin that has no nerve endings– to develop just what researcher Jack Yoh calls a “completely pain-free” experience. The high-pressure streams are able to inject medications without harmful skin tissue, like the needle-free modern technology being created by researchers at MIT.

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Magic Missiles Needles: A Harry Potter Quilt


Note: Slightly larger version HERE in case you’re into deets (that’s slang for details).

This is a “paper-pieced” Harry Potter quilt thrown SEWN together by Jennifer Offenstein (NOT Castle Wolfenstein). As you might be able to see, it was hand-crafted with a love for the series and, I dunno, maybe even a little magic. Jk, jk — we’d have to burn her for being a witch.

This quilt is more just a million bits of fabric stitched together. It represents all the years I’ve loved Harry Potter and some of my favorite things about the series. It has brought me friends, and fans, and brought more quilters that I can count into the wonderful world of paper piecing.

*wiping tear* Sorry — it’s just that arts & crafts stories always get to me. Oooooor I was plucking nose hairs and writing Geekologie at the same time. Which one was it? The world may never know! SPOILER: Now my nose is bleeding.

Harry Potter Paper Piecing (with a ton more info, plus patterns!!!!!11)
Kickass Quilt of the Day []

Thanks to Denise, not to be confused with Denny’s, which is where I’m usually puking around 4AM.

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Needles!: Beautiful High-Speed Video Of Girl Getting Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Sleeve


This is an artistic video of a girl getting work done on her Alice in Wonderland themed tattoo sleeve shot with a high shutter speed by Christopher Chandroo (who also made the song that’s playing, ‘Dedicated to the National Trust’). Typically needles make me squeamish (because I’m a giant sissy) but they don’t really focus on the actual needling too much. Which is good because I would have straight up fainted out of my office chair and had a head-butting contest with the floor if it did. “Damn, you really are a pansy.” Pansy?! I’M A PASSIONFLOWER AND YOU KNOW IT, STINKWEED!

Hit the jump for the video.

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