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I Needed That: 4-Min Of Jerks Getting What They Deserve

karma-police.jpg This is the ‘2013 instant karma falls short’ collection created by Uniformedia. I have actually had a pretty piss-poor few days, so I actually required that. You understand exactly how I feel about jerks and @$ $ hole getting what’s pertaining to them– that resembles, MY THING. Given in a few of the clips I could not actually tell exactly what was taking place, but I might notice the pain, which’s exactly what issues. Keep opting for the video, then inform me exactly what the hell occurred to trigger the surge in the last one.

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Switched On: The smartwatch Microsoft needed yesterday

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology.

DNP Switched On The smartwatch Microsoft needed yesterday

The announcement of Steve Ballmer’s impending retirement from Microsoft cast a spotlight on the company’s transition to becoming a devices and services company. While it’s unclear how progress toward this goal will be measured, the success model for the “devices” part of its quest is Apple. (Indeed, Apple, leading with iCloud, is seeking to diversify into more of a “devices and services” company itself.)

Apple’s current revenue champions — the iPhone and iPad — are in categories that Microsoft recognized the potential of long before Apple’s market entry. When the US smartphone market consisted of Microsoft, Palm and RIM, Windows Mobile had been powering smartphones — and doing respectably in terms of US market share — for years before Apple changed the game. Now, Windows Phone scrapes by with a few percentage points of the market. And the Tablet PCs that ran Windows a decade ago were introduced as the future of the notebook. While today’s Windows tablets and convertibles are much thinner and lighter than they were back then, it’s amazing to see how recalcitrant PC vendors have been in their design, with few pursuing pure slates and some using twist-hinges similar to those used in Tablet PCs.

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Ubuntu Edge Gets Its First Major Corporate Backer In Bloomberg, But Funding Still Off Needed Pace


The Ubuntu Edge is an audacious attempt to crowdsource the next smartphone advancement. Canonical, the company behind the Edge and Ubuntu itself is seeking an exorbitant $ 32 million to make it happen, and gave itself only a month to raise those funds. Now, Bloomberg LP has come forward as its first major corporate backer, with a lump $ 80,000 contribution in exchange for 100 Ubuntu Edge devices and enterprise workshops and technical support.

Bloomberg is the first backer at the “Enterprise 100″ campaign backer level, and that’s good news for the Ubuntu Edge, and would smash the initial targets of most hardware crowdfunding campaigns out there on its own, but the Ubuntu Edge isn’t just another crowdfunding campaign. That $ 32 million goal is looking mighty distant, having added only $ 1 million or thereabouts in the past week of its campaign, as noted by The Verge. A single $ 80,000 injection definitely helps things, but it doesn’t put the project on pace to reach $ 32 million by the end of the month, even if Bloomberg or other corporate backers were to plug $ 80,000 into the project daily on top of the current pace.

In fact, even being generous and projecting that Canonical manages to nab an even $ 10 million by this evening (unlikely), that gives it two weeks to raise an additional $ 24 million, which works out to $ 1.7 million per day. That’s a lot, and given that it earned $ 1 million in the past week altogether, not a very realistic expectation.

Bloomberg says in a statement that it’s excited about Canonical’s vision of converged computing with the Edge in particular. ”Ubuntu’s goal to offer a single-device solution for enterprise convergence and mobility is an exciting prospect and one that complements our vision for open development on the mobile platform,” says Bloomberg LP’s Head of Web Architecture Justin Erenkrantz in an official release detailing the news, noting that cross-platform, seamless performance is a chief goal of Bloomberg’s in terms of what it provides for its clients.

Canonical better have some considerable Hail Mary plays up its sleeve if it hopes to make that goal, and LastPass Premium bundled subscriptions and Bloomberg support, nice as they both are, just aren’t going to cut it. We’ll have to see if Canonical’s ambitious vision in this case ends up being an utter daydream, or if there’s some kind of buzzer-beating offensive play left in place to get funding back on track.

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I Needed That: Compilation Of Inspirational Videos Caught By Russian Dashboard Cameras


In these trying times we live in, I know it can be hard to imagine any hope for humanity that doesn’t involve blasting off into space and just starting over. But to remind us all the world isn’t doomed just yet, here’s a compilation video of positive, inspirational videos caught by Russian dashboard cams. There are people stopping and waiting for animals, drivers helping push each other’s cars out of the snow, and a whole bunch of people jumping out of their cars to help old ladies cross the street. I really encourage you all to take the five minutes out of your day to watch it. So the next time you’re wishing the world would just burn after reading some piece of depression in the news, remember: in Russia, right now — at this exact moment — someone’s getting out of their car to make sure somebody’s grandma gets across the road safely. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Hit the jump for the video, you really should watch it.

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MEDIAFIRE Xbox 360 Microsoft Points Generator NO PASSWORD NEEDED

MEDIAFIRE Xbox 360 Microsoft Points Generator NO PASSWORD NEEDED

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MiHome Launcher brings a taste of MIUI to Android, no tinkering needed

MiHome Launcher Android

The creators of the popular iOS-like MIUI ROM for Android has actually released a launcher replacement, called MiHome Launcher, which delivers a bit of the ROM’s look and feel to phones without the demand to root. Much like the once-ubiquitous LauncherPro, MiHome is offered as a free of cost download from Google Play, and all that’s required to use it is to set it as the default when you press the home button on your phone. Nonetheless, there’s a tradeoff for this easy installation: the graphic overhaul is restricted to the lock screen and residence screens. The dialer, songs member, gallery, camera app, and everything else will continue to be merely as they are, though you do get a new option of widgets. It all creates a fairly jarring experience, however if you like MIUI’s …

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Xbox 360 Nyko Zoom for Kinect Sensor Wide Angel Lens LN -40% less Space Needed!

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Why are peanuts/pistachios/cashews/etc. unhealthier than potato chips? HEALTH/FITNESS EXPERTS NEEDED?

Question by Freakin Smuckers: Why are peanuts/pistachios/cashews/etc. unhealthier than potato chips? HEALTH/FITNESS EXPERTS NEEDED?
We’re led to believe that just because nuts are “natural” or “organic” foods, they’re healthier than greasy, processed potato chips. I’ve always had the feeling that most nuts were unhealthier than most potato chips just by glancing at the nutrition facts over the years, but I never knew it was this bad. I’ve recently done some research and have found shocking results. Nuts are MUCH WORSE than I originally suspected! I’ll post the nutrition facts I’ve come across and compare nuts with chips:

Lays Original Potato Chips
Calories: 160
Calories from Fat: 90
Total Fat: 10g (16%)

Planters Salted Peanuts
Calories: 290
Calories from fat: 225
Total Fat: 25g (38%)

Planters Jumbo Cashews
Calories: 160
Calories from Fat: 110
Total Fat: 13g (20%)

Superior Mixed Nuts
Calories: 200
Calories from Fat: 160
Total Fat: 17g

Wonderful Pistachios
Calories: 170
Calories from Fat: 120
Total Fat: 14g (22%)

The Planters Peanuts are INSANE! Also, the pistachios actually claim to be healthier than the potato chips! On the back of the bag it states:

“A hearty serving of 49 nuts has the same number of calories as only 13 potato chips. And the empty shells offer a visual cue, so you’re likely to eat less. So get crackin’!”

I don’t know which potato chips they’re talking about, but Lay’s original potato chips are 15 chips per serving, and both the calories and calories from fat are less than the pistachios.
@beemo9: I had to re-ask this question because last time I wasn’t given a sufficient answer by anyone. Just saying “oh, there are different types of fats” is not a satisfactory answer for me. Often I wish that more people on Yahoo! Answers would actually type out more than two sentences when answering a question, especially one as lengthy as this.

Best answer:

Answer by Robert
Nuts are much healthier than potato chips. But I would avoid the salted ones.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Xbox 360 Nyko Zoom for Kinect Sensor Wide Angel Lens UD -40% less Space Needed!

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3D Video (no glasses needed!) – Mosquito Highway

3D Video (no glasses needed!) - Mosquito Highway

HOW TO VIEW IN 3D: Click on the “3D View Style” menu then select how you’d like to view. Red/Cyan are pretty common but see what works best for you. If you don’t have glasses, then select “cross eyed” and just cross you eyes slightly to make the 2 videos overlap into 1. This is normally how I view 3D videos without glasses but if you’re not able to overlap images with your eyes then you may want to just purchase a cheap pair of glasses somewhere online or buy a 3D movie from the store and use those glasses. Don’t forget to click the full screen button on the bottom right of the video player as well… it helps if you have glasses. Sorry, Disney’s fancy RealD polarized glasses don’t work on these. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND… : This video was only a test for me to see how YouTube would handle it’s new 3D feature. If this becomes popular and people are able to view it then I’ll put more effort into the next one. I’d love to do this in my usual video quality. IF THIS DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU: – Cross-eyed can be difficult if you don’t have control over your eye muscles. Try sitting away from the screen a bit or just get some practice in. There are a lot of cool videos like this on the net. – If you’re using glasses and the image seems to be inside out then use your glasses the other way around. Some glasses are backwards. If your glasses can seperate the 2 images then it may be your computer monitor. A burned out, dull or discolored monitor may not work with your glasses. -STILL doesn

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