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MYBELL keeps cyclists safe by blasting their MP3s of choice (hands-on)

Biking in heavily trafficked areas can be dangerous — and few know this better than NYC cyclists. Peter Pottier is one of many in the Big Apple to survive a near miss while on two wheels, and that experience led him to develop a digital noise-maker to help keep bikers safe. The handlebar-mountable …

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90 Seconds on The Verge: Aereo, MP3s, and Apple’s apology


The reality is, it never struck me that there were additional resources to call upon in the first location. The mining ships had actually gone adrift long ago, and the ever-orbiting lunar station was merely an antique … a tip of times past, not something that could in fact be our salvation. But shocks abound, even in the Outer Stretches. It ends up that the blinking distress signal had not been simply a one-way transmission. No, it was an uplink as well, which suggested one thing: contact.

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Download 488 Mp3s

Download 488 Mp3s
Included Are 488 Power Affirmations Mp3s From My “classic” Collection And 285 Mp3s Inspired By “the Science Of Getting Rich.”
Download 488 Mp3s

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Physical Avatars For MP3s May Be The Vinyl Of The Future

The need for a physical representation of your media is one mainly rooted in nostalgia. For all we talk about the need to “own” a movie or piece of music, and how an actual token of it is better, the fact is we’re moving away from that world and those of us older than 20 are having trouble letting go. That’s what you call a demographic.

And this C60 concept, as unlikely as it is that it will ever be made, is a great cross between the good old analog libraries we’ve loved and the convenient digital libraries we crave.

Basically you have little cards, each with its own RFID tag, and you stack or scatter them on a receiver (with a vinyl look to it, naturally) to have them added to the playlist, played now, or shuffled. It’s a great idea, although I don’t think it’ll make it to market. Right now it’s little more than a render and a prototype.

But the idea is there. And I think something like this will make it, because people like actually touching their media. I’ve never liked Apple’s CoverFlow or the Zune method of browsing — a milk crate full or records, or a stack of CD cases, is an experience unto itself.

[via Gizmodo]


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Carbonite MP3’s from one computer to “IPAD”?

Question by CARMELLO: Carbonite MP3’s from one computer to “IPAD”?
Since An “IPAD” doesn’t have any USB ports you can’t add your own music (MP3’s) to it and are forced to buy everything off I-Tunes. Can I use Carbonite to transfer MP3’s to IPAD since there are no usb ports on the IPAD. I will only buy one if I can do this!

Best answer:

Answer by Obviousman
No, Carbonite doesn’t work that way.

This is actually really simple: In order to use an iPad, you must have an iTunes account on a computer. You add the music to your iTunes account on the computer, then sync to the iPad. Simple. Just pop a CD into your computer, or add the files to the iTunes library on your computer. You don’t have to buy everything off iTunes at all.

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Google better than Limewire for downloading mp3s (see descr)

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Sync MP3s To Your IPod From Windows Media Player Using SyncAudio S/w.

Sync MP3s To Your IPod From Within Windows Media Player, Quickly And Easily.
Sync MP3s To Your IPod From Windows Media Player Using SyncAudio S/w.

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[useful tip] HTC Hero: playing mp3s

hi i have just got the hero and i am having problems with the media player it is only playing a minutes worth of music at the most of any of the songs i have on it even the preloaded ones.Has anyone any idea whats wrong with it or is there something i havnt done

Props to gdgt – new in gadgets

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